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  1. Can you tell me where on FB this is going on?
  2. Actually the first one is Symphony in Moorea, during the December 2012 Symphony TP crossing.I got off in Papeete and missed Bora Bora as it was on the next segment 😞
  3. Well you can't book flights anyway until 12 months before, so that is not something any of us who are looking at 2022 and 2023 have to worry about for quite some time
  4. Iof allpeople have booked 2 cruises, both on Serenity even(prefer Symphony) LOL I guess it is true, the old saying of "Never say never!" I believe they will be sailing by 2022 certainly and we do not have to put down deposits for 3 months, so it is a no brainer for me.You would be surprised how many cruises are nearly full way out to 2023,in part due to all the people who need to use their FCC's by 2023. The ones I have chosen are close to full in my category at least(ie one or 2 rooms plus guarantees)
  5. I think I will start it here as I prefer this website..
  6. Does anyone have any interest in playing "Name that location", from a past Crystal cruise? Many of you have been all around the world and I think it would be fun to see if people could guess/recognize where pictures were taken?
  7. Having watched the covid19 cases grow exponentially in the past week, I am now thinking it may not be so unrealistic to be booking way out to 2023, if for no other reason than to have something to look forward to! I personally can not say that I have much to look forward to atm, and I am sure others feel the same way but may not wish to admit it. Meanwhile I am working on a minor health issue for the next couple of months, so between that and starting a Matcha business, I am keeping relatively busy in spite of having to stay at home.. The distant bookings remin
  8. As if there were any doubt that would happen
  9. That is why I said " yes they need to say that at this point" above, meaning Crystal can't get any more specific re future plans because we don't even know what things are going to look like 6 months from, now never mind 3 years!
  10. Is anyone SERIOUSLY considering booking this far in advance, given many of you cant even get refunds from 2020 cruises? Not to mention if you look at the catalogue it even says there "Chances are we will be there" LOL Yes they need to say that at this point, but I still found it amusing 🙂
  11. I am and would be concerned about the likely need for refunds given what has been going on with COVID 19, especially here in the USA, rising exponentially, with no end in sight..:( And will travel insurance even offer cancel for any reason insurance. In addition, few of the destinations mentioned above are easy to return home from in the best of times,imho much less now.. Some "deals" aren't really deals.
  12. As a 59 year old who is going to be 60 in early December, as much as I am tempted by these new cruise possibilities, I really don't want to be one of the first" guinea pigs"(sorry to say it that way, but it is the truth) to cruise before there is a vaccine for covid 19 😞 Not to mention other cc'ers talking about how hard ot is to get refunds from Crystal atm. And finally, I bet these will not be bargain cruises because they need to start recovering some of their losses(though these cruises would be a drop in the bucket compared to lost revenue.. Nice thought though 🙂
  13. Wow that TA( I have forgotten the cruise number) makes 0205back in 2010 seem like smooth sailing by comparison! 🙂
  14. Over the years we have read about other members'' "infamous" as well as those famous sold out 2 years in advance, cruises such as the Panama Canal cruise ,in what 2010? At any rate as One crossings and Panama canal cruises. I would like to hear about any cruise frankly, but of particular interest to me are the TA and TP crossings(with or without the ballroom dancing theme), and Panama Canal cruises I have not sailed through the Panama Canal so it would be fun to hear about recent cruises through the canal, (since the new lock opened), as well as from many years ago. I he
  15. To complete the fleet of current and former Crystal cruise ships, we just need a Crystal Serenity pic -maybe Claudia's ship will be the Serenity? 🙂 I would like to see a thread about Trans Pacific and Trans-Atlantic crossings, from memories to pictures of rough seas (and many of us have experienced some "doozies" 🙂
  16. I forgot to tell the cake designer that the Symphony only has 1 paddle tennis court and it is oriented port to starboard side (see cake)LOL
  17. I had this Crystal Symphony cake made after moved back to LA in 2011 🙂
  18. V2229 Symphony.LAX-Papeete, Here we are anchored in Moorea ❤️ 🙂 Now I need to see Bora Bora as the ship did not go there until the next segment 😞
  19. Well y'all can help bail the cruise lines out It isn't my responsibility to make them profitable or not. I won 't pat increased fares to help them if they don't make changes to improve service and include more services/enrichment etc Why should I? I am perfectly fine with air/land vacations where my business frankly is more appreciated the cruise lines(or they would not have been cutting back on entertainment and things that really don't cost much money but are appreciated by the passengers-Look at what a big deal it is to some people re pillow chocolates etc? Enough to be mentioned but
  20. Enjoy! 🙂 I prefer smaller ships than the average Princess ship anyways.
  21. How recently was this? it is only Wednesday now in Australia. It does appear to be awfully strange that the majority of covid cases were on Princess ships. I understand how the some crew transferred to the GP who did not know they were infected, caused the problem there. but after weeks of this why now the Ruby(but this has tp be a week old news so maybe this is repeat info?) I am not following the cruise ships role in the coved epidemic closely anymore.. I had tentatively booked the LA to Vancouver Pacific Princess cruise for May a couple of months ago, and am now very glad I cancelled This
  22. Mark Ferris (just saw the link to his fb page to remind me!) Paddle tennis (with a coach and when solos could rotate in)
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