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  1. This is the letter sent o passengers from one of the HAL world voyage threads
  2. The last time though (March) it was facial recognition and it was so quick I didn't notice if there was still a GE line. Other Pier 26 cruises there was a GE line on the far right and it was one of the few times they asked to see your GE cart at the start of he line
  3. I would look for a travelers aid/information desk they will sometimes be able to print off a boarding pass
  4. Given all the pacific Mexican ports you would think they would add one of those in replacement. rather than add another sea day
  5. Also if you have global entry you can now use Canada’s version of pre check “verified travellers” you need your global entry card and be able to use the “front of the line” lane https://www.catsa-acsta.gc.ca/en/verified-travellers
  6. There is a crown wine and spirits crownwineandspirits.com on 17th near the port which has a nice wine selection. We are on the same cruise and are staying at the Renaissance. Crown is an easy walk from there and also on the way to our traditional pre-cruise seafood fix southportrawbar.com Looking forward to the cruise!!
  7. Just adding our thanks for the amazing research and steady posts. We are on the 2025 horizon for our first World and you have provided some encouragement that there are some fun guests on board
  8. Maybe Viking should take the lead from NCL. Excerpt and link "In accordance with the ADA, Norwegian Cruise Line does NOT accept “Emotional Support” dogs as service dogs, they CANNOT sail." https://www.ncl.com/about/accessible-cruising
  9. A trick for the Lufthansa group that has worked for me is to use the App not the website. Also I found that accessing a reservation via a partner App allowed me to select seats when the operating airlines App would not. I.e. I have an upcoming flight on Swiss and the Swiss app offered no seat selection. I accessed the same reservation in the Austrian App and I could select seats. It may not work in all cases but it might be worth a try. Due to previous trips I have accounts setup for each Airline (Lufthansa Swiss Austrian Brussels) which also may help This all may not be possible until your flights are ticketed but again it might be worth a try i just noticed the last line about it being a Lufthansa flight operating by United. Check with United and get their reservation # you should be able to select seats even if not ticketed. good luck!
  10. we were on a few weeks ago and full receipt mode. Table of 4 four receipts and waited for them to be signed Definitely slowed down service esp in the music venues
  11. standard business attire in Bermuda
  12. There there used to be a shuttle bus from T1 to T2 for non-schengen passengers. I have not taken it since Covid so not 100% sure the buses are running This PDF from the Munich Airport site shows the pickup and drop off points for the non-schengen and Schengen buses. Also this thread is dedicated to MUC transfers (primarily for Star Alliance) and has some good current information https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/lufthansa-austrian-swiss-brussels-lot-other-partners-miles-more/749463-connecting-munich-muc.html shuttle-bus-t1-t2.pdf
  13. If you are going “across the pond” from US/CAN to Turkey all are non-Schengen. You should not have to go through passport control and in MUC probably not security FRA would be a completely different story. Avoid FRA 🙂 having said all that I still would go with a longer connection. Just less stress with your longer layover check out the Airbräu for a nice beer https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g187309-d1492309-Reviews-Airbraeu_Brauhaus-Munich_Upper_Bavaria_Bavaria.html?m=19905
  14. Don't see how you find the time to draft content for each day. But it is very much appreciated. We are about two to three years before our first world and we have really enjoyed not just the highlights but some "good to know" items about the ports.
  15. i had a trainer a few years back refer to those three lines as the “hamburger”. Thought it was a fun lable
  16. Even thought this is not your first World really do appreciate the fresh perspective. You two definitely seem to enjoy the moment. Safe journey
  17. Thanks for the detailed review! We are in the same route next year and appreciate the commentary on the excursions and the restaurant/bar menus
  18. It may depend on how many other ships are in port. We had one cruise in high season. 5 ships. We had been to Dubrovnik before so we walked through down to the dock hopped on a boat to Cavtat and ended up having a great peaceful afternoon. Once you see those waters you understand where the expression crystal clear comes from. This was also 10 yrs ago so Cavtat may have changed
  19. Whats the difference between a canoe and a Canadian? Canoes tip. (I'm half Canadian so allowed to poke fun) 😉
  20. A big thanks for posting this we are on the Sky in two week and is nice to know what is offered
  21. As another poster mentioned it all depends on the fare rules and those change. I have had a United ticket which I successfully upgraded and another where i was told it was ineligible Also at least for United the reservation had to be ticketed before I could attempt to upgrade, not sure about Delta
  22. So if I order salad and crab cake I get an additional charge? Sorry this seems to be shortsighted. Wonder if Tamarind and Rudi’s are next
  23. If you remove agenturlid=cyc from the end of the link it will price from Viking
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