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  1. Cabs will be lined up. Just tell them there are 10 of you and they’ll get you there.
  2. Temporary Cal’s https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g2548902-d2633876-Reviews-Temporary_Cal_s_Cantina-First_Bight_Roatan_Bay_Islands.html amazing food and view.
  3. You should change the title to “Don’t buy any artwork onboard”. Then start another one titled “Don’t buy any jewelry onboard”. Then a third “Don’t buy any watches onboard”. Then you can branch out and say “Don’t buy any [whatever] at [whatever port]. Somebody’s going to say you’re wrong, and somebody’s going to say they got some item they love, and bla bla bla. People do what people do. They’re careful and they’re careless, they’re smart and they’re stupid, they’re victims and they’re volunteers.
  4. We just booked a March 2020 and have three more booked this year. I’m always actively looking for the right deal so it’s only a matter of time until we book more next year. And the next.
  5. Check MSC, there are several that are in that duration window. They are just a bit over your budget though but not much. As has been said, call a TA.
  6. As of a month ago we had no problem with either small 110 fans or small brown extension cords. I run a cord from the desk over to the bed and plug both fans in with the end of the cord under the bed in the middle. Fans go on the nightstands. Noone has ever said a word in 30 cruises.
  7. $1900 for 4 passengers and 4-1/2 hours? Chicken indeed. No.
  8. Beachiekeen.....awesome username. 😂
  9. Just wear a tee shirt, shoplifter pants and a hoodie every evening.
  10. You may not get many responses here on this. There are lots of reviews on Google and probably Trip Advisor too. Good luck.
  11. Last time we used Shore Excursioneer to Paradise. Service was good, comfortable ride and on time going and return. Would repeat. https://www.shoreexcursioneer.com/ Also have used Victor Borden several times and was very satisfied every time. We booked the tour where you can do whatever you want and just used the driver as our private driver. https://boddentours.com/ As someone said, taxi service is not reliable like it is other places. I would never book with the ship though, particularly not to just go to West Bay or West End Village, or bo
  12. $3,000.00 in the casino in the Bahamas in 1993. Back in my days of overindulgence I’m afraid.
  13. She dead... https://www.caymancompass.com/2019/04/24/woman-on-trial-for-firearms-violation-dies/
  14. Yes they did. They were even rolling it around the pool area a little.
  15. We have one booked in September and B2B in October. Can’t wait.
  16. We got off Liberty two Sundays ago. We got up early, ate breakfast in the dining room, went back to the cabin and got our bags, rolled our own bags off and were standing on the sidewalk at 8:05 after having gone through Customs. We live on Lake Conroe and we were back in Conroe proper at 9:30. Took the east loop around Houston and I was shocked at how little traffic there was. IAH is a good bit closer than Conroe and even with having to return a rent car you should have plenty of time. I mean, that’s 3 hours. And I had to walk about 3 blocks to my truck at EZ Cruise Parking (outside) and
  17. We love Vision as well. We sailed on her in March mainly because she is leaving Galveston and won’t be back. We’re booked on Enchantment 3 trips later in the year. Hope we like her as much.
  18. The one with the most productive casino, the least crowded Solarium, the quietest reading area, the fewest drunks, the best port times, the fewest children, the cheapest staterooms, the most empty elevators, no fake service animals, cleanest public restrooms, the fewest staff photographers, the most free food venues, the fewest loud announcements and the friendliest crew.
  19. The layout is very similar to Liberty. My in-laws stayed in one of those Promenade View rooms and said it was almost completely quiet even when there was a party below.
  20. We went with Mystic Snorkel. Booked them ahead. Took a cab to their boat at the marina. Met the guys who took us to several good stops. Dropped us off at PB after. Took a cab back to the cruise terminal that evening. It was a good day but my wife, who doesn’t snorkel, went with us on the boat and later told me next time she would just meet up with us at PB. http://www.mysticsnorkel.com/
  21. We just got off Liberty too. Don’t forget the cowboy hats worn at the table. Yeee Haww!
  22. Every time I see another of the endless stream of drink package threads I’m grateful I don’t drink anymore and thus I don’t have to read it. I now have a new reason to be grateful; I haven’t come to in the middle of the night wondering who the woman standing over my bed is in many years. 😂
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