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  1. I called and was transferred to a department (not reservations) that said it was a system upgrade and there were issues with it and their computer folk were still looking into it but that there definitely was NOT a security breach. One of the accounts I control never had issues with logging in and didn't require a password reset/change.
  2. I was able to use the same password I already had when I 'changed' it.
  3. I 'changed passwords' but was able to use the one I already had so it was basically just a reset. Then everything worked fine for the website and the app.
  4. Thanks so much for your review, all your photos, and the dailies! Hope you all are feeling much better very soon.
  5. I had trouble for 2 days. Called and they said they were having difficulties. I reset my password last night (to the same one it had been) and then I was able to get back into the app and website. Still have access this morning.
  6. You can do two if you book directly with Neal Watson's - the Reef Shark Safari + Sapona Wreck Adventure for $99 each. They also have Stingray Safari + Honeymoon Harbour Adventure for the same price.
  7. My twin and I got a chocolate cake in Luminae and singing for our 50th birthday which was the day we embarked and part of the reason we chose that cruise... a whole week just the two of us together.... and Alaska... and my twin's home city. We hadn't realized our TA had noted it. They said they could deliver the rest of the cake to our stateroom but we asked for 2 pieces for breakfast the next morning and to disperse the rest. The slices were waiting for us... great way to start the day.
  8. I think they meant they'd be reluctant to book the Classic beverage package. I'll just throw in I don't drink much alcoholic (and no coffee or tea and don't need bottled water) so I just buy as I go for the few drinks I purchase including virgin frozen daiquiris.
  9. Let us know if you were able to switch! Hope so.
  10. Just want to say I'm sorry this happened to you and I hope you have a wonderful cruise with your friends.
  11. I don't dress up but enjoy seeing how fancy all those who do look. Go for it!
  12. All cabin levels have room service. 🙂
  13. I had a lot of OBC non-refundable last cruise so I did a massage and it was lovely... but never would have paid the price they were charging otherwise.
  14. I thought I read person doing live from Reflection in Aqua or Concierge did not have the footstools this week.
  15. but removing the second person will get it repriced... not sure how you have been able to NOT get it repriced by removing the second person?
  16. Wouldn't that be lovely. I don't know of any way of doing on the website. I price online and put a hold on the cabin I'm interested in (if far enough out) and then call and get agent to switch cabin.
  17. The menu shown with the short ribs is the same showing for the current Reflection sailing in the app. Select Dining/Loyalty & Suites/Event: Concierge Class Exclusive Lunch/Day 1/Menu.
  18. Not sure why you're only interested in the Martini bar... but looking at the current Reflection menu it has Ritual Margarita $8 and Zero Gimlet $8 non-alcoholic drinks listed. The Mast bar lists zero proof Heineken 0.0 $9, Cranberry Mule $6, Peach Sangria $6, Sparkling Mint Lemonade $6, Raspberry Fizz $6, and Watermelon Tropic $6. I like the non-alcoholic frozen daiquiris. Any bar should be able to whip something non-alcoholic up for you. I'm not sure you'll find any non-alcoholic wine.
  19. My condolences for losing your friend. I'll be following along. Board Reflection for first time in April.
  20. I also have concierge on my next two cruises... on the hump... and was looking forward to a foot stool on the large balcony... the lower deck 6-8 non-concierge cabins were actually more expensive.
  21. I sent an email off to the executive office. Heard back from Geidy Xenes Executive Representative Celebrity Cruises Tel: 305-614-1343 She basically could only say she was sorry but that they wanted folk to let them know if they were unhappy with this change so they could track responses. So let her know!
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