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  1. I'm with your husband on this. I'll stick with wine 😉
  2. We need more of that type of feel-good story ❤️
  3. @rafinmd I will take your cheeseburger 😄 POWs, the MIA, and their families certainly deserve any and all recognition they may receive ❤️ Shanah Tovah to those who celebrate!
  4. We are very sad to hear this. Ryndam was the first ship my DH and I cruised on together. She's the reason DH got hooked on cruising. I tried and failed to cruise on Pacific Princess one Alaska season. Sigh... 😞
  5. I don't always contribute, but I always read the Daily. Thanks to everyone who makes the Daily so uplifting and warm-hearted!
  6. Please realize that as we start spending more time out of the house (for whatever reasons, whenever that happens) some of our pets will experience separation anxiety. It is important that you ease them into getting used to your absence again. Don't just one day return to work for 8 or 9 hours, and expect your pet(s) to adjust. They need practice at being on their own ❤️
  7. PLEASE NOTE, this thread has been resurrected from June 2019. This is a great example of why Cruise Critic should consider following TripAdvisor's lead, and lock threads after a period of inactivity.
  8. Good morning. Sending caring thoughts to all on the Care List. Thanks to richwmn for maintaining the Daily, and thanks to rafinmd for maintaining the Care List.
  9. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. Are you excited about it?
  10. The water is like glass and the sky is clear this morning. So beautiful!
  11. We have raspberries. I'm going to get on this right away 👍
  12. 😞 That is VERY disappointing to learn. I thought Costco wasn't letting in people who were maskless.
  13. That's probably doable here! I've got bread rising, and could probably turn it into sub-suitable buns. Thanks for the idea 🙂 and the Daily. The Daily is a bright spot in my day!
  14. I'm sure you've heard many things described as "tastes like chicken". In my experience frog legs do taste like chicken. Also have a similar texture. But if the *idea* is offputting, order something more traditional.
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