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  1. Another thought, there is a possibility to fly from Papeete to Bora Bora (approximately 50 minute flight, lands on motu, with a water taxi to BB— stay all night in an incredible over the water bungalow— fly back to Papeete, rejoining the ship in Moorea. (Easy ferry from PPT to Moorea). Yep, expensive, but I think it could be done. Also, a thought— it appears the Feb 2022 cruise is scheduled to arrive at 2 pm in Bora Bora and depart the next day at 11pm if that schedule I’m looking at is correct(?)— they could anchor outside the lagoon and tender in 1/2 the ship one day, and the others the next. I doesn’t take long to see the island — my first visit , years ago, I rode a bike around the island— one visit I remember the captain jogged around it! I just hope they work something out!
  2. Would have to respectfully disagree. Been to all you mentioned and in my opinion nothing compares to the lagoons around Bora Bora. And, Patrick’s tour always the highlight of FP!
  3. I’m guessing they need to get rid of a surplus of white wine due to the hiatus…. Not sure how they contract, etc., but I know Chardonnay does not get better with age! And, they may be having trouble securing wine (Deakin Chard) from Australia. Whatever it be, I was planning to upgrade, but now a happy camper— just hope it stays this way until February!
  4. Hygge!, I would also agree with your choice—have they done a Grand Australia in the past? Just curious what the route might be…
  5. I have two long cruises coming up in 22 and 23 (So America). I love the lower promenade deck for location and have been in that same area on the Maasdam. Just wondering, it appears 3320 is next to an outdoor access— did you have excessive noise? I’m thinking the traffic is probably light due to being far forward.
  6. So happy to be asked for input as I received the survey today, too. My first cruise booked is late August (Europe) with final payment due August 6th. All I ask is that they make a decision soon.... go or no go!
  7. By far, the best person to have on board when sailing French Polynesia or Hawaii! I’ve enjoyed his lectures on three different cruises, the last was two years ago. He shared with me that he no longer works for HAL, but was hired on as a guest lecturer—expert— on the islands. I’m sure they will keep bringing him on because his stories make the ports come alive!
  8. I just received an email from one of the travel agencies that specializes in World Cruises and Grand Voyages with lead in pricing and amenities saying to call them for additional information.
  9. I was in 302 for two weeks in the Seychelles.... found it very quiet.
  10. I experienced the Esprit in the Seychelles In early 2020, just prior to the Covid lockdown. The Eden Bleu Hotel was the host hotel for Crystal as it’s just a short walk from the hotel to board. Crystal provided a hospitality room and assistance both arriving and departing. I stayed at this hotel prior to the cruise and the night after the cruise and found it enjoyable.
  11. That’s a bit of positive news! Thank you for sharing.
  12. I’m wondering if the name of the Ryndam will be changing to the Rotterdam due to the history in the name? All Europe voyages show Rotterdam (can HALs input be that sloppy?).... don’t know if you can name change a ship... but good idea for hype.
  13. I really enjoyed two weeks on the Esprit earlier this year in the Seychelles! Highlights: excellent food, incredible service, lovely updated cabins! It is small and perhaps a little too small for me as I love open exterior spaces (my only negative).
  14. Wonder why no word on Symphony summer Europe cruises as well? I’m booked (and unfortunately fully paid on August 19th, 46 days) just waiting for the word.....and will stand in queue for the refund.
  15. Does anyone have a current list showing past and future schedules of HAL’s dry docks? I am guessing this year’s plans will be scratched. Thank you for any input.
  16. I miss cruising, too! Unlike you, I am still holding on to my August 19th Symphony booking in hopes of healing miracles! Just can’t quite give it up yet....
  17. Thank you for birthday wishes! Hopefully I will see fellow cc’ers on the October 6th Transatlantic Veendam! Here’s to good health and happiness!
  18. Today, April 6th, I would be enjoying a sea day and my 70th birthday onboard the Koningsdam sailing from Buenos Aires enroute to Punta Arenas....missing that good ole Vitamin Sea so much!
  19. Totally agree as I owned travel agencies for 18 years in my younger years! I will definitely transfer over.
  20. Thank you for your responses. Was hoping to wait until I return from another trip in May before moving the booking.... plus the agencies are swamped now dealing with Coronavirus issues.
  21. I booked while onboard a future cruise for 2022. The booking is held by Crystal. Is there a time frame involved when transferring The booking to a travel agent? I would prefer to wait as long as possible. Thank you for your guidance.
  22. Greetings from the SEA-Chelles, Victoria! Qatar and Eden Blue Hotel— great choices as I did both. I think you’ll be so happy that you have extended your stay. I’m loving my second week on the Esprit—the food is incredible and the wine free flowing... trying to cut back on both this week. I’d be happy to talk or e-mail when I return to Arizona and share my experience in greater detail. If you are a sun/water person (not to mention the giant tortoises and the Coco de Mer Palms highlights!) you will thoroughly enjoy your time in the Seychelles.... It was so nice to meet fellow cc’er, Anne. I’m sure you’ll hear lots more from her, too. Oops, must go now. Captain Kris just informed us that anchor has been dropped and our zodiacs are ready to whisk us to shore for beach time .... maybe I’ll be brave enough to try stand up paddle boarding today!
  23. It’s beautiful in the Seychelles! On board now— they do allow dining outside utilizing the main dinner menu (deck 4). You can also dine at the Grill on deck five outside up until 8 pm. The food is excellent!
  24. Greetings from Sunny Arizona, BKMat! I had the opportunity to do this HAL tour (transfer) a few years back. It worked out great. If I recall we had plenty of time to walk through the very scenic shops before the bus went to Fira. There was a guide on the bus that gave a nice overview of Santorini. I had plenty of time for lunch and a walk through the town before heading back to the ship. The line was long for the cable car but seemed to move along. I have to say, if your knees or okay, the walk down was a great experience and I will do it again when I return this next Fall. Also, I have to add— the coastal hike between the two towns looks fantastic and I would love to do it if I can find some fellow cruisers to opt in! Happy Cruising! Karen
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