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  1. Absolutely take your own pillow! My husband and take our pillows, we prefer latex. They make a good cushion for delicate items in your luggage, and squash down to nothing much. We mostly have to fly to join the ship and just make allowances in the weight limit. A bit of advice, take your own pillowcases, preferable not white. It makes the pillow identifiable to the cabin steward.
  2. I propose, instead of air travel, we investigate a trip by luxury tramp steamer, Sydney to Auckland via Melbourne, Hobart, Port Chalmers, Akaroa and Tauranga.
  3. I've trawled through the local media reports about the Ruby Princess cluster, and also referenced the publicly-available data from our Ministry of Health. There are currently 24 cases of Covid-19 directly linked to the Ruby Princess. Six are passengers who came back from Sydney at the end of the cruise. 18 are directly linked to the stop in Napier. There are no cases linked to stops in Dunedin, Akaroa or Wellington. Four people were tour guides, an interpreter and a bus driver doing shore tours for Princess. Six are residents of the Gladys Mary Dementia Rest Home in Napier.
  4. Just FYI https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/120599181/hawkes-bay-tour-guide-to-ruby-princess-passengers-among-those-with-coronavirus
  5. They were also denied entry to the port of Nosy Be in Madagascar, because of the fear of Covid-19. At that time they had been just 12 days from their stop in Thailand, where the virus is present, not long enough for the Health authorities in Madagascar. I got this from one of the blogs mentioned further up the page. "After an hour, a crowd, with their tender tickets, had gathered in the stairway foyer in enthusiastic anticipation. Then an announcement was broadcast to let us know the local health authorities would not grant us permission to enter. Apparently we had not completed 14 day qu
  6. You won't be the first. Just announced....." Prime minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed that a patient being tested for coronavirus has the illness. It is New Zealand's first confirmed case. The patient is in their 60s and is in a stable and improving condition in hospital in Auckland, the prime minister said. She said the woman was a citizen of New Zealand who had been to Iran. She said the pandemic plan is now being fully put into place. " https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/119899280/ministry-of-health-gives-latest-update-on-novel-coronavirus
  7. With regard to buying shares in Carnival to get the shareholder OBC, keep in mind that the granting of this is renewed every year at the AGM of Carnival. It is not set in stone, and if Carnival takes a hit financially, as I think they will, it may be revoked.
  8. If you have no need of "seeing" Auckland, you could make you way leisurely to the airport and use the "pay to enter" Strata Lounge after checking in and clearing security.
  9. No, only one mini-bar set-up, (or two coffee cards swap-out) per cabin, no matter how many Elites in the cabin. Even if there was a couple and their children in a four berth cabin, all Elites - still only one mini-bar setup.
  10. I would suggest that using Princess EZ air and a Princess transfer would be your very best option if you want to make a 11.50am flight - timing would be tight but you are then putting all the onus on Princess to (get you there on time or suffer the consequences) Recent experience with booking EZ air for us made the trans-Tasman flight $90pp cheaper than booking with AirNZ direct. Edited to add the Princess transfer is around AU$20pp.
  11. Booked this one last week, managed to get a (largely unobstructed) obstructed view cabin for ~NZ$1200pp😀
  12. I can't find any TA offering this cruise, nor can I bring it up on HA's website. That time period is even missing from Amsterdam's schedule on cruisetimetables.com. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or provide a link?
  13. Just be aware, if the "flexible" fare is not available and you are forced to use the fixed option, it is tied to your cruise at that point, so you can't take advantage of a price drop re-fare on the cruise part, because that would entail cancelling the airfare that you've already paid for. I found this out by personal experience.
  14. And with this kind of attitude, is it any wonder insurance premiums are so high?
  15. Golden Princess will be with P&O Australia before Dec 2020, so I doubt the upgrade to Ocean Medallion will happen. The person who updated the webpage probably didn't check that the previous info was tabulated before the announcement of her moving to P&O.
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