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  1. Bingo. There are A LOT of ways to prepare the ship to mitigate the risk. This is a multibillion dollar industry. I'd put my trust in the cruise lines to have done their due diligence to make things work. Our May 3 sailing was a casualty. I knew it would be so I guess not tears shed. We are taking the FCC and OBC and throwing it way down the road for Spring Break 2022. Come join us on Carnival Vista!
  2. Not interest free if you are getting OBC for not cancelling but I get what you are saying.
  3. Got the same. I am 99.9% confident my May 2 sailing is going to be cancelled. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't want to tie up money for final payment when it's just going to get cancelled. I also don't want to bail from the sailing because I want the opportunity to rebook with FCC. What to do!
  4. Texas is pretty strict on the taxation. You'll see a limited amount of bottles at each bar and each will have a sticker on it identifying it for tax on consumption. Once into international waters all of those bottles get put away and the regular bottles come out. Also why your drinks are a bit more expensive before you sail away.
  5. 99.9% positive our cruise is cancelled in May which is completely okay! We are rebooking a longer cruise on a newer and better ship for 2022 for the same cost! AND We have my sister and her family bought in and SUPER excited to go with us on their first cruise. Nobody in her family has been out of the U.S. before and we can't wait to experience it with them. I bet they get addicted to the cruise life just like me and my family did!
  6. It certainly should. Typically the OBC offered when you book is under a certain rate code. That rate code should be able to be applied when you transfer (if the cruise is cancelled). I have the same situation. I have $200 obc for my room and my sailing is May 3, so more than likely to be cancelled if we are being honest. I fully expect that $200 to stay on the booking when I transfer.
  7. Not to headline grab but I am genuinely curious. We have our sailing booked for May 3 (I'm not interested in the "you probably won't be cruising anyways" dialogue). One port of call is Grand Cayman. It's been documented that GC isn't necessarily keen on the idea of allowing cruise passengers back this year. Leads me to question what POC could be substituted. Our other POC is Ocho Rios and we are leaving out of Miami for 5 days. Any thoughts? Is a POC not being open an opportunity to reschedule our sailing?
  8. What has been said so far is true. What I love about the Carnival cards is they cover EVERYTHING. Deposit, fare, taxes, gratuities, on board spending, casino, etc.
  9. Just booked out of Miami in early May. For now I'm only paying the deposit and holding out hope. I don't know the full implications but vaccinations have started here and both my wife and myself have received ours. I guess we wait and see with cancellations. Either way we are prepared to go. Thankfully I am going to be using miles to fly which are fully refundable and we will postpone as many times as necessary. One question, though, have recent cancellations been offered the OBC if rebooking?
  10. Let Carnival know! Email icare@carnival.com and let them know that we all want San Juan to remain part of their embarkation ports. I never got the chance to since our Fascination sailing was cancelled due to the ship being commissioned for hurricane relief but my wife and I still plan on it eventually.
  11. I think my point came off poorly. I wasn't saying "minimum" as in being irresponsible or not planning. My opinion is that cruise lines will meet the minimum CDC guidelines ASAP to be able to get a ship on the water. Internally they may have additional protocols. If lines wait for proof of immunization or antibodies it might be even longer before they can get on the water.
  12. Any beer on a cruise ship is better than a beer at home. I can tell you that much. Curious, though, how you have a can of that at home?
  13. It is going to have to be a mix, I'm afraid. Maybe eventually for those vaccinated but the start of the vaccinations are going to be extremely tough and hard to come by. My wife is leading a taskforce for mobile COVID vaccinations for a major regional healthcare system. Their first shipments of vaccines are in the hundreds. Not thousands or tens of thousands but hundreds. And those few vaccines are reserved for certain people first and general population will be a ways down the road. Cruise lines are going to do the minimum of what is absolutely necessary to start sailing agai
  14. The sailing I have been eyeballing did drop for a room of 2 people. Mock book 4 people and same price. Darn.
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