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  1. We were on one last year called Taste of Sorrento and Pompeii. It was billed as a small group excursion. There were 25 people on a full size bus, with all the shopping stops as the big tours. I emailed Celebrity afterward about how I thought it was misrepresented - ie, more space on a bus isn't really worth paying more for. For example, when we arrived at Pompeii, the guide had to arrange things, so he sent us through about a 25 minute tour of the Cameo store/factory. In Sorrento, we had to listen to a speil about making inlaid wood. The one thing that might have been better is that we did get VR headsets in Pompeii that narrated and showed what life was probably like. I'm not sure the bus tours got that.
  2. So if we take 2114 and 2116, it's likely to be quiet?
  3. Under the old implementation, if I clicked first unread, I was always taken to the most recent post, even if I hadn't visited the thread for days, so I'd have to scroll back to where I think I left off. Clicking the dot works exactly the same way - I get the bottom of the thread, not the one after the last one I read. Oh well
  4. So, along these lines - we are currently booked for 2128 and 2126 (with friends) on the Eclipse. We can move to: 2114 & 2116 or 2148 & 2150. Would you all recommend we stay, or move? And move, which is better? And the chief consideration is noise. Thanks!
  5. Try Firefox. I had the problem in Chrome, but this post was done in Firefox. And it appears there are more colors than before. Now if I could just change the font, I'd be a happy camper. (Sort of)
  6. Same thing for me. I see Bold, Italics, Underscore on the Mac, and line, quote, emoji, lists but no color or ability to change font. I know it can display color and fonts, but I need the ability to format for a weekly roll call post I do.
  7. A club class mini. Most mini suites are not club class, and, yes, they are more expensive than other minis.
  8. CC is Club Class. It's a section of one of the anytime rooms (usually the one that flips from fixed early to anytime) that's reserved for suites, and selected mini Suites( labeled as Club Class, usually midship). Idea is you get great service, no waiting, and a couple of extra menu items, often cooked by the headwaiter of the section.
  9. Apples and Oranges. I agree, that it will probably move some from early to late, so if that's what they're trying to do, we'll see. But if it's eliminate the waiting at 5:15 (or whatever), it won't do that.
  10. In that case, why did they think that making the times earlier would change anything? If people know the doors open at 5:30, and they line up at 5:15, once the doors open at 5, they'll line up at 4:45, etc, etc. In that case, changing the times do nothing.
  11. What I was talking about was the line for anytime. I've never seen more than 3-6 people lined up for early traditional. (At least not in the midship room).
  12. And maybe those who lined up at 4:30 will now line up at 4. My guess is they line up early so that the can get in before all the tables are taken and they have to wait until someone finishes. If not, and they really wanted to eat at 4:30 the solution should have been to not change the times in the traditional dining rooms, and just opened anytime earlier.
  13. Aren't you in CC dining? If so, you can show up whenever you want. And since the CC dining is in an Anytime room, you can show up until the official end of Anytime, which as far as I can guess, might move from 9:30 to 8:30 or 9:00 And I don't know if they told you, but on our Alaska cruise in April, but we ate with your BIL and SIL and most nights we were the last in the entire room.
  14. I think that the traditional dining times are set by the ship and often depend on which itinerary you are on. I'm usually in late seating, and the times have varied from 7:45 to 8:30.
  15. When we did a TA in 2015 to Brooklyn, my bag was in our section, DH's was not. We waited for almost all the luggage to come off and then he walked the terminal with one of the workers, and found it with entirely different tags than we'd put on. The car service we'd ordered charged us for extra waiting time. We did ask Princess to reimburse us for that, so they gave us some OBC on our next cruise. On that day, the luggage fun didn't stop there. We were driving back from the airport, about halfway home (30 minute drive) when the airline called, the DH's bag was there and we had someone else's. We turned around and traded bags.
  16. We were on the Reflection about a year ago in a Sky Suite - never could get into Blu. Later I was told it was because the Reflection has more Aqua rooms than other ships, but the dining room is the same size. On my last cruise in Sky Suite we ran into some friends we didn't know were on the ship with us, and we went to breakfast with them in Blu. For breakfast, both Blu and Luminae are pretty similar. At the end of the cruise, we took them to lunch in Luminae - it was 20.00 each. Kind of fun to have our waiter explain that it's impossible to eat a Luminae burger like a regular burger.
  17. And if we had one more cruise booked before they expire, I would so do that too. If they extend it a year, maybe I will.
  18. Since the card doesn't have your name on, they have no way of knowing when you use it the second time if it isn't or isn't your next cruise.
  19. Unlikely since due to a very big X cruise in January it's unlikely we'll be sailing before then, and if we do, it will be a short cruise.
  20. I think we still have some of the old playing card style cards.
  21. We were on the Equinox in July and Yan was an excellent sommelier. I think the Maitre'd was Arial, she was also excellent. Our usual waiter was Sevrin (something like that) from Turkey, although I think Jesus took care of us once, too.
  22. Thanks. I guess it will do 2 sea days to Vancouver.
  23. That makes sense, except that if it docked on the 30th, we saw it as late as 7:30 pm on the 1st. Usually, ships on an overnight leave around 4-5 pm on the second day. I did see the Explorer, but not the Volendam.
  24. We were in SF for dinner last night (10/1) and she was still there. Rather surprising, actually.
  25. Mine were actually purchased, and if Princess can't figure out which were purchased and which were free, then they should assume all were purchased. They opened themselves up to a lot of problems with the way they implemented the entire coffee card thing. But why are we now paying for that?
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