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  1. Saw all the emails, THANKS again everyone for all the support. It has been such an emotional rollercoaster the last 2 days! To the point of tears a times. Again, in the grand scheme of life this is trivial nonsense, but it still is emotionally taxing none the less... mostly because the weight of it all has fallen squarely on my shoulders for the last year and a half. I deal with it all and all those traveling with me just show up. I am the family TA and all the responsibility is on me. I have had to deal with all their frustrations through all this and try to keep them up beat, happy and just make us all go with the flow. Been a tree just bending in the wind for the last 18 months or so, and finally just snapped. Cancellations, port changes, new protocols left and right. Booking, rebooking, on and on and on. I was SO very excited packing this past weekend to leave on the 19th and to be cruising again (I always pack early and felt like my old self again), then 2 days later - WHAMO! Might has well have smacked me with a 2x4. Just can't do it, just can't. So many things can go wrong with this, especially because our travels are far. What if test results don't come back before we leave we need (testing centers are getting flooded again and it is starting to take longer and longer for results), God forbid, what if it is positive for one of us (and false positives do happen too). How can we enjoy ourselves in the heat, wearing a mask around all the time? Dealing with all the changes... it is just too overwhelming. I am disappointed now, but feel a sense of calm knowing that at least for the next 8-9 months I can seek out other alternatives and not be in such chaos - (we have our first one booked next May now and then none again until fall next year). Spent today booking a week long road trip to replace our cruise next month. I wish everyone that can sail the very best, and to everyone on this roller coaster ride I will see ya at some point back in the station when I get back on the ride with you again!! I know me and I will start peeking at what is going on in the next couple months hoping things change - and I will run to jump on as soon as it does! BEST to you all! SAFE TRAVELS no matter how that may be.
  2. Ok, so I am out! Cancelled and moved all 4 cruises this year to next! Was literally all packed and ready to go for Aug 19th, and then Carnival done went and changed the rules. I understand why - Just CAN'T do it! Spent 2 days and over 20 hours rearranging hotels, flights, transfers, cruises for us and family.... going to try again next year. Thanks to ya'll these last weeks for all the info and conversations... I am exiting stage right till next year. Just too depressing to read or have anything to do with cruising right now.
  3. So we do both! We do what we call our down and dirty cruises. We get cheap airfare from Michigan and find a cheap room (usually ocean view at least, but have done one or two inside rooms). These are usually only when we want a quick get away for 3 or 4 days and find a SUPER good price. The rest of the time we will do Balcony at minimum (have done a couple suites too). Never have done cheers, but will the next 4 just because of the great cheers deal of $200 or less total for both of us for a week on them. We just don't drink enough to warrant the regular price. We do get bottomless bubbles though on every cruise. We always do excursions of some kind and have started booking the Steakhouse off an on too. Some spa items for me like mani/pedi. etc. I will preorder some goodies like cookies, cake, etc. for the room. Just depends! This year seems to be more on the high end though, making up for not cruising last year and have had more time to save the money to splurge!
  4. I HOPE it works out for you, I really do. But as I said, Carnival has already clearly indicated that Aug and Sept cruises will be timed entry only. I think the "glitch" may be that it went live and you were able to buy it. I would be glad to see it work out for you for sure... I just expect you will be disappointed. They are not going to implement FTTF for boarding and still require everyone else like Diamond and Platinum guests to follow timed protocols - people would be rioting in the streets lol! (and as Diamond I would be right there with them lol!) NOW they may offer it, and you will pay for it.... and get all the benefits EXCEPT the early boarding whenever you arrive. That is a possibility, but I am 99.9999999% certain you will have a timed entry like the rest of us.
  5. You say final payment is due, but didn't see you specified if you have paid in full as of yet? If not, the 1st thing I would do is call them and ask them to extend your final payment day. Many people are having success with this and it will buy your more time to put out more money. Second thing I would do is, if you want to cruise then just wait, don't jump the gun. Allow them to get to November sailings and see what happens. You can the make a better decision that won't cost you $$ out of pocket and if you move the cruise you won't loose all that OBC you have. Third thing if you really are pretty sure you want to change it now, and push it out then you may be able to do it without penalty. I just moved my November cruise out to April of next year. We have 3 others booked before November and decided to wait until April for our 4th. We didn't loose any $, and our OBC (from a previous cancellation) transfer too. Pick out a future sailing you like and call and ask.
  6. I thought the same thing. Didn't want Nassau yet again... been there a 100 times. But now that we have Bimini it really kind of sucks. There is literally 2 excursions for August. Both are beach. Beach chairs and an umbrella, or Beach "cabana" However their idea of a Cabana is just some wood slat walls on 3 sides in the sand and 2 lounge chairs - and it costs as much as a NICE cabana in HMC or Amber Cove.... Bimini will be a stay on the ship day for us. From what I've been reading from others that have been there, nothing there to do at all either on your own.
