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  1. Explain "If you're posting here..." People who still use Google or FB or sign in when watching YT have to be using it knowing that they're the product. Maybe I ought to go read the fine print here? I don't think that I've provided personal information, but I'll have to double-check.
  2. You're absolutely entitled to it. I disagree, but that's okay. We're free (at this point) to do so. btw, loved your Northern Lights photo. Beautiful!
  3. Ah, thank you. That explains it. The vax is not for the child - it's for the mother. THAT I can understand. A woman putting herself before her child.
  4. It's not about stopping a pregnant woman from getting a vaccine. I just don't understand the mindset of a mother who chooses to take an extra risk to her child when a child between 1-5 has almost zero risk, but when a child under one does not: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/children/symptoms.html Just has me shaking my head. But, then, there are a lot of things that people do that are hard to justify.
  5. I disagree with that premise. The point is that it's no one's business unless they're given permission. It's okay that you don't care. I do. It's prudence, not paranoia. But maybe I have more to lose.
  6. That sounds like so much fun! On our last long drive, we looked up weird places on AtlasObscura.com. A lot of places that we would never have dreamed of.
  7. Wondering why higher crew wages would be in the future. With many places in the world experiencing economic downturns, I would think that wages would fall, not rise. But would be interested to know if I'm missing a piece of the puzzle.
  8. China is a great example of this. Their vaccine passports are tied to their state surveillance (no, not a conspiracy theory. Here's one report quoting the New York Times:) Are you comfortable with the World Health Organization awarding China the bid for vaccine passports? I'm not.
  9. Serious ask here. Why do you think that Florida has such a different culture than, say, New York, Minnesota, California, etc? I took a trip there recently for a few weeks and it was odd. People don't really care about race, economics, politics, and other things that divide (many of) us, or at least they are not nasty about it. Everyone, absolutely everyone, was polite, accommodating, and friendly. Most of my time was in Northern Florida - I'm wondering if the rest is the same. Wondering what makes it different. Texas was similar, although people on different sides of politics
  10. That's what VPNs are for. And prepaid debit cards for ordering online. And throwaway, secure emails for information queries, Alpha Keepers for my credit cards. Yeah, I'm that one who drives with the visor down whenever I'm in a camera-heavy area. Everyone has their own comfort level with the information they (voluntarily or involuntarily) disclose. I respect that some may not care if their whole lives are in the cloud. I'm not one of them. Daniel, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a Faraday pouch!
  11. There's your fallacy. You make an assumption, and paint with a broad brush, people who choose not to take this particular vaccine as irrational. I'm sure there are some in that camp, just as there are some who promote the COVID emergency-use vaccines as always necessary, regardless of a person's own risk. Do your own assessment of your own risk, and take the appropriate action. That's rational. Wondering what sort of doctor you are, assuming you are being factual about that.
  12. Beautiful! Some of you are excellent writers (and hopeless romantics.)
  13. Did you ever think that someone who can't/won't take this particular vax probably washes their hands much more often than most, doesn't touch surfaces with their bare hands when they can avoid it, and keeps their distance from people they don't know? For a doctor, that's a pretty damned ignorant statement.
  14. I've sent my status match to MSC three times now, and it gets kicked back for the most inane reasons -- I think I'll send it in German this time :-). Off-topic: MSC has 50% off for healthcare workers. Doesn't include me, but for the price, it might be worth taking a friend.
  15. The problem we experienced with the midnight buffet was rude passengers. The crew spent a lot of time making it beautiful and a feast for the eyes as well as the palate, and then groups of the uncouth pressed their way to the front and simply loaded their plates as high as possible without taking time to appreciate all that was put into it.
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