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  1. The Eden Cafe outdoor space was empty this afternoon as the Cafe wasn't open. Ate a tartlet here.
  2. Wow! Ascent is lovely. I arrived at 11:15 and was onboard at 11:30. S1 10123 is a fantastic location right behind the forward elevators right up to the retreat decks. Met my retreat host Ivan and the head butler Miljan. Asked to make sure I was signed up for Go Green ( which I did pre cruise online). I need those points to get to Elite after this trip. I'm not actually having my cabin serviced although Miljan said Ivan could wear a mask and come do it if I wanted. I got a short sleeve light hot weather robe and a kettle to heat up the water for my eye mask in the morning. Luminae is putting my meals with covers to go and I'm bringing up to the retreat deck bar area on my tray. Had to eat in the more covered part tonight after the rain went through this afternoon and wet down all the uncovered chairs at the tables. I had the halibut with potatoes for lunch (didn't like the veggie sides) and the poached lobster and red snapper for dinner. Then went back down and brought up dessert. The chocolate palet was so good! And I'm chocolated out as Cafe al Bacio had my favorite chocolate tartlets today and I ate three... and have 2 in the fridge for later as they might not show up again this cruise. Laura in the Retreat Lounge kindly rustled up a bottle of late harvest wine for me from Luminae to keep in the lounge. $19 a glass so only $2 extra pay for me. Says there's a Canadian ice wine shot size for $48 which I plan to try tomorrow. Will get that in Luminae. I visited Blu about 4:30 and was told no issues eating there during the cruise. I stopped there first just past 5:30 and they put me in the far back corner. I tried the appetizer macadamia nut-crusted sea scallop (which was better on paper) and the creamy crab bisque, taking a few bites and putting my mask back on while I ate. No one was near me at that early time. Yes, I like seafood! I wandered the whole ship several times. The rooftop garden area is pretty. I was unimpressed with the horribly uncomfortable chairs along the back of Eden and the hanging swinging chairs with the backs right against the walls so you can't actually swing. Thought The Cosmopolitan was the prettiest of the 4 main dining rooms. The shower combo unit in the suite bathtub is wonderful. I made the water super hot. Can have come from the big overhead shower or out the two horitzontal jets or out the shower wand or out the spout into the tub.
  3. Happily early arrival of my flight into FLL this afternoon. And no rain. I would have moved quickly to that special lunch.
  4. Joining late. Happy Belated Anniversary! Enjoyed catching up with all the comments and pictures. I need to start packing soon as I'm flying down tomorrow to join you on Sunday in an S1 forward deck 10. Leaving behind my husband who doesn't cruise with my 6 month old rescue kitten Clancy. This will be my first Edge class. Decided against snorkeling in Nassau this time as I just dove the Disney Epcot tank twice last week and want to just explore and enjoy the ship. You can recognize me as one of the few folk wearing a mask. I pack a tray to bring food back to my cabin which has worked well... might pop upstairs from Luminae to the outside deck instead.
  5. Blu open. No room service breakfast. Don't believe Spa Cafe open.
  6. I was told if didn't show up before cruise in Nov that I could ask to have GoGreen first day on board.
  7. I'm not much of a drinker but on one cruise with suite and very friendly bartenders in the suite lounge I asked each day for a 'new to me' cocktail. I told them what limited I'd liked in the past and they chose a cocktail for me to try that evening.
  8. Sorry it happened to you. I was also bumped off a cruise that became a full charter a few years ago.
  9. I enjoyed it. I thought they did a good job of addressing lots of the concerns raised on this forum. I'm not too worried about the lack of butler service in November in my sky suite as haven't used them much before and I am happy they've added Coco Cay. I tried once with Celebrity years ago and the wind didn't work out. I have been on 2 Royal Caribbean cruises just to get to Coco Cay. But team dog, shouldn't have answered that way!
  10. I've never seen any category guarantees available for a single. I cruise solo most of the time.
  11. Not a ship excursion but I've used cozumelcruiseexcurions.net twice, the last time in April and was very happy with them both times for snorkeling. Believe there are other reviews in the Bahamas forum. First time we went south and second time the winds were bad south so did closer to the cruise ships but even better snorkel spots. Had less than 10 people both times - small boat.They're going to get you back on time.
  12. I've been in CS on S class and sky suites on M class. Enjoyed the space and Luminae. But the M class sky suite balconies aren't great, especially with the new furniture... have twice had what used to be called a corner Family Veranda on M class all to myself... hard to beat for balcony intensive cruise. Only M Class Retreat Sundeck and it was too hot/unshaded to want to spend time there. I wouldn't miss the butler as have only used to bring hot water in morning for my eye mask... room service does that as easily. I don't drink coffee and less than 1 alcoholic beverage a day and don't care for the afternoon snacks so didn't need butler for that. Room attendant got me nicer pillows for the Family Veranda. I'm looking forward to trying my first E class sky suite on Ascent in November. I found the number of sky suites mind boggling but I guess they've been built to handle the crowd on the Sundeck and in Luminae.
  13. So if you have booked a dinner for the night that becomes the Magic Carpet dinner night they ask which you want to cancel?
  14. The OC is open 24 hours? I've had to wait in the morning for it to open at 6 am and looking at the current Beyond sailing it opens at 6 am after closing at 1 am.
  15. So they don't usually set the date until the ship sails? Mine is currently saying 10 am embarkation day for the Edge dinner.
  16. My most recent I happily gave up $200 OBC for $120 price decrease.
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