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  1. If it's the 23rd October cruise you are interested in, then my advice is to grab it now as it is a great price. Then you can see for yourself what the Ruby is all about.
  2. Grats are a pain in the bum, but that's the way that they do things over there. So when in Rome ... Nothing will happen if you don't though.
  3. If we generalise, and what are we if not generalisers, Americans tend to be brash and vulgar. While Aussies tend to be vulgar with only a little brash. While Kiwis lean more to the demure. 😎
  4. I was wondering if Canada does the same thing as in the US and require service staff to work for $2/hr plus tips.
  5. Don't tip at all. It is not necessary, it is usually not expected, and where it is expected it is usually undeserved. Just out of curiosity, does Canada follow the same remuneration practices in regards to service staff that the US does?
  6. It's nearly two years out from the cruise so I'm waiting to see if there is any price movement downward before deciding. Besides which I need some more FCDs, which I will be getting in November on Ruby.
  7. Until about the 1850's cricket was more popular spectator sport in the US than baseball, especially in New England. The first international cricket match was in 1844 between the Toronto Cricket Club and the New York St Georges Cricket Club. When baseball regularised it's rules and went professional, a lot of the top American cricket players moved to baseball. During the Civil War cricket basically disappeared and baseball took off.
  8. I've done two cruises on Sea and experienced a propulsion failure which necessitated overnighting in Cairns, a fire in the library due to leaks from heavy rain, and a complete ship wide electrical blackout which delayed departure by 5 or 6 hours. I'm not tempting fate again. I also liked Diamond and her layout. I'm hoping Sapphire is more of the same when she comes out here.
  9. I just looked at the Terms and Conditions of what I think are three of the biggest online TAs, and they all say deposits are non-refundable. I guess I'll just have to look harder or book direct.
  10. I notice our American cousins on CC are complaining about non-refundable deposits. A refundable deposit would seem contradict the purpose of a deposit, but what do I know. Personally I have never seen or booked a cruise here with a refundable deposit. Without going into the gory details of TAs etc, have I been remiss in my internet cruise searches, do they even exist outside of the USA?
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