  7. LOL, exactly! To top if all off, we have 3 rooms booked (hubby and I, bro and sister in law, mom and dad). We all booked an excursion together in Jamaica. I just told them all the ports changed, and that a refund should be coming down the road for our Jamaica excursion and then we all decided what new one we wanted on the changed itinerary. It is now my job to watch for them to come up and get it booked. HOWEVER, I noticed the Jamaica excursion was NOT cancelled and still showed in our booking so I just cancelled that so the refund process will start. Wondering how long that might have sat there if I hadn't seen it..... could have been all the way up until the time we cruised in October and we would have been sitting here waiting for the refund. I would have assumed if the port was cancelled the excursion would have been automatically too. Go figure. Word to the wise if your ports change... make sure you cancel any 'dead' excursion yourself.
  8. Sorry to be a spoil sport, but you likely will get it refunded. Protocol for August and Sept has been set and it will be timed entry only for everyone. Suites will have a "special" area and board first, but everyone else will have a slot they have to pick 14 days (if not Diamond or Platinum) or 16 days (if Diamond or Platinum) out from cruising. Everyone will board based on their zones. Wouldn't hold your breath. I betcha it is a glitch for sure.
  9. That's the one we are on too, saw it was changed this morning so I knew it happened last night sometime. Like I said, expected it cause same thing for our Sept Horizon sailing but would have been nice to get an email and not just stumble across the change.
  10. Was in my account looking to see if excursions had been added for my September cruise yet and happened to notice my itinerary for October has changed now too. Knew it was coming, but jeeze it would be nice if we got an email to let us know what's up before we just stumbled on it
  11. We cruise on her in just over 2 weeks.... Aug 19th, I think there is 1 cruise before ours too.
  12. Wondering if anyone knows 1st hand is Bimini and Amber Cover requiring masks on the beach/around the pool? I understand if you are traveling to get to the beach, pool etc., but once there and seated can you lounge and enjoy without the masks?
  13. You are not alone, I laughed hard, OUT LOUD, my husband thought I lost it
  14. I would start working on that plan B for sure. I just don't see them changing protocol - except to maybe make things stricter not lighter under the circumstances happening right now. Too many getting sick again and they can't afford to shut down. You can see on other posts if you go read, that even people vaccinated are getting it and having to be taken off the ship and quarantined (a woman and her son tested positive, he wasn't vaccinated and she was - now her whole family is stuck in TX for 10-14 days).... I just don't see them allowing all these kids to start getting together and risk it... not this year anyhow.
  15. NO surprise there. Likely will be doing it ourselves in some ports too! I am perfectly content enjoying lounging around and hanging out on the ship
  16. PS: There may or may not be fees, it just depends on what your rate rules say, but even with a small fee you could still come out further ahead! I would just call and ask them. Usually if you are upgrading and spending more there are no issues. They are all to happy to take more of your money
  17. I am referring to me wanting to go to a better room and deciding to upgrade to it. NOW I will say this, I use an AWESOME PVP, so since I am upgrading and usually spending more money he gets any "fees" waived and gets it put through for me. He has also gotten them to waive fees and allowed me to upgrade even when the room was slightly cheaper and I just got back OBC for the difference. We are diamond and he knows that we cruise quite frequently and works hard to keep us happy. It all depends on who you are working with I guess.
  18. You should be able to upgrade your room NP, we do it all the time before we cruise, if your new room is less you should get the balance back as OBC. If it cost more you would owe. You would need to decide on what rates and what is included (cheers or not) work for you. Yes, I would ask for a new PVP and try that for sure! Wish I could give you my guys name but not allowed. HE is the BEST
  19. Refunds will likely take at least 3 weeks. I got gift cards back pretty quick, but to my CC took that long... and I was on the front end of all the cancellations not the tail end. Now that there are so many more, I would expect it to take may be a little longer. I do believe they told me up to 30 days.
  20. OK, was a bit confused, because everything I have seen says you don't get off unless you do bubble tour and that includes Mahogany Bay - only exception is their private island
  21. Haven't been doing it for years on the Carnival ships I have been sailing on. We were on a sailing in 2019 when they were attempting to use it and it wouldn't work. They kept holding up boarding because the dang thing wouldn't do what it was supposed to, so they just went back to the old way. Other than that one failed attempt (and dang it if I can remember the ship), all my other sailings right up to January last year we have had to do the sail and sign to get on and off.
  22. Remember, IF something does go wrong with that flight and you have to recover quickly and find a new one - have them try FLL too! I have 4 cruises worth of flights booked in and out of FLL for Miami cruise.
  23. Wishing you speedy on time flight to your vacation! Putting the good karma out there for you!
  24. Is this current or future info, are you saying they now ARE allowing unvaccinated guests off into the beach and shopping area? In the last week or two I saw someone posting that they could not get off in MBCC's (even in the beach area) because they had an unvaccinated with them. That is what the OP was asking about.
  25. That is the BIG difference, OP is inside final payment date. If not, then yes it would only cost $50 per person (depending on what rate code you booked under)
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