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  1. It was part of the FALL40 sale they had last week. Coming down for long Halloween weekend.
  2. Sorry for your experience. I canceled a refundable cruise Saturday and it only took 3 minutes. (My sister was able to get a $125 RT Southwest ticket from Boston and time off to come visit during the same time interval!) 🙂
  3. My cruise in May I masked outside my cabin. Brought food from Windjammer back to cabin to eat. Enjoyed my cruise.
  4. I had 2 robes in the closet last time for my solo cruise. I hung the one I'd been using on a hook and a new one appeared in the closet that was short sleeved! I didn't know they had both long and short sleeved options.
  5. Sorry for the injury but glad you received good care. I burnt myself the last morning one cruise trying to get hot water at the buffet into a shallow plastic container to soak an eye mask. Ended up going down to medical and they also cared for me no charge. Now I order hot water in a carafe to my room... and save a carafe to have filled at the buffet the last morning.
  6. And today the two sailings I'm booked on are allowing solos to see the interior and OV cabins again... still tons of regular non-guarantee inventory.
  7. I'm a solo cruiser and I also noticed this morning that two Caribbean cruises (from MIA and FLL) I'm booked on and was price checking also had no availability "SOLD OUT" for interior or OV cabins just since yesterday. There are tons of cabins... not guarantee... but you have to specify at least 2 people now online to see them. This appears to be a new change as of June 1.
  8. I got another $9 off the Dec cruise I've been repricing down all week. 5th drop since I booked 5/17.
  9. For my Freedom May 6 cruise WJ last day scheduled 6 am. They opened 6:03.
  10. Still WOW sale... another day another $18 drop retaining the $75 OBC. Repriced took 3 minutes today. I just didn't expect the price to keep dropping during the same sale.
  11. I can't answer for Anthem but on Freedom May 6 I had The Key and JS. Both boarded at 11:30, suites aft and The Key forward. I was originally in The Key line but at last minute mentioned I had JS and they said Suite Lounge would be better.
  12. Down another $37 just now... only 2 minutes on the phone to reprice! Kept the $75 OBC. This is just the 2 night Freedom in December... refundable as I'm not sure I'll be able to get away.
  13. I booked a cruise May 17. This morning with the new "sale" I looked and cheaper by $27 and added $75 OBC so called and repriced. Then 20 minutes ago I happened to be looking and it had dropped another $94 still keeping the $75 OBC. Another quick call to reprice again. 🙂
  14. Just curious if there are trays in the Freedom Windjammer Cafe to help carry stuff back to my cabin. I didn't see any trays on a Celebrity ship in Nov.
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