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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the Black Friday sales this year aren't nearly as good as last year... but I'll be checking anyway.
  2. I don't remember, sorry. I was off the ship very soon after they allowed us on shore (not in first rush as I went to wrong deck initially and then got confused where the plank was.. so there were folk ahead of me) and then walked straight there.
  3. Be aware that the base price can change so should consider the actual price. 15% off could be a cheaper actual price than 30% off depending on the current base price.
  4. Prices fluctuate continuously. As other folk have noted cruise prices can also change multiple times in a single day during the same 'sale'. I've had a cruise drop twice in one day myself.
  5. Dropping off my carry on luggage (didn't have any checked) to be delivered to my cabin was one of my favorite benefits. Luggage was there when the cabin was ready.
  6. Mine is still on '30% off sale' but the base price went back up so again at $24.99. Glad I grabbed it for $16.99 when it was down.
  7. By taken down I just meant caught. But one example, healthy young active person who tested positive last Sunday thinking they'll just work from home for the week and a week later lying in bed, not having been able to work or enjoy any of the luckily work paid for sick time, hoping the congestion, cough, fever, sore throat, and aches have subsided enough that they can finally sleep for a few hours at a time. I'm sure folk are grateful their friends and loved ones had an easier time of it.
  8. I'm very sure I've never had it. Always KN95 mask outside home and always tested for a while after any concern like travel or indoor gathering. And yes, on my last cruise in May I masked for travel to/from and on the ship and brought food back to my cabin and ate there... and had a great time. That said I know the current variant is taking down folk who have been super careful.
  9. I know a lot of folk will jump on here and say it's not worth it... certainly is for a solo 2 nighter. Wasn't trying to rehash that constant debate. I really enjoyed the embarkation Chops food and having them take my 2 bags and hand deliver to my room. Just wanted to remind folk to check sales. It wasn't on sale yesterday when the Labor Day sales started. Prices change continuously. I check a few time a day.
  10. The cheapest The Key had been was $24.99 for my early Dec 2 night solo sailing but this morning it went down to $16.99. I bought it. Voom Surf was $15.99 and Surf/Stream $19.99.
  11. I sleep on down pillows at home. Whatever was in my Freedom JS in May was just as comfortable.
  12. My insurance paid for my Walgreens one a few weeks ago.
  13. My last trip in May solo I bought a little tray from Amazon and brought food from WJ to my balcony. I'd think you could order dinner in MDR and ask for everything to arrive same time and then pile onto tray and take away. I had the Key and for the welcome lunch they kindly covered the plates for me to take up to Johnny Rocket's table to eat outside.
  14. It's been $160 for months for my Dec cruise. I got for $89 last year during Black Friday sale but I have a feeling won't be as cheap during that sale this year. The cruises are fully booked and folk are spending money after the pandemic pause.
  15. Just because there were no Jr Suites available when you booked hopefully you know there's a good chance you'll still end up in one of those and that that would be ok for you. But hope you get better!
  16. They list vaccinations and testing instruments as prevention and mitigating tools. I for one hope they continue with both.
  17. I had both May in Miami... I started with The Key but at last spot they rerouted me to the Suite lounge as said would be faster to get onboard.
  18. I had for $16.99/day in May but figured afterwards I just broke even so would have to be cheaper for me to get again. I drink a lot of tap water and thought the free lemonade tasty.
  19. Example at Breezy Bay. The second row of beds is offset from the first so beds are not directly behind the bed in front of it.
  20. Oasis this week Windjammer 6:30-11:00, 11:30-3:00, and 5:30-9:00.
  21. @CruiserLucas curious, did you hear the Oasis Lagoon music at Breezy Bay?
  22. The free room service was an older perk that is no longer included. I was grandfathered in for that on my cruise in May based on when I had purchased the Key (in 2021) when the perk was included. I was in a suite, no tendering, and walked off unassisted so Key didn't help with that. I really enjoyed dropping off my carry ons and having them delivered to my room and the Chops lunch. As a solo I was going to get the internet anyway and the Key only cost me $17.99/day. I didn't use the limited activity times or go to any shows. A bowl of fruit (way too much for one person) was delivered to my room but could have gotten the same from the buffet (maybe not the strawberries and grapes?)
  23. I haven't seen any in the currently listed cruises and I've looked. A year or two ago they did have itineraries that had two days there.
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