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  1. When ours were young, maybe 9 and 10, we not only restricted them from going in a cabin, we restricted them from being in the hallways at all. They left the cabin in the morning and did whatever they wanted all day as long as it wasn’t away from public areas. They were expected to be back in the cabin by a certain time to get ready for dinner every evening. They were very good kids so our decision making was somewhat easier than if they were in trouble a lot. I do do want to mention something we taught them very young. If they were ever grabbed by a stranger they were taught to scream, “Help!! This is not my mommy!!” Or, “This is not my daddy!!” Too many times we all see screaming kids at the mall or store and what we suspect is a parent carries them right out the door without anyone really even looking at them. Get that screaming kid out of here, right? Not so fast...
  2. I take both my boarding pass and passport as my wife sometimes checks in before I get there and is waiting on me to board. It seems lately we have checked 8n together though as we get to the port around 11 and there’s not much of a line. At least at the RCI terminal.
  3. It’s 65 in Galveston right now. Minus 1 in Minneapolis. Now that’s a nightmare.
  4. Never used them but heard good stuff. https://www.mahahualdive.com/homeENG.html If you do use them leave some feedback. I might have a chance to use them this year. We’ll be there 4 times.
  5. We go to Blue Key almost every rime we stop in Costa Maya. I personally think too much is made of the pricing. I suppose if it were too high I would feel differently but I really couldn’t care less. Tropicante also takes walk-up customers and so do lots of other places. We enjoyed the time we went to Tropicante but not as much as Blue Key. We sail to Costa Maya 4 times this year and will likely be at Blue Key every time. Enjoy whatever you decide on.
  6. We’re D+ and the only problem I ever recall was when they didn’t have the large table our group of 14 had asked for in the MDR. That was remedied the very next night and for the remainder of the cruise. This is just not that difficult. I must say though, considering the incredible number of drink package complaints im sure glad I don’t drink anymore.
  7. We used them a couple of years ago to go to Hilton Rose Hall. Transportation was a nice motor coach. Other than the cost coupled with the amount of time at the resort, which I thought was too short, it was a good day.
  8. We have been on Liberty many times since she has been in Galveston and we love sailing on her. Be mindful that there will be some walking to do. About the only thing I don’t like is that the adult pool area is just a walk through space and not entirely separate as it is on Vision. Give some attention to what venues you will frequent and plan your cabin location accordingly. Those hallways can get pretty long.
  9. Since no one has answered since Thursday I’ll offer my observation. Lots of folks talk positively about Native Choice tours. We haven’t done the ruins there as we love the beach and did the ruins in Belize but I’m sure you can find lots of reviews. I rather doubt the ship tour would be as good of a value, as frequently aren’t. https://www.thenativechoice.com/
  10. We absolutely love Costa Maya and would not even think of staying onboard or at the port. Getting off the ship takes whatever time it takes. Walk to the port and just keep walking until you get out to the parking lot. Go out the gate and get a cab to Blue Key. Don’t need reservations. Enjoy the time you have. It’s easy to get a cab back. I would think 45 minutes each way unless there are mobility issues to take into account. There’s nothing in the port for us to stop walking for.
  11. This is why it’s so important to get different perspectives. Costa Maya is perhaps our favorite beach port for many of the reasons crewsweeper mentioned. There was sargassum on every beach in the Caribbean last year but we still had a great day at Blue Key even without enjoying the clear water that is the norm there. If I could get a port replaced it would definitely be Jamaica, not Costa Maya, but I’m absolutely sure there are folks that love Jamaica as much as I never will. Different strokes.
  12. I use it regularly and am using it again in March. It’s an easy walk to the terminal if you choose to drop your bags and other passengers at the terminal and don’t have mobility problems. I can’t comment on the shuttle since I’ve never used it. They have a loyalty program and give additional discounts for certain categories of customers so check their website if you’re a frequent cruiser out of Galveston as we are. It’s an outdoor lot so won’t be what you want if you are set on inside. In that case look at Galveston Park and Cruise.
