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  1. My wife and I did Lamanai a few years ago through the cruise line. It was fantastic and that’s from someone who just doesn’t take ship excursions. So good that we sent our college age kids on it a couple of months later. It’s a full day and the river trip is super cool but I would not have been comfortable taking a private excursion because of the time and distance.YMMV
  2. You can’t walk there but Temporary Cal’s Is to the east and up on a mountain with a beautiful view and amazing food. Take a cab there, you won’t be disappointed. The lobster was amazing. My wife had shrimp that was excellent too. Nothing fancy and just a local place but worth the drive.
  3. No but Doctors Cave isn’t far. http://www.doctorscavebathingclub.com/
  4. Costa Maya is one of our favorite beach stops. That said, exploring will consist of walking down the malacon looking at beach stop after beach stop. In other words, no way am I going to use up my beach time walking around. We usually go to Blue Key and get busy chilling. There’s a little restaurant right there with decent food. The water is awesome. The help is pretty good. Prices are reasonable. Those last four points could be made about several beach clubs though. Have fun!
  5. We were there twice last week. $15 from the International pier. Still $3 admission and they collect that when they put the wristband on you as you arrive. There’s a taco stand there now and the fish tacos were amazing. Ceviche is good and their guacamole is the best ever. We don’t drink alcohol so I can’t commentt on that but the smoothies were good. Bottled water is also available for, I think, $2. Excellent service. I think the first time we ever went there was 20 years ago, before the pool and other amenities. It just keeps getting better.
  6. Whether we use EZ or Park N Cruise I always drop off my wife and bags at the terminal before parking and walking back. There are plenty of porters right at the curb to take the bags. No way am I toting my bags and my wife sure as heck isn’t. She’s in charge of making sure I have my passport, boarding pass and the printout for parking. By the time I get over there she’s usually through checkin and comfortably seated waiting for me. It’s really easy.
  7. Excellent review Kim. I like the suggestion that you speak to young women and I totally get your aversion to public speaking. That said, maybe you can convey your encouragement via written word. Clearly you are well organized and that is a huge asset for writing. And happy belated birthday to the mermaid with the most prescious smile ever! Enjoy it while it lasts. My daughter is almost done with her Masters and narrowing her choices for the PhD program she will participate in. As you know, it goes by in the blink of an eye.
  8. Majesty of the Seas, July 23, 2018 stays 2 nights in Havana.
  9. We just returned from Vision and didn’t say a thing to the cabin steward. I inflated them, put them under the sheet and that’s where they stayed until this morning. I also wanted to mention that the specific one that is linked above is only 23 inches wide which I feared was too narrow. I bought a wider one which is why it cost more. The two of them were just about the width of the entire bed.
  10. Like Robyn, I bought the Klymit inflatables. I think they were $75 a piece but worth the cost. They have a limited lifetime warranty and are very easy no inflate. They roll into a pull string bag about half the size of a rolled up beach towel. Easily fit in our luggage. The mattresses on the ships we frequent, Liberty, Vision, are complete junk. We request an extra blanket and sheet and use the comforter and sheet on top of the air mattresses. It works very well. I wish I would have bought them sooner.
  11. Good heavens that hotel. Reminds me of why we don’t go camping. Dirt, bugs, heat, humidity. That’s a lot of nope. To us camping is a 4 star hotel, as someone said, without room service. Our experience with internet aboard RCI, both Liberty and Vision, is that we have had to log off one device before we can log onto the next one. Based on your experience, this might vary from ship to ship. And I’m with you about internet being a must-have. I couldn’t enjoy my time away without knowing work and my kids and kitties were ok.
  12. I didn’t feel compelled to answer the OP’s question since it was answered already. By you in fact. I suppose threads could be locked immediately after a definitive answer is given but that’s not how it works currently. But then, after 15k posts you already know that.
  13. Regrettably formal night includes everything from appropriate dress to very inappropriate. No different than every other night. I swear my dad would have slapped me into the middle of next week if I wore a hat at the dinner table. Cowboy hats seem to be the thing now, at least sailing from Texas. But ball caps worn backward and visors are everywhere. Shoplifter pants, shorts including cutoffs, tee shirts, jeans with holes in them. You name it and they’re wearing it in the dining room, formal night or not.
  14. We are on a back - to - back cruise now on Vision out of Galveston. We were told to meet in the atrium at 9:30. About 10 the group of about 60 folks were walked off the ship and into the terminal which was empty. We literally walked up to a uniformed officer from, I presume, homeland security with our passports in our hands and opened. Flashed them to him and turned around and walked back on. The hardest part was that the escalator wasn’t turned on so stairs or elevator were the options. Once back onboard we could go wherever. They even served us lunch in Giovanni’s at noon. There was a special menu with one appetizer, two entrees and one dessert. It was very good and easy. This was our first B2B and was a very easy experience. Major props to the staff who assisted us. They were very nice and all had a smile on their face. As for the stateroom, we informed our room steward that were were staying. That was it. He cleaned it just as normal and didn’t leave us luggage tags and stuff the last evening of the first leg. Incidentally, we had booked the first leg and a couple of weeks decided to book the second. We got the same room but had decided that if it wasn’t available we would rebook to have the same one. No way would I pack and move.
  15. Cemetery reef is swimming distance from cemetery beach. The reef was in good shape last time we were there and with little traffic it probably will remain so. It’s very quiet and there is a bus stop right at the pathway leading down to the beach. There are no facilities so take what you need. Much of the sand is shaded as well.
  16. Very nice Kim! We’re aboard Vision OTS right now and we’re laughing that your sweet daughter is nearly 10. Time flies for sure. That hotel looks like the buildings in Cartagena. Kind of rotting in place.
  17. Let’s perpetuate the idea that Galveston is awful and the lines are long and the hotels are too expensive and the traffic is horrible and the iteneraries are boring and the ships are small and bla bla bla. That way maybe someday a ship won’t be full. Ok not really but hey, one can wish. Haters gonna hate. Texas born, Texas bred, Texas til the day I’m dead.
  18. I think that has less to do with Galveston but rather is the cruise line checking the wine in. I suppose they make sure it’s not a wine bottle full of vodka or something. I know when you disembark with alcohol the draconian tax laws in Texas require you to pay tax on what you thought you were saving money on but getting on in Galveston I think is just the cruise line doing what they do.
  19. We have sailed on Vision twice and leave Friday for B2B. Absolutely love her. She sails like a ship, sometimes choppy and sometimes not. Her crew are excellent and she’s small enough that you don’t spend all your time walking or waiting on an elevator. The solarium is the best. Unlike Liberty, it’s not a walkway through the ship so it’s rarely noisy and very rarely will you see kids as it’s adults only and there’s generally nowhere to go through.
  20. For us it’s a combination of affordability, convenience and the option of doing whatever we want from one day to the next. We live north of Houston so it’s an easy drive down to Galveston. We go on 3 or 4 a year so we book pretty much only inside cabins so they’re very affordable. We know what we like and what to avoid, both on the ships we sail and in the ports they visit. We know what has value and what to save our money on. It’s a chance for us to just be still. Y’all do what you want. We’ll do what we want. And if we get tired of you we’ll go someplace else that’s to our liking. Like our cabin for an afternoon nap. zzzzzzzzz
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