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  1. I can't find any TA offering this cruise, nor can I bring it up on HA's website. That time period is even missing from Amsterdam's schedule on cruisetimetables.com. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or provide a link?
  2. Just be aware, if the "flexible" fare is not available and you are forced to use the fixed option, it is tied to your cruise at that point, so you can't take advantage of a price drop re-fare on the cruise part, because that would entail cancelling the airfare that you've already paid for. I found this out by personal experience.
  3. And with this kind of attitude, is it any wonder insurance premiums are so high?
  4. Golden Princess will be with P&O Australia before Dec 2020, so I doubt the upgrade to Ocean Medallion will happen. The person who updated the webpage probably didn't check that the previous info was tabulated before the announcement of her moving to P&O.
  5. You are correct that this applies only to "carry-on" luggage and not "checked -in" luggage. You can carry whatever size liquids you want in checked in luggage.
  6. I think the key word in this communication is "MAY" " (may be refused entry) not WILL. As far as I am aware, no checks have been made, either at embarkation in AU or NZ or on the dock in Noumea, as to whether any passenger has insurance. Mr GUT will be able to differentiate between the legal meaning of "may" and "will".
  7. I think SinbadThe Porter was referring to TeeCee60's post which he quoted.
  8. And just to clarify, the "lemonade" mentioned in posts #2 and #3 is not what Aus and NZers would recognize as lemonade ie fizzy Sprite. It's lemon cordial served chilled from large dispensers in the Horizon Court.
  9. Deck 7 starboard aft, outside adjacent the Vista lounge, Deck 12 port side forward, by the Riviera Bar, and Deck 14 port side aft by the Sundowners bar.
  10. Refund of our OBC from a cruise ending in mid October, arrived beginning of December, so that was about six weeks. Thankfully it was a cheque in NZ dollars, not US.
  11. Attached is a letter outlining the procedure for P&O, which I received in December last year. They do require the ship to "zero out". A similar procedure was in place for Princess when I did a B2B in 2017.
  12. Also make sure the online cruise sale website is AUD based and not USD.
  13. And even more interesting, I had exactly the opposite experience recently on the Golden Princess from LA to Auckland. The Future Cruise Deposit form was delivered to the cabin. The currency on board was USD. The FCD form had four currencies to check in which you could elect to pay. $100USD, $100AUD, $100NZD or 50UKpounds. I ticked the NZD box and was debited 100NZD from my credit card.
  14. I live in New Zealand. I had excess OBC refunded by cheque, in NZ dollars. This was for a recent Alaska/Pacific crossing cruise on the Golden where the on board currency was USD. Just banked the cheque last week, first cheque I've deposited in my account in over three years. (I haven't written one since 2015 either) The teller told me if the cheque had been in US dollars it would have cost me $25 to deposit it, plus the currency exchange fee.
  15. Not quite, she hasn't left yet. Columbus was the Pacific Pearl.
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