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  1. You will love the L shape. It was our first balcony and it ruined staterooms for us. The balcony was huge compared to all standard balconies. Depending on what stateroom number you are in, we were in 6493, you are a one flight stair climb away from Pig & Anchor, the comedy club, and Red Frog Pub.
  2. The cruise cash is the best idea, in my opinion. I would buy $200 in cruise cash that way I had wiggle room and didn't feel pressured to get the gift cards loaded on the room right away. Then as I passed by guest services and the line was short I would stop in and load them. I've tried the kiosk once but it didn't work and I swore against it. Something about the machine messing up the card and the money being lost scares me.
  3. Has anyone gone in depth enough into the cruise ticket contract to see if there is any legal jargon tying the fine to them?
  4. I got the email last night for my November 2019 cruise. I know for a fact we are not going but just not sure if we are going to reschedule a different sailing or just take the deposit back and move on.
  5. That seems a bit ridiculous to me. You mean because someone paid more for their cabin, they are going to be affected more? This isn't a refund of your fare, this is compensation for a missed port.
  6. Am I interpreting this right? That the following is only for sailings through July 2019?: • Remain on the sailing and receive a US$100.00, per person, onboard credit (no need to call us if you are continuing with your plans to sail with us) • Move to another itinerary and receive a US$50.00, per person, onboard credit• Cancel and receive a full refund I sail in November. I would move to a new itinerary but I certainly don't need any compensation, just my deposit back. I hope that will be available to me.
  7. cmukid87

    child rates

    I am with you. Could not and still can not find a sailing where the children are actually "free". Even on the website used to have a claim without restrictions about sailings in a certain time frame, kids sailing free. When you went to book, there was no rate available for kids to sail free. They have since removed this verbiage and now only show "kids 11 & under sail FREE* on select cruises visiting over 150 destinations worldwide (2 years old & under in the Caribbean)". But even right now, I make a mock booking for a Caribbean sailing with 2 children under 2 and neither of them are free. Just another reason why I will NEVER sail on MSC again. Another misleading marketing tactic and unfulfilled promises. I was fortunate to find a sailing before Seaside was even in service that kids were actually free. Since then, though, no chance.
  8. Unfortunately they have thousands of my dollars to include in that report.
  9. Gangway was just an example. This more happens in common areas of the ship where photographers are in place for a picture and fellow passengers will walk right in front of the photographer.
  10. Although this rarely applies to me, I would like people to stand back and wait the extra 5 seconds while a (ship) photographer is taking a picture in front of a backdrop, on the stairs, on the gangway, etc. I see passengers walk right in front of a photographer while they are taking a picture. Really I see it more often than not.
  11. 1. Waterfall jumping in the Dominican Republic - Hiking through the jungle and experiencing beautiful landscapes. 2. Snorkeling and Stingray City experience in Grand Cayman - Done it multiple times, seems like everyone has done it. I love the encounters with wildlife. 3. Swimming with Manatees in Cozumel - Done it twice. They are such an amazing animal. Huge, gentle, fun. As soon as I can get to Barbados, swimming with Sea Turtles will be clear #1.
  12. I'd have called them already. No harm can be done.
  13. 11 days until Spring Break on Valor. 5 working days left, that's what REALLY matters!
  14. I'm sure if you had a S&S card from an adult NOT In your stateroom, that would be flagged and you would not be allowed to get a drink. If it is your wife (same last name, same stateroom) I don't think a bartender would EVER turn you away.
  15. Hello - Does anyone have a photo or example of the kids menu in the steakhouse
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