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  1. We departed yesterday on Vision and there was no delay. If you didn’t already know about the fire you wouldn’t now. It was a non-issue.
  2. My one trip there was several years ago. I booked with one of the guides at the port. My whole point of going was the snorkeling. If you don’t want to snorkel I can’t recommend going. There’s nothing else there. To your specific questions, you will have to stay until your entire tour group is scheduled to leave, whenever that is. I wouldn’t count on shade availability as there are (were) only some palm trees but not many and for all I know they are gone now. The restrooms are pretty funky. I wouldn’t take my family there for a relaxing day at the beach. I was glad my wife hadn’t gone as I would have felt like I had to cut my snorkeling short and I’m sure I would have heard all about the ladies room funkiness. Snorkeling. That’s it man.
  3. Will do. We’ll be there tomorrow. If it’s not pouring rain I’m sure we will head to Blue Key. We love their ceviche and I’ll get to see my kitty friend Lola.
  4. “Just relax and go with the flow” Absolutely! I remember about 20 years ago we got in a shuttle somewhere and the driver had a cooler of Jell-O shots. Everyone went with the flow that day for sure. Plus it made the lines to board more tolerable.
  5. Hey legs, we’ll be there a week from today. I’ll report back on the water, sargassum, noise, cost of entry, food and drinks and whatever else I can think of. My experience on Sundays is that there are lots of locals and their kids which we really enjoy. Last time we were there I didn’t notice any increase in noise from next door. Blue Key has always been our favorite place on the malecon.
  6. There are a bunch of bars and restaurants on the island. If you take the water taxi you can rent a golf cart to kick around on. Some of the private excursions include a golf cart as an option. If you want to see how it’s laid out use Google maps.
  7. You didn’t say how many are in your group that calculates to the $600 difference. We did this exact excursion with NCL several years ago and it was something like $125 pp. I can’t imagine a private service doing it for under $75. What I can tell you is this is the one excursion I would absolutely not book privately. And we never, ever book excursions through the cruise line. It’s just too far and there are too many moving parts and chances for delay. The other thing I will tell you is that Lamanai is absolute bucket list stuff. My wife and I did it and a couple of months later we were there again with our kids and sent them. Probably if we had all four been on that first trip we wouldn’t have spent that much money but after having been I would pay whatever it cost for all of us. It’s really good stuff. I hope you find a workable solution for your group. And welcome to Cruise Critic!
  8. Click this link http://www.mysticsnorkel.com/features.php and scroll to the bottom. I’m pretty sure this applies to all three of the trips they detail under Services. The price for this tour is $65 dollars per person, Children under six years old tour free and, children from 6-10 years old pay only $35 dollars. We accept cash or paypal (for Paypal contact us). Sorry, we do not accept credit card payment at the moment.
  9. They’re working on the docks and probably making room for another vessel. There are no tender boats there so unless they want to use their lifeboats ala Trujillo there won’t be any tendering. Been there a dozen or more times and never tenderd.
  10. My experience is that we go to Cemetary Beach early and by lunchtime we’re pretty tired. I get the phone number of the cab driver when we’re dropped off. We call when we’re done and have them take us to a restaurant a few blocks from the tender for lunch then head back to the tender on foot.
  11. Agree with John. From Paradise Beach, look to the right and you will see a buoyed off boat lane right up to the beach where the boats that offer parasailing will be. My son and I did it years ago from there and it was bucket list stuff. Welcome to Cruise Critic!
  12. Welcome to Cruise Critic becks3. The ruins tours in Belize are very good. If Princess offers a Lamanai trip you might really like it. You have a little time so I recommend you look in this Belize sub for reviews of any of the ruins.
  13. This page has the detail you’re looking for I think. http://www.mysticsnorkel.com/features.php
  14. Take a look here https://www.captainmarvins.com/ there are a couple of options you can email them about. We’ve been out with them and we’re very satisfied.
  15. We used them a couple of years ago with the same excellent service. Instead of heading back to town we had them drop us off at Paradise Beach for the rest of the day. Grabbed a cab back when it was time.
  16. You might consider this https://leonageneral.com/ Their steaks are amazing and its just a great place to eat. Not fancy. Just awesome. Better get there early though as there is always a line for when they open at 5:30. No reservations.
  17. We did this tour through the ship a couple of years ago and it is very much worth the trip. That said, I would not feel comfortable going that far on a river without the return guarantee inherent in a ship tour. Since you may not feel comfortable booking ahead you may consider booking onboard or even contacting the cruise line about their cancellation policy if you were to been with them in advance.
  18. Huntsville is a very safe place unless you’re buying drugs or engaging in other criminal activity. You can pretty much replace the name “Huntsville” with any other town or city along that route and the message will be the same. My daughter completed her masters at the university there and teaches at the university. It’s perfectly safe. As for timing, no way would I drive from Dallas day of. We live on Lake Conroe which is about 25 minutes south of Huntsville and we leave around 9 and always have lunch on the ship, no problem.
  19. We received an email yesterday from our TA. From interior to balcony was minimum $200 for a 5 night cruise. No way is it worth $40 a night for us. We did bid the minimum for an ocean view only because it was like $40 and we would be on a higher deck. Value is entirely different for everyone. We have 5 trips booked this year (so far) and couldn’t go that much if we booked other than interior. We also love the darkness and place no value on sitting on a balcony or looking out a window. Been there, done that. Personally I think this is a good marketing tool for RC. Someone mentioned it being market research. IMO everything is market research these days. It drives all aspects of every market and every ship design or refurb. Have at it RC, just keep it down in the hallway while I’m trying to take an extremely dark afternoon nap. And factor that into your numbers.
  20. One more thing. If you want a boat snorkeling trip, we used Mystic Snorkel and were satisfied. They dropped us off at Paradise Beach after the snorkeling trip and we caught a cab back to the ship. http://www.mysticsnorkel.com/
  21. In my experience there is no need to pay a tour company for snorkeling, food and a nice beach. As John said, get in a cab and go to Money Bar. Cabs are regulated and the fares to various places are posted right at the cab line. Snorkel as long as you like. Snorkeling is pretty good there. Eat food there or get a cab to Paradise Beach. Stay there as long as you like and eat there if you like. Food is very good. There will be plenty of cabs there for the return trip. Return early and do some shopping, or just head back to the ship at the end of your day. It’s really just that easy.
  22. First, I assume your daughter is a legal adult. Tell her to get an attorney immediately. Second, I see only one question in your post; “will I have an issue with this?”. Presuming you meant to ask if your adult daughter would have an issue with this, the “straight answer” is, “Tell your daughter to get an attorney immediately and ask her attorney”. Third, whether it’s a “bum rap” or not, tell your adult daughter to get an attorney. See a pattern developing here? Welcome to Cruise Critic. Tell your daughter to get an attorney.
  23. No way would I travel, then drive that far in the middle of the night. I would get an airport hotel, get some rest and leave before 10am Saturday morning. That will put you down in Galveston plenty early. My daughter stayed at LaQuinta last week and thought it was fine for 1 night. Something like $75 on booking dot com. Shuttle doesn’t run after midnight though so that may be a factor. 4:30am to midnight. Safe travels!
  24. Don’t bring your own towel! We made that mistake one time long ago and wound up with wet, suntan oily towels with sand stuck to them. I tried to rinse them off in the huge (not) shower and it was next to impossible. When I got done they were still oily but without so much sand, however, they were wet. Good luck finding a place to hang up several wet towels. Even if you do find a place they will not dry before the next day when you try it all over again. That never happened again.
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