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  1. No one is forcing staff to work on a cruise ship. They have the option of staying in their country of origin and, in some cases, living in extreme poverty and in others just living a different life. I treat staff with respect and maintain reasonable expectations of them. That, and the money I pay the company that employs them, is all I owe them. If the conditions don’t suit you do what I have done in my life; quit and find another job that does suit you. As for the impact on ports, I remember being on the second sailing to Trujillo, Honduras. They had a parade for the first sa
  2. Thank you melissa. This is definitely on my to-do list.
  3. There is a long pier at Maya Key that takes you out to the edge of the reef. You can snorkel through the reef and end up out along the edge looking down at deep blue. Its a pretty good snorkeling spot.
  4. You’ll be coming down US 59 so check out the Fairfield Inn in Humble. 20525 US 59. A quick check shows $86 and 4.5 stars. Lots of good places to eat right near there along 59. Several other hotels along that stretch too. Just over an hour drive from that area to the port. Should be an easy drive on a Sunday.
  5. I swear if I were to wear that I’d look like I was on court ordered monitoring.
  6. No. There will be someone there asking if you bought any cigarettes or alcohol. Just say no and go right on by. But don’t try to carry it through in that box they put it in. Put them in your suitcases. There’s no searching.
  7. The last balcony we booked was on a NCL ship on Cyber Monday probably 7 years ago. The price was really low and it had $500 OBC attached. We take 4 or 5 trips a year in inside cabins and there’s no way we would cut that to 1 or 2 so we could have a door to open that lets all the A/C air out in 5 seconds. There’s a balcony rail all the way around the ship on one of the top decks. Some of RCL’s Vision class ships have a small, quiet area off the Solarium that is just like a balcony only wider and with more comfortable chairs. Nope, we’ll make do with inside and spend our money coming back.
  8. The pictures are expensive, but what is expensive? How much is the stick? How many pictures are on it?
  9. There’s a Budget in Webster and Enterprise locations all along I 45 between Galveston and Houston. Do a Google map search for rental car agencies.
  10. Welcome to Cruise Critic. You will find a wide variation of opinion as to what is appropriate in the MDR at dinner. The attire in the picture looks fine to me but others will have different opinions. I suggest reading the RCI sub and perhaps doing a search. Lately I have read that conversations about politics trigger some folks so perhaps don’t wear the MAGA ball cap turned backward.
  11. OMG I would twist completely off. I mean after I started off nice and they didn’t make those ridiculous charges go away. Hopefully you can get them to issue the correct charges. Otherwise it’s scorched Earth.
  12. We went with shoreexcursioneer last year. Nice motor coach. Service was on time. Paradise was nothing spectacular. The pool is a little way back from the beach which meant no vendors. The food at their restaurant was not good at all and was way overpriced. The beach is the beach. It’s just like all the rest of the beach. We will give Infinity a try next time but really the best time we have had was going with a Bodden guide who took us to a public access point to the beach. Then we went to West End Village to snorkel Half Moon Bay and had lunch at a fantastic restaurant close by. Wes
  13. Unfortunately there is no test for entitlement or stupidity.
  14. Cruise Critic needs a counter of how many threads are started about alcohol. Drink packages, sharing drink packages, number of drinks, strength of drinks, size of drinks, lack of drinks, cost of drinks, service of drinks, alcohol purchased on the ship, alcohol purchased off the ship, alcohol carried on, alcohol stashed in luggage, rum runners, alcohol on excursions, drinking age on U.S. cruises, drinking age of every foreign port on the planet. Did I miss anything? Having quit drinking alcohol many years ago I should have millions set aside. Not sure what happened. 😂
  15. First off, shoplifter pants are those that are worn down below the buttocks and can conceal all sorts of items being stolen from a store. It’s just an expression really as I have seen plenty things shoplifted via huge purses, jackets, and even big dresses. One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Albert Einstein: ”Two things are infinite; the Universe and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the Universe.”
  16. There’s really no way to generalize about that. It depends on so many factors. Departure port, itinerary, cruise line, length, time of year. My experience has been book what you want, when you want it and watch for price decreases until the 90 mark. After that just quit looking and enjoy your cruise.
  17. Just wear shoplifter pants, a wife beater, flip flops and a cap on backward. Everyone will think you’re too stupid to have an intelligent discussion about anything and will not talk to you.
  18. OTC cold/ flu meds I’ve learned to do the math on. So many doses times so many days on the ship times 2- me and my wife. I have had that stuff and was grateful for the continuous dosing that allows. After all, that’s what we do with prescription drugs.
  19. Me too. Used it a bunch with just the surf package. Worked fine.
  20. For my money I’m taking a 10 minute taxi ride to Blue Key and eating ceviche right there. You won’t need to pay the access fee just to eat. Take a walk along the Malecon and grab a taxi back whenever you want. Plenty of time to enjoy something other than the port.
  21. I definitely thought it was worth the cost. My wife is a pool girl so she loved sitting there reading. The snorkeling from the end of the long pier is very good and for beginners there were attendants in the water keeping an eye on everyone. If you’re not a beginner swim out to the edge of the reef where it drops off to just the most amazing deep blue ever. The food was surprisingly good and you can leave just about anytime you want.
  22. We go to both places several times a year and I’ve never taken Pesos. Prices are listed in dollars and everyone takes them.
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