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  1. P&O used to pop in there now and then on the way to Cairns.
  2. I think for the 22/23 season Princess has about 7 Fiji and 2 PNG cruises lined up.
  3. Assuming that there is an Australian 22/23 cruise season, if PNG, Vanuatu and New Caledonia are off limits, as seems very likely, that will mean the cancellation of quite a few currently scheduled cruises. I wonder what could replace them? I'm not sure there are enough Australian ports to support the ships that would be looking for somewhere to go. It might get very crowded in Cairns. It might also mean some last minute bargains as things get shuffled around.
  4. I'm aware of the connection between the Ruby Princess and the Federal government's incompetence, but you've lost me on the connection to Victoria.
  5. Nobody really knows, but that's the best bet at the moment.
  6. Whatever promises they might be making now, they have their eyes set on the next Federal election. I really don't think they are going to take the risk of reviving memories of their Ruby Princess debacle before then.
  7. I bought some furniture at Costco, and the savings more than made up for the cost of membership. Now I just go now and then to pick up some groceries.
  8. For foursomes who like suites and minisuites, Princess currently have a Suite September sale where the 3rd and 4th guests sail free (plus some OBC).
  9. I just got home from Costco. They have a product called "bath tissue". I'm just not sure how you use it in the bath, since it looks just like toilet paper. 😏
  10. If you are thinking you are correcting Docker123 then you are indeed wrong. As he said, the current delta outbreaks in Australia came from Sydney. Where it was before that doesn't alter that fact.
  11. I should try that on my next speeding ticket. See how far I get. Consequences, schmonsequences.
  12. I don't know how you worked that one out. It was Glad's responsibility to nip the outbreak in the bud and she barely even tried. If she had done, it's quite possible all those people in Melbourne and Sydney wouldn't be breaking any rules because they wouldn't be in lockdown.
  13. Yet it is true that Princess does not universally follow the "US system".
  14. In English every word we have for the toilet is a euphemism, including the word toilet. 😲
  15. I think you are mixing public pools, also known as public baths, with public bathhouses. Public bathhouses were common in Britain in low income urban areas up until the 50s. They were where working class people went to have baths with soap etc because indoor bathrooms and plumbed hot water were pretty much non existent for poorer people.
  16. Also when I was a kid in Sydney. I've never had a problem caused by pools. I do avoid the spas mainly because I dislike sharing them.
  17. More honest would be "service charge". Is it just me, or is it a bit ironic to celebrate Labor Day by offering a discount on gratuities?
  18. All ship pools are chlorinated. Some ships have salt water pools and other ships have fresh water pools. I believe all Princess ships have fresh water pools, so I suppose that must be the case for P&O Oz ships as well.
  19. Don't forget to keep an eye on the cruise up until payments, and if it drops in price to rebook it.
  20. I'm not sure. Did you get $200 OBC or $100 OBC when you booked? As far as I can tell for a suite less than 6 nights it should have originally been $100. The extra OBC offer started 1st Sept. https://www.pocruises.com.au/campaigns/go-for-gold-sale If so, you need to ring them up and they will cancel your original booking and rebook with everything the same. You also lose the original $1. 😪
  21. That's because the pools are on top of the ship and water is very heavy. There are bars at the pool, the drinks come in plastic glasses.
  22. Until 14th Sept, P&O are offering extra OBC to go along with their $1 deposits. 2 – 6 nights, Insides/Windows $100 per room, Balcony Suites $200per room 7 – 11 nights, Inside/Windows $200 per room, Balcony/Suites $400 per room 12+ nights, Inside/Windows $300 per room, Balcony/Suites $600 per room
  23. I'm not, but it's worthwhile being aware of the hierarchy of cruise lines in Australia. At the bottom are the budget lines, Carnival and P&O. I have no problem with P&O, but some do. Next are the premium cruise lines, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Holland, and probably Celebrity (although they seem to be making some efforts to position themselves higher in the food chain). Lastly are the luxury lines, like Seabourn, Azamara, Silversea and Viking. Some people also put Cunard in this group. You'll find unpleasant people on all cruise ships, you just have to learn to avoid them.
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