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  1. For that difference do the S3! Here is our’s on Apex. We were on Deck 12 hence the spikes of the magic carpet.
  2. Lol, at normal prices we’ll never afford it again but I know we will enjoy it this time! Did 8 nights on Celebrity Apex in a Sky Suite and we loved that too.
  3. Harmony of the Seas - and definitely a great deal!
  4. Thank you everyone for all your great tips. We’re sailing on Harmony on Sunday - 7 nights from Barcelona. Choosing an Oceanview Balcony Guarantee was half the price of choosing your own stateroom so we went with that. About 6 weeks ago we got the Royal Up email - didn’t bid on spacious or ultra spacious balcony but did on Junior Suite, Grand Suite 1 and 2 bedroom and Owners suite. Bid just over weak for Junior Suite but the rest were like £15 over minimum. 10 days ago all but the Owner’s suite showed expired. Last week got the balcony stateroom number and then today an email to say we’d got an Owner’s suite. Minimum bid was £580 each - I bid £595… I priced out Owner’s Suites last night - £12000 - I’ve got this for £2300! Wendy
  5. Apex does have that many choices - we loved our meal there. Wendy
  6. @TYMANand @John&LaLa - thank you so much. I may have won a bid on a Owner’s Suite on Harmony and trying to make my life a little easier travelling with my 87 year young mum - if she can have the cheap wine she likes I can save the Diamond vouchers for the martinis/ dear wine I like!
  7. Can I ask a daft question - can you order in Coastal Kitchen whilst dining and get the wine/beer free or do you have to go to the Suite Lounge and take them back to the table?
  8. PS The vitality cafe is a hidden gem - hoping to be in a room near there and the Park Cafe! And the unlimited dining package is the first thing I rebooked - love the speciality restaurants!
  9. This was instead of the Allure in Florida we had booked. Like you I’m a planner but this last year I’ve learnt to relax a bit. We fly back on the 24th - back to school on the 25th so what’s the bet the change is on the 25th - we missed the 10 days self isolation in the summer by two days - at least we had time to do all the laundry! We too have the refreshment package booked - and as we are Diamond get 4 drinks voucher each too. on the Allure we had a junior suite but at the moment have an Oceanview balcony guarantee - fingers crossed for an assignment soon. Also have several Royal Up bids in too. Wendy
  10. Not sure if you have seen the latest news but the Scottish Government are now following Boris’s decision - I’m holding off booking the day 2 test (on my July cruise I booked that whilst onboard!) till we get the latest news. Wendy
  11. Just looked up both Edge and Apex (this week’s sailings) and they are both very different menus. I love how we can preview other sailings on the app!
  12. We were on Apex in July and the menu is very different from the Edge - we loved both. You don’t have to be on a particular sailing to see menus etc in the app. On the app “get more details on the ships we support” choose Apex and choose the most recent sailing - for example today’s (25th Sept).
  13. We are lucky to have cruised often and I warned her this cruise would be different but we both loved it. The food and service was out of this world. The crew are so friendly and made our cruise so special.
  14. Well my 87 years young mother loved her Staycation in a Rock Star Suite! So much so we’ve booked for a Caribbean cruise in 2023 on Valiant.
  15. They are going to be so spoiled on Apex! We sailed in a Sky Suite in July and oh my goodness they were all amazing. So many lovely little areas to sit in and the Retreat pool area is gorgeous with amazing staff. However the whole ship is amazing and with so few passengers it really feels like a private yacht - I was often the only one in the main pool and was doing lengths! Wendy
  16. Loving seeing your blogs again - thank you! What a lot of families have been doing over here is having birthday candles on a banana or cup cake for children to blow out - so they still get the fun but the main cake is “safe”! Wendy
  17. Looking forward to our cruise on Oct 17th - just a heads up you can have a look at other sailings via the app and that gives you some ideas of shows/dining etc. Wendy
  18. Had dinner on Magic Carpet on Apex in July - they’ve had it most sailings I think so it does seem strange they haven’t had it on Edge. Have a great cruise! Wendy
  19. Have a fabulous cruise - the crew and ship are amazing!
  20. Oh that is so kind of you - thank you! We were charged $130 each for the Magic Carpet Dinner - we had the same menu but other weeks did have a different menu. My mum would probably be one of the “infirm” on tours but I promise I research them so much, make sure we leave the theatre early (if that is where tours meet), leave for any meeting point well before the time and if I can see mum isn’t managing she stays at coffee shop/bar so she doesn’t delay anyone. The shore excursions people are so good at helping with this if people ask. I now know to ask for a seat at the front of the bus to be kept for her. To be honest I’m usually hearing the other group members getting onto me for rushing her! Wendy
  21. We made use of the elevator! The first time we went they saw my mum and pointed out the elevators - they met us down there to take us to our table. Second time, I went to the podium and mum went straight down - I wanted photos of the stair!
  22. @Stu UKhave a fantastic cruise! Tari is a treasure - we knew her from serving us in Constellation- she makes great espresso! - so when she spotted us on Apex she made sure to tell our Retreat Host she was asking for us. One of our highlights was seeing her in person. If you get a chance please tell her Wendy and Doreen are asking for her. Wendy
  23. On ships with The Retreat at least, butlers are now referred to as Retreat Hosts in the Celebrity marketing literature - but everyone on Apex would still go back to saying Butler!
  24. These are butlers yes. I think they are referred to as Retreat Hosts but I would have to check! In the Retreat Lounge there were at least two lovely ladies dealing with everything.
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