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  1. Both of these should be what Carnival calls Journeys cruises. These cruises have additional special activities. We have done Hawaii twice on Carnival Journeys cruises. For additional activities on sea days, Carnival brings on a naturalist who has presentations about Hawaiian history and culture, a guest lecturer who has lectures on 5 wide ranging topics, and a ballroom dance instructor. They have a throwback sea day that revives activities from the past including the grand gala midnight buffet. They also bring on additional entertainers for evening shows such as vocalists, magicians, hypnotists, jugglers, as well as multiple comedians for the comedy club... Of course they also have their standard activities such as arts and crafts, trivia, bingo, karaoke, theme nights, etc., but unfortunately Covid has nixed the hairy chest competition! We have sailed both RCCL and Carnival and found Carnival to have more activities versus RCCL. Here is a link for more information about these cruises: https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3936/~/carnival-journeys-cruises
  2. Have booked Fly2Fun with TA multiple times.
  3. Had exact same issue on Odyssey last week. This week the wording was changed to 2 coupons for 50% off .
  4. Only 750 guests were onboard last week. Only show that required reservations was the Book.
  5. Masks are not required outdoors and are optional for indoor venues designated as vaccinated only. October 3 sailing estimated to have 1600 guests.
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm trying to understand why with so many of these types of cabins with the extra space are still available compared to other categories in a similar price range.
  7. Same situation here. We booked our CVS rapid antigen test 13 days in advance as Plan A and are using the proctored Binax AG as the Plan B backup. We also had to book at a CVS 45 minutes away, but that wasn't an issue for us.
  8. Thank you for "taking us along" on your B2B2B. We are thinking about booking a B2B on the Odyssey in the near future and have found that the Spacious Oceanview appears to be the only type of cabin in our price range that has the same cabin number available for both cruises. How did you enjoy this cabin? Any concerns? We are concerned that the air conditioning may not be able to keep up with the heat from the sunlight impinging on the slanted window. How well do the curtains work to block the sunlight? Thanks in advance.
  9. Ordered a 3 pack from Optum 2 days after you did. Tracking it on Fedex. It was picked up in Hayward, CA yesterday, is now in Memphis, and scheduled for delivery tomorrow. They must have messed up your order. You still should have plenty of time with your reorder.
  10. Ordered our tests direct from Optum late in the day on the 9th without going through RCCL link. Received shipping notice on the 11th with scheduled delivery on the 13th. This shipment shows up in our Fedex app.
  11. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/covid19-operations-manual-cso.html#screening-of-embarking-passengers
  12. These are not from RCL, but rather the requirements (technically recommendations for Florida departures due to ruling on lawsuit) from the CDC August 27 update that is to become effective on September 13. My take on this is that the pre-cruise testing is an attempt to prevent an infected person from traveling to the port and possibly infecting others during travel or at the port.
  13. This is the same wording as yesterday. The complimentary testing for 2 - 11 year old children is in addition to the required pre-cruise testing PCR test 3 or fewer days before the cruise.
  14. Have done several B2B's on Carnival and never linked them. Ship always knew that we were B2B.
  15. Liars Club has been on Carnival for several years. It is usually held in the Main Showroom. It is similar to the old TV program To Tell the Truth. The panel is given an unusual word to explain/define and only one panelist has the correct answer. The audience votes on who is telling the truth. With a good group of panelists, it can be quite entertaining.
  16. Have used it to fly from/to US for European cruises.
  17. The Liquid Lounge concept was first introduced when the Destiny was converted to the Sunshine and in spite of all the bad reviews and complaints this was continued on all of the Vista class ships. The idea was to be able to have more flexibility in the use of the venue. For the shows, the center area on the main floor is set up with chairs with about the same legroom as a budget airline. They originally tried to use it as a late hours night club by removing the chairs to create a dance floor, but as such, it had all the ambiance of a high school gymnasium. There is little or no slope in the front area that was to serve as a dance floor, so it is difficult to see over those sitting in front of you. The sight lines are poor for about 80% of the available seats, and there are fewer seats compared to the older design that had 3 levels and no bar. As others have mentioned, there is nowhere to put a drink glass. We often sail with a couple of firefighters, and they say this venue would never pass code on land. The signs for the emergency exits in the front are difficult to see due to bad sight lines, and in the event of an evacuation, people would be pushing the chairs every which way blocking means of egress.
  18. There was a similar post on this board several months ago where the refund GC's were sent to a wrong address. If my memory is correct, the poster was able to have Carnival cancel and reissue the cards. As others have said, all of my GC refunds arrived via Fedex. We have had 9 cruises cancelled that were paid with GC's and it has been a real problem getting things straightened out. Carnival kept saying the GC's were sent to our TA, but that was not correct. They use a 3rd party to reissue the cards, and I think that most of our problems were between Carnival and the third party. I am thinking that based on the dates in your post that Carnival and/or their third party processor has not yet sent out your cards, since it usually took us months to receive our refund GC's. I'm guessing that Carnival's system shows the date when the request was sent to their processor, but there is nothing in place to close the loop to show when the processor actually sent out the cards.
  19. We were on Panorama just before Covid hit. There is a stairway in the Havana area on this ship as well. If my memory is correct, it is on the port side.
  20. I have used non-refundable OBC on at least 25 Carnival cruises to either fully or partially cover gratuities. If Carnival denies using OBC to cover gratuities, it will backfire for them. A lot of angry guests will then remove the gratuities and the crew will be punished.
  21. The first time that we were on the Liberty in 2007 there was a charge for popcorn. All cruises after that one, the popcorn was free.
  22. Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale is the only cruise port that I’m aware of that participates in Global Entry and has a specific Global Entry line. Some other ports may move you to the front of the line if you show your Global Entry card. Global Entry is intended to expedite your journey through Customs and Border Protection when you return to the USA. TSA PreCheck is included with Global Entry, but you need to provide your Global Entry number, which also serves as your TSA PreCheck number, to your airline prior to checking in. Global Entry is not a substitute for a passport.
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