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  1. Agreed. Will have to see how much or it might be a year or two for me.
  2. I have said it before and I will say it again, the CDC is vastly overstepping their bounds. These rules show they have no idea how cruising works. Grab and go meals haha.
  3. Well, the sad part is that the airlines often use the CDC guidance to cancel flights to those areas. For example Southwest just discontinued flights to the Bahamas as of yesterday.
  4. I do not believe the CDC is taking a personal position against the cruise industry. I do believe they are overstepping their bounds. I do not believe the CDC should have the power to be judge, jury and executioner in this matter.
  5. Hahaha, this is funny. Every news site and/or government entity has a political bias. EPA yup, military yup. Example, allowing transgender in the military banned under a Republican, granted under a Democrat. There are no pure numbers about this virus out there.
  6. Sorry, the CDC wants you to wear a mask until March 2030.
  7. This is what happens when you give non-elected bureaucrats absolute power. Ridiculous why they cannot start vaccinated cruises. Every other country is doing it.
  8. I cannot believe that some people on this board are actually cruisers. With their attitudes they will not be back to sailing until 2023 or 2024 because it is "to dangerous" to take a cruise when 100% of pax are vaccinated against the evil Covid 19.
  9. My guess is late Spring. I cannot see 4th quarter, just to late.
  10. As far as canceling Thanksgiving goes. Let people make up their own minds as "adults" on whether they want to cancel their family get together. It drives me crazy when some busy body "cancels" Thanksgiving for everyone. The average age of death from this virus is 78 which is about the average lifespan of Americans. My elderly relatives are more than smart enough to make their own decisions on whether they want to come to my house for turkey. If they do not I respect that, but I will still hold Thanksgiving for the rest of the family.
  11. Totally disagree with this statement. Florida has done very well in relation to the rest of the nation. Deaths have remained stable and well below the deaths from weeks earlier. And this is despite cases rising to over 5k daily and the state being wide open.
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