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  1. We were on the Discovery a few weeks ago. Steak was not on the favorites menu but was offered several times on our 15 day cruise. My husband ordered it just once, it was not good. If beef tenderloin is offered, it is much better (it is sliced).
  2. I think mine were "kid sized" but not really as they fit my husband as well. Look for ones that have a sizing guide. I paid about $10 for 4. They work fine, used them on 2 cruises so far.
  3. Was on the Discovery a few weeks ago, no beekman products. I forget the brand name but I think it was the name of the spa on board.
  4. Hi there. We're in a similar room on our next cruise. Regarding outlets, are there just the 2 at the desk. We are trying to figure out where we will plug in my husband's cpap. Thanks, in advance. Enjoying the post.
  5. A 5 day cruise I looked up this morning already went up $50. Guess you have to book quickly if you see something
  6. If you are in shape going into surgery and then do your physical therapy, home exercises and walking routine afterwards, you should be fine, although everyone heals differently. Did you buy insurance just in case? Walking right after surgery is encouraged now. By 11 weeks, my husband was walking 2+ miles daily and would have been fine traveling. Good luck and start your daily walking now, if you currently don't walk regularly.
  7. I believe it's because they push the plus package and many buy it. So to keep profits up while serving so many drinks, quality suffers.
  8. Yes, although I loved our cruise on the Royal, I was looking forward to quiet time in the piazza and there was little of that, except for early mornings. I was surprised they don't have most of the activities in another area. I enjoyed line dancing and zumba but felt we were the entertainment with everyone watching. Surely, there's an unused lounge that could be used for such activities.
  9. I'm not happy with all the princess charges and am certainly not a princess apologist, but, the $60 and $80 per day packages (which I don't buy) are not only drink packages. They also include daily tips and other items.
  10. Princess recently started charging for their sit down pizza restaurant (which also serves a small menu including salad, soup, pasta and dessert), unless you have one of their packages, then it's included once or twice per cruise. They still have included pizza on the lido deck.
  11. I guess I was thinking of the pay per item room service and late night options, although they are bringing back a small buffet for late night. Also, I don't think they offer mdr breakfast and lunch daily, like princess. O know they have lots of food stations/venues besides the buffet.
  12. We were on a short trip on the Royal. Just to see how it worked, I ordered a drink on the lido, pretty close to one of the bars. It never came. I went up to the bar to inquire and they said it goes to room service! An officer overheard and told the bartender to make up my drink. I tried several more times during the cruise, even on port day when few were on the ship. Never did get any of the orders, in fact, most were mysteriously canceled.
  13. That is silly. So, on a positive note, I don't have to be on my phone as much. I'll just talk to my room steward, as usual, for additional needs and I won't have any dishes from room service since I won't be paying them $5 to sit in my room and wait for food that may or may not come. That is, if I sail princess again.
  14. Carnival, Royal and NCL have tons of extra charges and, at least I know for Carnival, less included food options. That's why I liked that princess resisted this trend, until now. I'll be comparing more cruiselines now, for my upcoming trips and not just looking at Princess.
  15. I don't think they care. It's not about getting our $14.99. It's about getting us to buy a package. Many do so, again, they don't care about us standard fare folk.
  16. There were, especially in the first day, at the smaller inside bar areas. We never received any orders on the medallion, by the way. They would either suddenly be canceled or never show up. We started ordering for ourselves at less crowded bars.
  17. Just wait until all the plus/premiere people want to go there to "get their money's worth", like they do for those ice cream desserts (because they're included 😏)
  18. On our Thanksgiving cruise, the sign to the entrance had been removed.
  19. I heard about white and gold night here on the boards. I wasn't going to stress, went to Ross and actually found a nice gold and black top I would wear again and a pair of new with tags lined off white slacks at the thrift store. But, if I hadn't found these quickly, I wasn't going to go from store to store. Fast forward to the cruise.....I saw just a few more people wearing white and gold, it was a full ship with maybe 10 people in those colors. Just wear your purple dress, you won't be out of place.
  20. We were on the Royal for Thanksgiving. Yes, 2 separate lines which also meant you had to wait twice if you wanted coffee and a pastry.
  21. Actually, it was a good reason. After 5+ years, I got "the call" and received a kidney transplant! It will be awhile, but I will be back to cruising, and with a lot less luggage!
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