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  1. Looks like it did not take you long to find a good husband daycare center!
  2. Updated information from one of many news outlets using AP wire service: https://abc7chicago.com/st-vincent-volcano-eruption-st-island-la-soufriere/10501485/
  3. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-cruise-line-royal-caribbean-ships-to-help-evacuate-those-in-path-of-volcano/
  4. Checked again on gift card refunds for cruise that Carnival cancelled in January. They said that funds were released in February to a third party company that processes the gift card refunds. Problem is with the third party company. Was told to wait another month and call back if not received by then. What a run around.
  5. Bumping would indeed create a nightmare for the cruise lines. Many guests sail as part of a group with group members booking cabins ranging from inside to suites. Are you going to bump part of a group? I try to sail every year with my brothers and sisters and their spouses. We book at different times and in different category cabins. Are they going to bump only part of a family? What about a family who books a balcony for the parents and an inside cabin across the hall for the children? Are they going to bump the children, but not the parents? After the United Ai
  6. Based on several Journeys cruises, 14 or more days we have taken - they do not just use their 7 day menus twice. The menus will be different every night, but some entrees will be repeated. They resurrect some menu items from the old menus that were discontinued when they changed to the American Table menu. Each night's entertainment will be different. They bring fly-on entertainers to fill in the extra days. There may be one or two nights without entertainment, typically if the departure from port is late. There will be two elegant nights plus a Captain's formal ni
  7. A few years ago, Carnival offered multiple excursions for B2B guests when we were in Barcelona on switchover day. They certainly wouldn't want to pass up an opportunity for additional revenue.
  8. We have moved three Carnival cruises to a later date without penalty. All were booked at Early Saver rates. These were all moved before final payment date. I'm not certain how flexible Carnival will be after the final payment date. You should ask them about that when you call. Unfortunately, Carnival has recently been cancelling most of their cruises one month at a time after final payment date. Several posters have reported that they have been able to get Carnival to extend the final payment date.
  9. The first bunch of refund gift cards took five months and many phone calls. Another bunch took only one week. I have now been waiting for two months for gift card refunds for two cruises that Carnival cancelled in January.
  10. Gratuities for the entire cruise are typically posted to your sail and sign account on the next to last day of the cruise, not on a day-to-day basis.
  11. You could very well be correct. I may have taken things too literally. In any event, suspending an act to allow a foreign flagged ship to deliver much needed relief supplies (cargo) to a US Territory is different from suspending an act to transport passengers for leisure travel. Unfortunately, John Heald, Carnival's Brand Ambassador, keeps talking about the Jones Act applying to Alaska cruises on his FB page when it is actually the PVSA. You would think that a person this high up in the organization with over 30 year's experience would know better.
  12. Jones Act and PVSA are not the same thing. Jones act applies to transport of cargo, while PVSA is concerned with transport of passengers. Chengkp75 has explained the difference in much more detail many times on these boards.
  13. The amount that you paid via gift cards will be refunded on new gift card(s). The maximum amount per gift card is $2000, so if your refund is greater than $2000, you will receive more than one gift card. Also, Funshop purchases (beverage packages, shore excursions, etc.) are refunded separately from the cruise fare. If you made multiple Funshop purchases at different times, each separate transaction will be refunded on a separate gift card. I also believe that port fees and taxes, FTTF, prepaid gratuities, airfare booked through Carnival, and prepaid ground transfers are separately refunde
  14. These cabins should be fine. We often book Lido deck for the convenience. Enjoy your cruise. We were on the Panorama last February in a Havana Cabin, but the weather was a little too cool to fully enjoy the Havana area.
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