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  1. I'm not B2Bing but I'll get on the 26th. Excited for my first time on Reflection.
  2. Don't go by the % off. The BASE price that they quote changes constantly. So 10% off one day could be cheaper than 15% off a different day. Go by the final price.
  3. Agree Is it Worth It? very subjective. I paid $89 May 2022. I enjoyed it (except for the smoker lounging upwind for whom I got some help to desist) and the lunch for that price. I would go back for under $100. I haven't seen it that cheap since and I've been back and chosen not to buy. Just checked and today they want $189 for my Nov cruise.
  4. Like everything, price varies. Currently $31/per person/per day for my April cruise. Currently undiscounted Premium WiFi is $24/per day and Premium WiFi 2 devices is $43/per day. For SHORT (3 nights max) cruises solo it was worth it for me at times when the price dropped for the similar Royal Caribbean offering as I was going to purchase WiFi anyway and I enjoyed the welcome lunch (which I'd take out and eat up at Johnny Rocket's outside tables). Royal Caribbean delivered your carryons during the lunch to your stateroom (they didn't let you drop off early before staterooms cleared as Celebrity does). It's a daily price for the length of the cruise and everyone over age 6 listed in the room has to purchase. What's Included Premium Wi-Fi for two devices. Complimentary room service, unlimited (waived delivery fee & gratuities) Early access at the terminal. (See FAQs for more information) Priority luggage delivery to staterooms. Welcome lunch in the main dining room served from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm; be sure to select an early boarding time. Priority departure from ship to shore in ports that require tender service. Reserved seating at shows in The Theatre. Express luggage service in the terminal when debarking. Important details and advisements When you receive your SeaPass card, it will have an icon confirming your purchase of Premium Access. Premium Access must be purchased prior to sailing by each guest age 6 or older assigned to the same stateroom. *YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO THESE BENEFITS: Before purchase, refer to your stateroom category amenities and your loyalty status to confirm.
  5. Well, in all fairness to the OP both @keesar and @Arizona Wildcat gave them the incorrect answer for their standard stateroom. So I guess just testing the waters again to see what the variable answers would be. Or just forgetful... that happens to some of us as we get older.
  6. Really? I didn't think they had Bigelow in standard staterooms, just Concierge and above.
  7. I don't think you can watch the muster on the web. app or stateroom TV.
  8. @Georgia_Peaches If your phone is too old to get the newer IOS versions it's missing out on security updates/protection for known vulnerabilities.
  9. oh, no! that's a real bummer. @Georgia_Peaches I have an iPhone SE and it still has the home button... but maybe too small for you. I prefer the small size.
  10. If a password change had been needed it would have been bad... but in this case there was no reason for the system to be asking you to change your password... they don't know why it was asking for that for some accounts but not others. So it was basically just signing in again and confirming the password. I don't use my celebrity password on my other accounts 🙂
  11. I called and was transferred to a department (not reservations) that said it was a system upgrade and there were issues with it and their computer folk were still looking into it but that there definitely was NOT a security breach. One of the accounts I control never had issues with logging in and didn't require a password reset/change.
  12. I was able to use the same password I already had when I 'changed' it.
  13. I 'changed passwords' but was able to use the one I already had so it was basically just a reset. Then everything worked fine for the website and the app.
  14. Thanks so much for your review, all your photos, and the dailies! Hope you all are feeling much better very soon.
  15. I had trouble for 2 days. Called and they said they were having difficulties. I reset my password last night (to the same one it had been) and then I was able to get back into the app and website. Still have access this morning.
  16. You can do two if you book directly with Neal Watson's - the Reef Shark Safari + Sapona Wreck Adventure for $99 each. They also have Stingray Safari + Honeymoon Harbour Adventure for the same price.
  17. My twin and I got a chocolate cake in Luminae and singing for our 50th birthday which was the day we embarked and part of the reason we chose that cruise... a whole week just the two of us together.... and Alaska... and my twin's home city. We hadn't realized our TA had noted it. They said they could deliver the rest of the cake to our stateroom but we asked for 2 pieces for breakfast the next morning and to disperse the rest. The slices were waiting for us... great way to start the day.
  18. I think they meant they'd be reluctant to book the Classic beverage package. I'll just throw in I don't drink much alcoholic (and no coffee or tea and don't need bottled water) so I just buy as I go for the few drinks I purchase including virgin frozen daiquiris.
  19. Let us know if you were able to switch! Hope so.
  20. Just want to say I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope you have a wonderful cruise with your friends.
  21. I don't dress up but enjoy seeing how fancy all those who do look. Go for it!
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