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  1. Apex and Beyond all separate in those suites so I can’t see Ascent will be any different - I hope not as I travel with my mum!
  2. We were on the previous cruise and it was available every day - I sure hope it isn’t a cut back. Wenndy
  3. Would her having the sofa bed downstairs be a possibility? There’s a Bath/shower downstairs. And what is also a possibility is there lift access to both levels. There’s an outer door upstairs too.
  4. Norris and Carol; thank you so much for this! I always love reading your reports. We are on a Baltics sailing on Apex soon - we were lucky enough to be one of the first to sail on her in July 2021 so very excited to be back unmasked this time! Wendy
  5. Love Aneka Rasa - have gone there a number of times! Enjoy your last few days. Wendy
  6. That is a huge help - thank you! I may choose to spend the credit at the casino instead!!
  7. Thank you for your wonderful review! Did your sister enjoy her 1000 flower treatment? Wendy
  8. Thank you for your amazing review! The market in Helsinki has some amazing snacks - I’m sure a lot are fish based but I remember some cinnamon buns (Korvapuusti) we loved and blueberry pie (Mustikkapiirakka). Oh and salty licorice - salmaiakki. As for mocktails I’d challenge the barmen in Retreat Lounge and Eden to make you something. If the martini bar isn’t busy they could probably do some too. Wendy
  9. I’m wondering if they are mixing it up with an infinite balcony. We love the Magic Carpet suites and I don’t see any difference in balcony experience.
  10. I graduated with a BSc Zoology in 1991 from Aberdeen University! Robert Gordon’s is indeed a University now also. In fact I teach at Robert Gordon’s College - the 3-18 school the University developed from. Our pipe band played for the first major cruise line to dock at our new harbour, Aida, just a few weeks ago. Many of my friends went into the oil industry and safety thankfully is greatly improved. However anytime I hear more than one copter go past I worry.
  11. Happy Birthday Iain! @Redkingwhich course/University were you doing/at? Piper Alpha was the eve of my 19th birthday - I live in Aberdeen and over the helicopter flight path and still remember the sound of the helicopters that night. We lost so many that night and my mum who was in insurance at the time remembers going to hand our cheques. Wendy
  12. @chemmo, one thing I thought about with the Edge Villa is that if we ever won a move up bid, we’d plan our days. At night take the lift to the bedroom floor (full bathroom there!) and during the day the lift to the ground floor - half bath there. Well that’s my plan for my 89 year old mum! so pleased you are planning to cruise again - bittersweet I know but you will enjoy it. Wendy
  13. Oh I am so sorry to hear that but I’m glad she went peacefully. You are in my thoughts. Wendy
  14. This is based on sailings on other cruise lines - Rhodes, docked and a very short walk to the Old Town. Mykonos can be either. Split can be either. Kotor (the most beautiful sail in!) we’ve always tendered but smaller ships can dock. Dubrovnik, docked and Corfu docked.
  15. My DBE showed up today for our August cruise. Interestingly our bonus $100 from DBE is listed separately on the app and on the website. Wendy
  16. It used to be 48 hours cancellation but it could have changed. We got a lovely bottle of Veuve one time which we enjoyed and another we got vodka which we didn’t open and took home! I tend to reserve in advance on the cruise planner and then keep an eye on the price. Wendy
  17. Thank you - different cruise lines do it differently. For example when Celebrity sail round trip Barcelona there is a 20% VAT on all shop purchases the whole cruise - as we always have drinks packages with Celebrity I cannot remember re drinks. Wendy
  18. Thank you for the great review. I thought I recognised your style of writing and then spotted Disboards and knew I’d read your reviews many times. We’ve sailed on both Scarlet and Valiant Lady - loved both our cruises and going on Valiant Lady again in August. I presumed they added VAT to all their drinks when you sailed from Barcelona? Mind you I’ve got $600 of free bar tab so it’s not a problem! Wendy
  19. Abby, have your friend speak to Conner and Connie in the Retreat. Mum and I were on Summit earlier this month and it didn’t work. I didn’t say much but they could see mum wouldn’t manage the stairs and were very apologetic and discussed how she wasn’t getting the full Retreat experience. Wendy
  20. We love Celebrity but this was our first time on Summit. Very different to Virgin but we enjoy both. We were in the Retreat and the service was exceptional from all but the Butler - we ask very little of a butler but we barely saw him. Retreat Lounge nothing like Apex - back on her in July - but the lounge does have some natural light coming in. Retreat sun deck was nice - hot tub but no pool. Unfortunately the lift to access it wasn’t working and my 89 year old mum couldn’t walk up the 16 steep stairs so we didn’t use it much. Luminae service was outstanding. But to be honest throughout the ship service was excellent and the crew so friendly. Anything else you can think of please ask! Wendy
  21. Thank you for your review! We got off the day you embarked - and guess what we walked onto - Celebrity Summit - that’s how close they were. When I told the porter that was where we were heading he walked our luggage over - he got a great tip! Wendy
  22. Oh I’m loving your trip - we arrived back on Summit on Thursday and was so worried for you arriving with the rain. I haven’t got to the last page yet but Elena is a dear - we’ve sailed with her several times when she was an assistant waiter in Luminae and was so delighted at her well deserved promotion. Joanne had been Retreat manager but I think she is now in Guest relations - she’s from Scotland. I did the same tour last Sunday and our docent, Buddy, said the exact same thing! Wendy
  23. They discontinued this a while ago on Celebrity - they too made an error with pricing and didn’t honour it! Wendy
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