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  1. You may want to bring some warm.things so that you CAN go.outside if you want. Lido and MDR atr accessible without going outside. if you are.going ashore you will want.some warm layers (in case of cool or wet weather )
  2. Like som other posters in this tread I have foot problems so i take more shoes than seems.reasonable. At least 2.prs of walking shoes. Plus 2 pr walking/hiking sandals. And 2 pr dressy shoes. Still there have been times i have worn hiking sandals with a long dress.
  3. We embarked Eurodam I think Nov 29 or 30 and we got the blue covers on the first batch of laundry we sent out, which would have been embarkation day.
  4. We had them for the first time in December 2018. (Is my sig line showing up?)
  5. I had also read that once, in one thread. I was hoping someone could con firm that Or correct it.
  6. As the title says what is the current price for PG lunch?
  7. Comp laundry and 50% wine packages... what's not to love? 😁
  8. Another thought ... if you have room in your suitcase, you could buy personal grooming items like disposable razors and shampoo and donate them to a shelter when you get home. Or a variety of squishable stuffed toys to donate to Victims Services or kids living in a domestic abuse shelter.
  9. Shore excursions? Specialty dining? Increase the HSC?
  10. If you will have to cut back on shore excursions to pay for a balcony, imho stick with the OV and spend your money on the shore excursions. We've been to Alaska numerous times with a balcony, and seldom used it. We prefer to be out on deck, where you can move from side to side to view.
  11. If they are real pockets, sewn closed, they can be opened up once you own them. I suspect they sew them closed to protect from damage by careless shoppers. As to the imitation ones -- again just my suspicion that it somehow reduces manufacturing costs. If there's a saving of, e.g. $0.02 per pair, multiplied by 1,000s of pairs, it helps the manufacturer's bottom line. I refuse to buy pocketless pants.
  12. There isn't an option to pre-pay tips. We just buy onboard credit (OBC) before we board to cover the cost of the hotel service charge.
  13. Look at this one on the Volendam, Aug 28, r/t Vancouver. (The price of the cruise will probably show as Cdn $s because I'm in Canada) https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/A9G07D/V951.html It shows a service call at Tracy Arm which is specifically for the small boat tour into TA Tracy Arm Inlet SEA Aug 30, 2019 Arrives 09:00 AM Departs 09:30 AM ACCESS TO SHORE LIMITED TO SHORE EX
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