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  1. Still waiting for my TA sailing cabin assignment but I do have to agree that I am thrilled to be transferred from the Allure to the Wonder for the same price! I'm sure they will get it all worked out by November which is still 5-6 months before the April TA. Beth
  2. I just did! I'm sailing solo on the Navigator Dec 3rd. Just had to pay $50 for an upgrade to a balcony.
  3. Fingers Crossed - that sounds like a logical thing to do! It is sooooo long from D+ to Pinnacle unless you are able to move to Florida then it's possible. Beth
  4. Just bought it at $62 for a 3 night Navigator in January. I’m happy with that. It’s down from yesterday’s $71. The prices seem to be a bit higher for the weekend cruises Beth
  5. Mine Ocean View Balcony is just showing as QTY. I'm sure it will all be figured out by the 13th. Beth
  6. I also chose a balcony cabin on deck 8 - Love being able to pop in to the Park Cafe! On the Royal website my sailing has changed to the Wonder but the cabin just says GTY. Hoping it's still on deck 8 Beth
  7. Hi, In addition to the windjammer , Park Cafe, El Loco Fresh and the Dog House are open as free venues. I have linked to the day 1 Oasis cruise compass from the August Test cruise. , Day 1 Oasis Cruise Compass Beth
  8. I also have a 4D . No update on the Royal website. Still just showing Allure cancelled. Beth
  9. I'd give them at least $100! I tip at least $40 for the regular cabanas
  10. Well I'm very excited about this news. I am booked on the TA April 2022 and I'd much rather be on the Wonder than the older Allure! The Allure was a L&S from the Harmony. Will need to rebook airfare as the Wonder leaves 4 days earlier but that's worth it!! Beth
  11. LOL! Yes that was a great place for the Diamond lounge. We hung out there a lot on the Allure. I still think the best diamond lounges are in the back part of the Viking Crown Lounge ( the old 19th hole bar). I was really impressed with the Suite Lounge on the Oasis.also.
  12. I recently sailed out of Seattle (Ovation) and Bayonne (Oasis Test Cruise).Both of my experiences were great because of the reduced guest capacity. I arrived both times half an hour earlier than my appointment and did not encounter any lines or waiting. Beth
  13. You should call Royal Caribbean. They will give you the rate difference in on board credit. I received $955 in onboard credit for my August Ovation cruise.
  14. Have fun on the Oasis and Symphony! Beth
  15. I didn't see anybody who stood out as the CDC.
  16. I've been on the Ovation and Oasis class before. I think that Ovation is perfect for Alaska but I Always prefer Oasis class. So many things to do onboard.. Flying was great. We actually had to change our flight back to Seattle because of the late departure but this gave us the chance to fly in the Delta One cabin which is a first class cabin with beds. (comparable to international business class instead of just a bigger seat on domestic flights). I felt safe with everyone having to wear a mask unless eating/drinking. My daughter has come down with Covid from either the cruise, lounge or flight. She's vaccinated so hoping the symptoms stay mild. So you never know! You'll have a great cruises on both ships though!. Beth
  17. Departure timing for tomorrow. The first slot is at 8:45. That’s really late in my experience. Oasis Test Cruise Departure tine Aug 28, 2021.pdf
  18. They had all of the barstools blocked at playmakers. I don’t think I have see any bars with seats available. Beth
  19. Definitely not an issue but you will have plenty of time to reserve dining on the app
  20. It seems like everyone got a balcony cabin.
  21. We saw the new Aqua80 show tonight. There were a few glitches but overall WOW!! Really great show. There was a great energy between the audience and performers. Beth IMG_4812.mov
  22. It was so nice to meet you. We were impressed with the view and service from the staff was amazing!! Hope we get to see you again soon on another cruise Beth
  23. We’ve been in there multiple times and it is open. The coffee machine and cold water was set out. Sometimes there was an attendant handing out the water and coffee. The Diamond lounge concierge was there also.
  24. We got an invite to simulate the Suite Lounge experience Oasis Suite Lounge Simulation Invite.pdf
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