  13. proggieus, While we are not so challenged, I just wanted to acknowledge your kindness and thank you for your willingness to help another parent. I believe we get what we give and you will surely get kindness in return. Safe travels.
  14. Y'all are too nice. Pick up the towel and book or whatever. Put them on the floor in the corner and sit down. When they come back just shrug your shoulders. What are they going to do? Take away your birthday?
  15. Their website isn’t very good. We love Blue Key. Just show up via taxi. The food at the little bar is excellent. There’s a chill little black cat there named Lola. We’ve enjoyed her company since she was a kitten. She sits on the chair next to me while we eat.
  16. Dan I don’t know where you are coming from but we live on Lake Conroe and make the drive down the morning of departure. We try to leave by no later than 9 , get to the port by 11 or so, and I always drop off my wife and the bags. It usually takes about 15 or 20 minutes in the traffic on Harborside Drive. She gets the bags handed off to a porter and goes through security. I drive to one of the close parking lots and walk over with my passport and boarding pass. I meet her in the terminal and it usually doesn’t take over another 15 minutes to be done and walking on the ship. Perhaps you are getting there later than we do. Or maybe your October sailing was just a mess. We are always onboard for lunch. I hope your next trip goes smoothly. Leaving is always a mess, especially if your cruise went to Roatan. Evidently drug smuggling is an issue coming from there. The earlier you get off the easier it is but I would never put our bags out and pick them up in the terminal. We always carry our bags off.
  17. A couple of years ago we used Mystic Snorkel and were very satisfied. When we were done snorkeling we had them drop us at Paradise Beach for the afternoon. It was a good day. http://www.mysticsnorkel.com/
  18. This is not good news. One of the reasons we have always gone there is to avoid all the drunks. Maybe it will be unsuccessful before we head back in March.
  19. Never been to Key West since iteneraries from Galveston, our home port, that include Key West also include the Bahamas which is a pass for us. Grand Cayman is awesome. In addition to those suggestions above, Cemetary Beach is a secluded spot with very good snorkeling right from the beach. Food is always good in Georgetown. About the only two downsides are that it is a tender port and it’s expensive. I hope you find something that you enjoy.
  20. Don't know anything about gluten free but there's a Taquerias Arandas on the freeway frontage that is amazing. I have lived in the Houston area all my life and the area down there is not an area I consider unsafe. Uber over there. Go inside and eat. Uber somewhere else. It's not like someone is going to hijack the Uber. there is a 9 Liquor on Airport Blvd. right next to the airport. Google maps...
  21. You should be fine. We always walk off early and have made it home to north of Conroe by 10am. You can also let guest services know your flight time and they may help ensure you are off early. One of our travel partners is a minister and had to get to their church service at 11. They made sure he was off among the first folks.
  22. A couple of years ago I went with a tour operator, don’t remember the name. It’s a tiny island with pretty good snorkeling and little else. There’s some beach there, restrooms and a grill that was selling lunch. The food was pretty good. Had I not specifically gone to snorkel I likely wouldn’t have thought it was worth the trip. If snorkeling is your gig it was pretty good.
  23. Which part is not true at all? “My experience is that prices always go up.” That’s my experience and I’m certain I haven’t lied about my personal experience. “ Our normal departure port is Galveston and we book over a year out all the time.” Two truths I one sentence. “We almost never see a reduction in fares...” Another truth for us. ”I know what a very low fare looks like...” yep...true. ”We can go anytime”. I think I’m detecting a pattern here. You see, what’s true for me may not be true for you.
  24. My experience is that prices always go up. Our normal departure port is Galveston and we book over a year out all the time. We almost never see a reduction in the fare, probably for 2 reasons. First, I know what a very low fare looks like and second, we can go anytime. Those 2 factors allow us to book only the lowest fares. We have 5 cruises booked for 2019 and I’ve already identified a first to book in 2020. OBC is a factor but only in the mathematical formula.
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