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  1. Yet it is true that Princess does not universally follow the "US system".
  2. In English every word we have for the toilet is a euphemism, including the word toilet. 😲
  3. I think you are mixing public pools, also known as public baths, with public bathhouses. Public bathhouses were common in Britain in low income urban areas up until the 50s. They were where working class people went to have baths with soap etc because indoor bathrooms and plumbed hot water were pretty much non existent for poorer people.
  4. Also when I was a kid in Sydney. I've never had a problem caused by pools. I do avoid the spas mainly because I dislike sharing them.
  5. More honest would be "service charge". Is it just me, or is it a bit ironic to celebrate Labor Day by offering a discount on gratuities?
  6. All ship pools are chlorinated. Some ships have salt water pools and other ships have fresh water pools. I believe all Princess ships have fresh water pools, so I suppose that must be the case for P&O Oz ships as well.
  7. Don't forget to keep an eye on the cruise up until payments, and if it drops in price to rebook it.
  8. I'm not sure. Did you get $200 OBC or $100 OBC when you booked? As far as I can tell for a suite less than 6 nights it should have originally been $100. The extra OBC offer started 1st Sept. https://www.pocruises.com.au/campaigns/go-for-gold-sale If so, you need to ring them up and they will cancel your original booking and rebook with everything the same. You also lose the original $1. 😪
  9. That's because the pools are on top of the ship and water is very heavy. There are bars at the pool, the drinks come in plastic glasses.
  10. Until 14th Sept, P&O are offering extra OBC to go along with their $1 deposits. 2 – 6 nights, Insides/Windows $100 per room, Balcony Suites $200per room 7 – 11 nights, Inside/Windows $200 per room, Balcony/Suites $400 per room 12+ nights, Inside/Windows $300 per room, Balcony/Suites $600 per room
  11. I'm not, but it's worthwhile being aware of the hierarchy of cruise lines in Australia. At the bottom are the budget lines, Carnival and P&O. I have no problem with P&O, but some do. Next are the premium cruise lines, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Holland, and probably Celebrity (although they seem to be making some efforts to position themselves higher in the food chain). Lastly are the luxury lines, like Seabourn, Azamara, Silversea and Viking. Some people also put Cunard in this group. You'll find unpleasant people on all cruise ships, you just have to learn to avoid them.
  12. The prices out there now are for hypothetical cruises, since nobody knows when cruising will start or what it will look like when it does. 2022 cruises are very problematical, 2023 cruises may run as advertised, but then again may not. There could be lots of rescheduling and cancellations yet to come if only local cruises are permitted. There is a long forgotten thread about El Cheapo cruise bargains here. It gives you an idea of how cruises were being marketed and discounted before covid. That said, I think you are booking too close ahead for the 2022 cruise and too far ahead for the 2023 cruise. Wait a while to see if cruising opens up for 2022 and also wait to see if prices start discounting for 2023. The only reason to book now is if you think your particular cruise is going to sell out. In answer to your question, I don't think prices have doubled or tripled. I do think they are significantly higher, maybe 10%-20%, but as I said that may change when ships actually start sailing. I also think that what you are paying is within the normal price range, but at the top end of it.
  13. It isn't. They probably need 70% of the total, which would be closer to 90% of the eligible. That would have required a vaccine passport, jab or job, and maybe a bit of creative thinking around incentives. That isn't happening, especially not now that the NSW govt has let the virus get on top of them and the only way out for them is to vaccine to an absolute minimum and then declare victory as soon as possible. So it's to be a premature opening, but don't count the sick or dead, and picnics for everybody.
  14. 70% of eligible, which is about 55% of the total. It basically means 70% eligible in Sydney and the other major cities. It doesn't mean 70% in Wilcannia or Cunnamulla. It looks like the bush will be on its own.
  15. Before covid, P&O used to drop in on Norfolk Island now and then. I don't think that many got ashore owing to the seas around there, but I'm pretty sure some did.
  16. I can't see anything to indicate that the government is talking to the cruise lines. As a result I don't think the cruise lines are any better informed than the rest of us. We're guessing, they're guessing. That said, I've been getting more optimistic about P&O starting local cruises next July(ish), and the other cruise lines in October(ish). 😁
  17. I've never understood why there are cruises to nowhere out of Sydney, but not cruises around Lord Howe. They would have to be some the most scenic islands in the South Pacific. Mt Gower drops 875m straight down to the ocean and then you have Balls Pyramid which looks like nothing you would ever expect to see. Although you do have to avoid this.
  18. I've put $1 deposit down on an August cruise in that hope. I don't know why people have a set against P&O. I've tried several cruise lines and the only major fault P&O had compared to the others was the quality of the food in the buffet. Which you can mostly get around by dining in the MDR, Dragon Lady or Angelos. Now that they have the former Star Princess and Golden Princess I reckon they are worth a go.
  19. The only national plan that will matter is one that comes from the Federal government. This CLIA plan is just tossing a ball in the air to see if the Feds will catch it. Qantas is doing the same. I don't think we'll see the Feds willing to play until after the next election. 😕
  20. Trimming at the back is your problem! Here's the perfect hairstyle for you. 😁
  21. The Grand Princess departs Sydney OPT (Circular Quay) for San Francisco via NZ/Tahiti/Hawaii on 31st March 2023. The best way to see Sydney is from the harbour, the best way to see the harbour is by ferry from Circular Quay. So I would suggest that if at all possible get a hotel in walking distance of Circular Quay. As well, Circular Quay has train, bus and tram connections.
  22. It's maybe not worth mentioning the small stuff like $400 million car parks, or amazingly favourable property valuations for LNP mates with airport land, but probably the most blatant example of corruption was Robodebt. This was an attack on the most vulnerable in our society using a flawed and later shown to be fraudulent basis. The corruption is because they knew they were hurting people, they knew the basis for their action was false and they continued doing it even after getting legal advice that it was unlawful. This led to harm for many powerless people which makes the damage of the so-called Pink Batts scandal pale by comparison, but nobody answered for it. Especially not the Minister for Social Services who introduced the scheme in the 2015 budget, one Scott Morrison. As for incompetence, I would have thought the farcical bushfire response, the botched vaccine rollout, and the virtually nonexistent Federal quarantine system were pretty self evident.
  23. I'm not sure we can blame the media for a lack of proper quarantine facilities.
  24. Maybe something, maybe nothing, but we know what level of corruption and incompetence we are getting right now. Why would anybody want to vote for that?
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