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  1. Does anyone know the merchant code used on credit cards for on board train purchases (bar and food)? Does it code as a restaurant or travel? TIA.
  2. It may be different at sea, but I've used WhatsApp over WiFI to make calls to a contact that are not WhatsApp users, but not direct dial phone calls
  3. Yes, but then its "not included in the cruise fare" and would be a separate item and some people will still complain
  4. Also, that way the service charges would not be refunded if you have to cancel past final payment.
  5. I bring hook magnets that I attach to the ceiling to run the extension wire for my CPAP. The magnets are also nice to stick on the cabin walls to hang items from.
  6. now I'll have to investigate on my cruise in a few weeks. That is right near some haven cabins so maybe that space is a butler's pantry.
  7. I only have the one Royal cruise to go by, but on Oasis last year-siting at the bar, after the first couple of evenings, yes it seemed easier with the drink package. We were staying put at the bar, refills just took a nod or thumbs up when the bar got busy and they were still able to serve others and card was swiped when the bartenders got around to it
  8. and any additional tax would only be on the additional $ for the upgrade
  9. It's not all inclusive, but the Margaritaville Resort is not a bad option to buy a day pass for (pool and beach)
  10. You will be charged sales tax on drinks while docked in Seattle and until you are out to sea.
  11. Chi bang, et al are used as additional my time dining venues, so those with either early or late "traditional" dining are blocked on the app until a certain time. I believe you could have inquired in person and if a table is available, you would be seated.
  12. I'm booked for next March and have already decided to upgrade the drink package just based on the list of included brands of beers and liquor.
  13. The Joy does not have a "suite" restaurant so, the only perks I believe are priority embarkation/debarkation. We are taking wife's adult nephew and the family suite worked out much better price wise than him getting his own room and paying double. We got 3rd person free and will have separate bedroom and bathroom.
  14. ok, good to know. It hurts to not save the 10% through AARP, but I will no longer take the chance of my entire trip cost not being covered by insurance, if I have to cancel after final paymant.
  15. How would the insurance company know? The one time I had to cancel a few years ago I do not recall being asked how I paid, just had to show the final cost after what I was refunded by the cruise line and proof of the reason (medical condition of a close relative) I was cancelling.
  16. you might have been able to just enter the #'s as well
  17. Were you using a physical gift card (swipe) that didn't work or a e-card where you enter the # and pin?
  18. Yes, that"s one reason I buy a policy for each trip. In addition, at least in my state, the medical coverge on the annual policy is lower.
  19. OP, keep in mind that any remaining balance under $10 will not be refunded and will be donated to St Jude. There are kiosks on board that you can use to add gift cards to your cabin account-if you use those, the entire balance of the card will be applied. For partial, you would need to visit guest services, What I do is apply cards along the way as balance goes up (I get $100s for that).
  20. They do have e-books available for loan (libby app) https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/prima/whats-on-board/activities
  21. The whole policy is absurd-every cruise I've priced, the fare with refundable deposit would make me pay more additional than the amount of the deposit- I'll just take the say 75% chance that I'll have to cancel and lose the deposit ($900) rather than be 100% paying $1100 more (its been a while, I think that's the additional that the RD would have cost)
  22. Yes and Stockperks won't know anything, they just verify your ownership and notify CCL. We will just need to wait and see. If/when I book another CCL cruise the $100 credit won't be the deciding factor.
  23. The problem is that as it stands now, its only for cruises booked by tomorrow.
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