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  1. I had a lot of OBC non-refundable last cruise so I did a massage and it was lovely... but never would have paid the price they were charging otherwise.
  2. I thought I read person doing live from Reflection in Aqua or Concierge did not have the footstools this week.
  3. but removing the second person will get it repriced... not sure how you have been able to NOT get it repriced by removing the second person?
  4. Wouldn't that be lovely. I don't know of any way of doing on the website. I price online and put a hold on the cabin I'm interested in (if far enough out) and then call and get agent to switch cabin.
  5. The menu shown with the short ribs is the same showing for the current Reflection sailing in the app. Select Dining/Loyalty & Suites/Event: Concierge Class Exclusive Lunch/Day 1/Menu.
  6. Not sure why you're only interested in the Martini bar... but looking at the current Reflection menu it has Ritual Margarita $8 and Zero Gimlet $8 non-alcoholic drinks listed. The Mast bar lists zero proof Heineken 0.0 $9, Cranberry Mule $6, Peach Sangria $6, Sparkling Mint Lemonade $6, Raspberry Fizz $6, and Watermelon Tropic $6. I like the non-alcoholic frozen daiquiris. Any bar should be able to whip something non-alcoholic up for you. I'm not sure you'll find any non-alcoholic wine.
  7. My condolences for losing your friend. I'll be following along. Board Reflection for first time in April.
  8. I also have concierge on my next two cruises... on the hump... and was looking forward to a foot stool on the large balcony... the lower deck 6-8 non-concierge cabins were actually more expensive.
  9. I sent an email off to the executive office. Heard back from Geidy Xenes Executive Representative Celebrity Cruises Tel: 305-614-1343 She basically could only say she was sorry but that they wanted folk to let them know if they were unhappy with this change so they could track responses. So let her know!
  10. Your look so pretty in your outfits! I pack the bare essentials and just use dinner-time-only black pants with changing top but fun to see folk dress up. Looking forward to hearing about more mocktails. I'm on 9296 first aft cabin off the hump starboard in Apr. You got a great room!
  11. Sorry the animal care plans fell through and you're on your own but hoping you have a wonderful cruise and I'm following along. I'll be on Reflection first time April and interested to see how it compares to Solstice and Equniox... looks like the deck layout especially for the Oceanview aft outside seating with Sunset Bar on deck above is a great improvement.
  12. GoGreen doesn't mean just once a day. From their website: + Current Housekeeping service consists of twice full daily cleaning and sanitization services; morning and evening. o The Go Green program provides a full daily cleaning and sanitation service. The night touch service will provide a turndown of down of the bed, adjustment to room ambience, removal of garbage, and organization of guest items --making the stateroom and the bathroom neat with a personalized touch. I check with my stateroom attendant when I meet them to verify they're got me on the GoGreen list. I just made elite after my last cruise and GoGreen points helped.
  13. When is/was your final payment due? You use 'paying early'. If it's after final payment then you can't get the reduced price. If it's before you should be able to get a refund of the difference. After final payment they start dropping the prices to fill the cabins. For a Dec 2022 cruise I paid $692 for a cabin. After final payment the one next to me opened up (same category) and I got it for my sister for only $588. A short 2 nighter.
  14. Thank you, @MisterOJ2
  15. Read the tram doesn't stop at Kayak Beach/Fisherman Village/Golf Carts before heading to Resort World now and only stops on the way back? is that right?
  16. From their literature: Most of the experiences at Perfect Day at CocoCay are complimentary. Some of these include Oasis Lagoon, the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean, the shipwrecked Captain Jill’s Galleon loaded with slides and water cannons, our biggest ever Splashaway Bay aqua park yet. Plus powdery sand beaches like Chill Island and South Beach, offering plenty of free beach chairs with umbrellas and beachside activities. And in between adventures, you can fuel up at five complimentary dining venues located throughout the island.
  17. When the chocolate tarts first show up at Cafe Al Bacio I usually get a bag full and store in the room cooler 'fridge' and eat as the cruise progresses. I've been disappointed before hoping they'd come back later in the cruise.
  18. OBC can definitely be used for excursions.. you didn't happen to reprice your cruise to one that didn't have the OBC? If so they usually then send email so you can pay for your excursions instead of losing them but there's a limited time to pay.
  19. I think the free desserts at Cafe al Bacio are the best.... the ones in the Oceanview look good but don't usually have a lot of taste.
  20. Prices can change multiple times in a day. On Jan 26 in the morning I repriced a cruise I had double booked down to solo as the price (subtracting the return of the fees/taxes for the bogus no show 2nd passenger) was only $36 higher. I hoped they had changed things but a few hours later it was hundreds of dollars higher again for solo.
  21. I often just search with google "cruisecritic luminae edge mdr blu menus".
  22. I was in sky suite 10123 on Ascent right behind the elevators and no noise from elevators at all. Super convenient for going up to Luminae and the Retreat lounge and sun deck.
  23. I brought mine and the charger as it was too old to last long enough without charging.
  24. So best bet seems to book refundable for $100 and then can change the cruise to nonrefundable for cheaper later if want or cancel and get all back.
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