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  1. All price drops. Why wouldn't you?
  2. Keep in mind this is across all of Carnival Corp. This includes Carnival, Princess, Cunard, Costa, Aida, Holland America, P&O, and Seabourn. Pure speculation but I would imagine at most 2 Carnival ships retiring but will probably just be one.
  3. To revive this thread.... If I use the 10% off wild card discount can I also use the RCL vouchers to pay my deposit? Also, has anyone used the discount AND redeemed points for OBC?
  4. If that 2nd stimulus comes through I told my wife we are absolutely allocating money for gift cards! 12% off plus my current cashback bonus on my credit card would save us $500+!
  5. IMade - He was our room steward on Magic in December 2017. He was fantastic. Of course he did everything his job required him to do but what got me was he knew our names the first time he saw us. We had FTTF and priority to our stateroom. We were onboard around 11:45am and turned down our hallway and I heard "Hello Derek....Hello Vanessa". We got to talking to him and it was his last week before he went on vacation. We left him a few extra $ every day and on the last day whatever low denomination cash I had I put in an envelope for him. It was only like $35 but I hope it went towards a memorable vacation at home.
  6. Early April 2019 on Valor out of Galveston. 5 day trip to Cozumel and Progreso with my wife and two stepsons (12/8 at the time). We had just went on a week long MSC Seaside cruise in December that was a HUGE letdown. I felt like I needed to make it up to them so I surprised the kids with their first balcony. It was awesome. A trip I'd do 10 out of 10 times given the chance.
  7. May just have to load up. Additional 2% off of what is probably going to be $5k is a free $100!
  8. Besides for potentially increased screening on the front end, I don't see much changing in terms of passenger experience. I don't want to sound obtuse but it all starts with one thing....muster. Getting every passenger on the ship into compact designated spaces to kick the sailing off negates any change they could dream of from that point forward. If that doesn't change, no other chance matters. Once this virus is eradicated or at least under control, I hope that fear subsides and people can use a cruise as it is intended, as a vacation.
  9. Won't use the stimulus to purchase stock but will use it put a deposit on a family cruise for December.
  10. We will 100% most certainly be cruising again as long as it is possible. As long as it remains affordable and the cruise lines continue to offer a product that is pretty close to what we have experienced so far, we will. It's no secret it is my, my wife's, my kids, and my in-laws favorite type of vacation and I'm so glad I was able to introduce it to everyone. Because of that we are trying to get one on the books for December of this year. I think that is extremely realistic but it does depend on how the global pandemic pans out both internally in the US and externally in port countries.
  11. I might just go ahead and try that. I've always wondered why they wouldn't be more open to extending a VIFP offer to a 2nd room, especially in a time like now that they might be struggling to fill staterooms.
  12. I have been thinking about this situation a lot lately. I'm ready to book a cruise, looking at December of this year. We need two identical rooms, both full with 4 people. I have a great rate with OBC, all others have what I would call "normal" rates. I figured that if the cruise lines were struggling as hard as a lot of people think, they might start taking offers to fill the ships. I would have booked in a heartbeat if both rooms could be booked under my VIFP offer. Thought I could call and pitch it to my PVP and see what happens.
  13. March 2014 - Carnival Legend My really good friend and I booked on a semi-whim. This was my first ever cruise while he had been on a Princess cruise about 8 years prior. We were both young, dumb, broke, etc. Booked the first ship I saw that I could fly to for a fair price even though the cost of our room was high in hindsight (highest per person rate I've ever paid!) We were leaving on a Sunday and we were supposed to have a nasty snow storm in the evening of the Saturday. We were flying down to Tampa that Sunday morning but decided it was too big of a risk and flew down the day before. Landed in Tampa and had nowhere to go so I found the cheapest nearby hotel on a discount travel sight. We got to the hotel and went for a walk, ended up walking right into the production area of Cigar City Brewing and nobody even batted an eye. Got a few beers in us and went back to the hotel to crash. Next morning we got up and realized we couldn't even afford breakfast really, so we settled for stale continentals at the hotel. Not knowing any better we headed off to the port at like 8:30am. Needless to say we were waiting for about 3 hours. Got onboard and immediately bought the CHEERS! package, effectively maxing out my credit card. Thankfully my paycheck hit my bank on Monday and I could payoff a chunk of my credit card so gratuities could be paid. We drank our way around the ship that week and had an awesome time. We met some really awesome people none of whom we kept in touch with but that's okay. It leaves a little bit of that nostalgia by never being able to replicate the cruise. Since then I am a bit more financially savvy and have been a good handful of cruises. That 7 days on Legend hooked me though and I will forever love cruising.
  14. I don't think anyone who has supported the cruise industry has any right to oppose a bailout based on your thoughts. If you truly had a problem with the workforce and how they interpret and use tax advantages then you shouldn't be cruising. Everyone should keep in mind that yes, the government asked the industry to shut down and they complied. The cruise lines aren't being crushed financially because of malfeasance or bad business decisions. The pandemic is completely out of their hands.
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