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  1. Wow! I like the sound of that it even goes to Easter Island wonder if that is a sail by or a a proper stop? The map is way out in a few places EI is far from the s american coast nearer to adamstown /Pitcairn and I dont know of any cruise ships that go ashore there , last time we were there the villagers came on the ship to sell their stuff. They also have Isafjord in N Norway and it is in Iceland?? hope the captain has a better map!
  2. Thanks for the replies, stillseems a n+bit of a gray area I will try and get an answer from Princess and report back. I will suggest to them that this, in their terms and conditions may be misleading "Future Cruise Deposits cannot be added to a booking after the booking has been paid in full and may not be combinable with other promotional offers." as I want to read it that FCDs CAN be added between booking and final payment date 😕
  3. If heat is a problem, May to Sept are the cooler months in Brisbane. It starts to warm up in October.
  4. |Everything is doable if you have enough time and money ideas here https://www.seat61.com/europe-to-australia-without-flying.htm echoes @Harters reply plus other ideas Cunard do a 30-40 day cruise Soton to Perth but maybe not when you want to go. There are cruises from west coast US to oZ so if you can find one at the right time you can get a cunard Soton to NY cross us by train . See if similar to return. Alternate way to West coast US several trans atlantic repositioning to miami or Fort Lauderdale then get a cruise from there through the Panama canal.
  5. And yet another question.... We are booked on a cruise in Sept and used our FCDs for that. Now, we have seen a "cruise" for April 2024 that we would like to do and are thinking we would book now as we think it may be popular. So first part of question is, if we book and pay the deposit now can we buy future cruise deposits in September and still apply them towards the balance for the cruise in April 24 . Second part is, The "cruise" is only shown on Princess as 2 separate cruises that are back to back so we will be asking our agent to book them separately in which case can we buy 4 FCDs (2 each) and apply them separately thus getting OBC on each sector. We felt wronged years ago when we booked a LA to New Zealand and Oz trip and found that on that occasion the cruise was sold as one originally then split LA to NZ and NZ to OZ. and those booking later were able to treat it as 2 and received two lots of OBC and 2 lots of elite perks of cabin bar refill. That may not be the full/correct story it may just be that it was sold differently in the Uk than in the US.
  6. We are booked on the Westerdam 9Dec 23 singapore to HK so interested to hear how things are. We were on Volendam in Nov 22 FFL to Amazon and the seemed to struggle in the dining rooms not enough waiters nor chefs. The staff that were there were still friendly and efficient the problems were out of their control. Last cruise with HAL prior to that was 2016 and overall it was not as good as we had hoped, though still good value for money. We have been on 2 Princess cruises last year and they too had too few staff. Lots of cut backs there as well notable on the elite perks. We are on P&O next week another Carnival group company so will see how they are doing. In the UK I think most of the land side staff are working from home still and enquiries are difficult , phone line is not free to call so expensive if you are on hold for ages and replies to emails can take weeks. Hopefully it will continue to improve.
  7. Hi Its not easy maybe someone who lives in that area may have ideas but to get you started there is this site which will give you an idea and a map that will get you familiar with the area. https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Port-of-Southampton/Highclere-Castle
  8. This might help https://www.tui.co.uk/destinations/info/check-in-and-airport-faqs#:~:text=DAY-BEFORE BAG DROP,by checking in online beforehand.
  9. Thanks -Yes - the link wasnt working last night when I looked.
  10. The notice you have posted is from the 2021 annual meeting? The 2022 annual results are just being announced and may contain the extension or amendment. The current one covers until July 2023 so you can claim now for your cruise in May 23 You will just have to wait until the next one is published for your cruise in March24.
  11. Hi, @Mamamiahwelcome to cruise critic. If you have not found it there is a whole section for first time cruisers. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/58-first-time-cruisers/ Maybe you will find answers or even some new questions there.
  12. I think he is on a MSC cruise?
  13. Maybe check out this https://www.whatsinport.com/Hamburg.htm There is a link on there Poert location on googlemaps which shows a railway station fairly near the dock that goes to the town centre. Perhaps post back how you get on - we are going later this year but not sure where docked yet.
  14. There is also the "Blue Bus" which may work out cheaper for non select We have never used it but have read about it before on CC https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/faq/cruise-ship-terminals/shuttle-bus-barcelona-cruise-terminal.html
  15. Not heard of it personally but there are umpteen reasons they might reject a claim. The policy documents would need to be scrutinised .
  16. Hi , Welcome to cruise critic More info may be required Have you booked a Hotel? if so Where? Heathrow, London, somewhere else? Assume sailing from Southampton? Also an indication of how much luggage you have may be relevant to the replies.
  17. That was not the case for us 🙂 We had already decided this was going to be a cheap cruise , for us. Its a while since we were on P&O so were fitter and the shuttles were of little interest. As we didnt use P&O to book always assumed select would cost lots more so on a lowest grade inside cabin we never bother to look. On this occasion the TA queried why we didnt want select and went on to say that on our cruise the select price extra was less that the amount we would get back in OBC . So it was a no brainer. We will survive whatever cabin we get and will maybe save on a few shuttles and have a few extra drinks .
  18. I agree, and end up telling myself and others our annual policy costs around £1000. So £500 each. We are lucky enough to be able to manage 4 cruises a year so that is £125 each ie almost the cost of 3 days drink package. ( Not that we buy them) People happily spend £40 a day on a drink package but jibe at the insurance that could save thousands of pounds. Having said that , $3000 per person !!!! I wouldnt pay that I would find another ship/line.
  19. Maybe ask Steve Dasseos in this section. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ Maybe there is already a thread to help with your query . Steve is very helpful I have raised a query with him before.
  20. I emailed shareholderbenefits <shareholderbenefits@carnivalukgroup.com> on 22 December and this reply on 23 Dec Thank you for your email. Your shareholder benefit has been applied and a revised booking confirmation that will show the added on board credit has been sent. As you have booked via a travel agent, you will need to refer to them for the revised booking confirmation. Also when posting Cruise Critic you should try and remember to scroll to the top of the page and click on the blue "Follow" Tab and follow the instructions so that you see any replies. If you havent been on CC for some time this is a change from when if you posted you automatically got added and notified ofa reply. I responded to another of your queries and it doesnt look like read the answer?
  21. What seems to be missing here is that you should have specific cruise cover that covers evacuation/ airlift rather than missing a port or catching covid or even having to cancel. This can run to £££££THOUSANDS and P&O say "When travelling with us, your insurance must include medical cover of £2 million minimum and cover for emergency evacuations" Obviously everyone hopes it never happens and the ships will always try and get to a port. I havent seen any statistics on this but I wouldnt like to end up with the bill. Shipboard visits to the docs are expensive enough, you wouldnt need to receive much treatment to pay for a full cover policy.
  22. Hi You can try posting your question in the Roll Call. It doesnt seem very active but maybe someone on board is following it and might get an answer for you. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2796997-j301-grand-world-cruise-january-3rd-2023/page/2/#comment-64461382 Remember to mark that you "Follow" the thread - top right of the page then you will get an advice if someone replies.
  23. Thanks - One of the cut backs? I tried the dummy booking as suggested in a post last September and it no longer seems to work. Thanks it is the Arcadia Norway & Scandinavia 6 June ( Changed from Baltic I think) so none of those ports, nor on our med cruise in March.
  24. Thank you - yes I am sure we did book select , all I am asking, is there any way to see which ports have shuttles that will be included in the select fare without having to do a dummy booking.
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