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  1. Keep an eye on this. Many others, including us, were unhappy with cabin assignments when Breeze replaced the Radiance.
  2. Interesting that I received an email from Carnival a few hours ago advertising European sailings. Of course it will not let me book.
  3. After 3 phone calls from our TA to Carnival, we finally received our first gift card refund (one of many still due) today. It took 136 days from the day Carnival cancelled the cruise until receiving the first refund gift card.
  4. Not happy with our reassignment. We were in a balcony in a quiet area on Lido forward on Radiance. They put us one deck below Lido on Breeze below buffet area where we will get noise from above. There are currently no balcony cabins available on Lido forward on Breeze similar to what we had originally booked on Radiance, so we will probably cancel.
  5. Legend was scheduled to move to NYC, do a TA to England starting 6/2, and sail Europe in the summer.
  6. We booked both our CCL and RCCL cruises through the same TA. RCCL seems to send out information to the guest and TA simultaneously. CCL seems to send information to the TA and relies on the TA to pass it on to the guest. I hope CCL reconsiders this policy. With things changing so rapidly, the situation could have changed again before the TA is able to contact the guest. The only e-mail that we received directly from CCL was on 3/14 at 12:38 am alerting us that our 3/22 cruise was cancelled. We received both a text and e-mail from RCCL on 3/13 at 8:32 pm telling us that our 3/28 cruise was cancelled. (Trump had already tweeted a few hours earlier that cruises would be canceled for a month, so we were expecting to hear from the cruise lines.) I had assumed that those who booked directly with CCL were being notified directly by them.
  7. Had a CCL cruise booked for 3/22 and a S2S RCCL cruise booked for 3/28 from same port. Received multiple texts and e-mails from RCCL regarding their cancellation, but just one e-mail from CCL. RCCL has done a much better job of keeping us informed.
  8. Thinking more about this, the FCC for the Mardi Gras was 25% of the base fare. In our case, the FCC was likely applied to just one of the three sailings. We were paid in full, so the remainder of the payments were applied to the the other cruises. So what your PVP told you was probably correct. In the case of our 3/22 cancelled cruise, we were past final payment date, also paid in full, and the FCC was 100% of the base fare.
  9. The terms and conditions for the FCC offered for the cancelled cruises from 3/14-4/9/2020 are different from those for the FCC offered for the cancelled Mardi Gras sailings. We had the 15 day 9/30/2020 Mardi Gras Journeys cruise sailing cancelled and were able to apply the FCC to 3 different shorter sailings. The terms and conditions for the FCC offered for the cancelled cruises from 3/14-4/9/2020 state: "The FCC/OBC may only be used toward the cruise fare of one (1) booking...." We had our 3/22/2020 Magic cruise cancelled used the FCC for a 2021 sailing costing less. The excess FCC will be applied as an OBC on the same booking. This said, I think the Carnival reps have some latitude about applying the terms and conditions.
  10. Maybe they did not want to be inundated with telephone calls over the weekend with fewer staff available.
  11. In the past, Carnival has sent out refund gift cards via FEDEX.
  12. I’ve been reading posts for days about the current situation. I can’t help but thinking that now is a good time to take a deep breath, relax, and be thankful for what we have. My way of looking at this is that I’m not losing money that has already been spent, but rather am losing the experience that I would have had cruising with family, friends, and wonderful crew members. There will be more opportunities for these experiences in the future. I’m much more concerned about crew and staff whose livelihood is now affected. Over our many years of cruising we have met and become friends with several crew and staff members and I’m worried about them now.
  13. Posted on another thread about Type 2. Am quite aware of this since we have upcoming cruises on both CCL and RCCL and received the 70+ fit to sail requirement from both CCL and RCCL. The 70+ health requirement came out of the meeting between VP Pence and cruise line executives 7 days ago. CLIA, the Cruise Lines International Association, was challenged by Pence to submit a proposal within 48 hours for allowing cruises to continue, while limiting risk to passengers. The 70+ requirement came from CLIA, not Carnival, although Carnival and other major lines such as RCCL, and NCL are members of CLIA. These CLIA requirements were rolled out simultaneously by CLIA members including RCCL and NCL just two days ago. Under the pressure of the deadline, and trying to respond to ongoing situations, this was not well thought out. It should have been obvious that few, if any, medical professionals would assume the liability to sign such a letter. Carnival cannot unilaterally change this CLIA requirement, but as the largest CLIA member should take the leadership role in getting this straightened out. I expect we will hear something about this soon.
  14. Totally agree. The main purpose of my post, and similar ones on a couple of other threads, is to point out that this requirement was not unilaterally concocted by Carnival, but rather by CLIA, the industry trade organization. RCCL, NCL, ... are being bashed as well. The cruise lines need to work through CLIA to address the issues that have been raised.
  15. Even a full refund would be worthless to you if you paid with Carnival gift cards and could never sail again. Refund goes to your original form of payment and would be returned as another gift card. Only option then is to give or sell gift card to someone who could use it. DW and I have several future cruises all paid in full with discounted gift cards obtained from AARP and Allstate. We would not be allowed to sail under this policy. Looks like our children could be getting a lot of free cruises! Not really too worried at this point. I think it will all sort out soon.
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