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  1. I was fortunate. My Canceled Quest cruise was refunded to me within a week. Likewise the Silversea cruise on the Wind which I ‘d booked as a replacement was also refunded very quickly.
  2. Flyingshoes, after reading your post yesterday about the probability of the 11/01 and 11/17 cruise being canceled (I am booked on the 11/01 cruise) I contacted my TA and asked her to call Silversea. The person she talked to said that my cruise is still scheduled to sail. She was told that should they cancel it they would do so no later than 30 days pre-cruise. I'm not a betting person but I shall remain hopeful that since everything nowadays seems to be so fluid the cruise will indeed sail. It's hopeful that from what I've read Egypt and Oman have come off red lists in some countrys' advisories. Obviously that could change tomorrow but I'm going to keep my fingers and toes crossed. I really just want to go on a ship after such a long hiatus.
  3. "It is impossible to step into the same river twice." I guess one can only hope it will be as refreshing and cool as it was the first time. I've sailed on the Quest several times, loved her and was quite disappointed that the Antarctic cruise I'd booked was canceled again. My late husband and I had booked it last year and when the same cruise became available this year I had to try again. I'm going on my first Silversea cruise on the Moon next month and I'm booked on the Silver Wind holiday cruise and looking forward to both. I know the Wind is an older, smaller ship but it is just being refitted and I'm going to enjoy the places (so many wonderful photos have been posted here on CC in years past). If the Wind has fewer bells and whistles, that's okay with me. From what I have read Silversea does a great job taking care of their passengers.
  4. I look forward to seeing you too. I have family living in Nashua which I think is near you. I love the autumns in your part of the country.
  5. I was also on the canceled Quest holiday cruise and have now booked the Silver Wind leaving 12/22. I'm looking forward to it and hopeful that Seabourn will issue refunds expeditiously. My original deposit for the canceled cruise was made in May 2019 (of course, the initial cruise was canceled in 2020). I think they've had my money long enough.
  6. I am also booked on the holiday Quest cruise and have fully paid. I hope it sails but I'm not holding my breath. I was booked on an Ovation cruise from Athens that was canceled in late June. Seabourn offered me either 1) a FCC for 110% of the amount I had already paid (I had not yet made full payment), 2) a transfer to a comparable 2022 cruise at my current fare (or recalculated by a per diem rate if it was a different length) or 3) a refund of all money I had already paid. The first two options didn't suit me so I chose option 3. The money was refunded within two weeks to my credit card.
  7. What a terrible thing to happen! I hope he will recover very soon.
  8. There are many of us here who don't understand the rules about who may enter the US through legal ports of entry like airports even when vaccinated while along one border it's wide open. I have a cruise booked leaving from Athens and I hope I'll be allowed to travel there, but in all honesty I can't say I blame the EU or anyone else from restricting our entry if we don't reciprocate.
  9. I’m booked on the Moon Athens to Dubai on Nov. 1st and have not been informed of any change. In fact today I made an inquiry about an overnight land excursion and they gave me details so I can think about booking it. I’ m crossing fingers and toes that it will indeed sail. It will be my first Silversea cruise and my first solo voyage.
  10. Thank you so much for all the posts you've made about your cruise. I have been particularly interested because I will be sailing on the Moon as both a Silversea and solo traveler for the first time. Your experience sounds wonderful and has made me look forward to my cruise with even more anticipation.
  11. I just saw this on another cruise lines board and thought it would be of interest here. I've enjoyed many a sailaway from Venice but I understand the concern of the residents and the world about the damage being done to that lovely city. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/exclusive-italy-legislate-keep-liners-out-venice-lagoon-sources-2021-07-13/?fbclid=IwAR36yROVHcf99N35uTrUOhLRFpLKDypnNT7xKz-cMkOTJZbLCItgbangpuA
  12. Spinnaker2 I have enjoyed reading your voyage blog very much. Thank you for taking the time to write it and for the lovely photos. I will be sailing on the Silver Moon in a few months for my first Silversea cruise and you have helped me to look forward to it even more than I already was. Safe travels home for you.
  13. I found out yesterday that my Ovation cruise from Athens to Dubai was cancelled. I was really looking forward to it since it would have been my first solo cruise since my husband of 50 years death and I think I need a deviation from my new normal. I understand the complicated logistics that Seabourn is dealing with and they offered me a few alternatives. I shall mull over the choices and “go with the flow.” How could anyone have foreseen the events of the last year and a half? Hopefully we shall all be well and wiser. I pray that the first series of Seabourn cruises will go well and without incident.
  14. I received the same e-mail and as I recall it talked about having 100 "spots" which I took to mean 50 cabins. Given that the Ovation cruises are among the first to sail after the long pause in cruising and that many people are waiting to see how they go and what restrictions may be in place in terms of shore excursions, I think it's understandable that Seabourn has cabins available. I think it's good business to try to fill them even if it's at a discounted price. I've never used the agent in question but signed up for his e-mails because I was curious about his offers.
  15. Hello ColonyGirl2. I think the other posters are correct although I can’t swear to it since I’ve never been in your position. I do know that the most that I’ve ever paid for unlimited internet for the duration of my cruise was $399. So I guess it depends on what you want to have invested in your booking. The primary reason I’m replying though is because I also live in Williamsburg too and I love seeing other people who live in the “Burg” on the board. We have enjoyed many cruises on Seabourn after lots of years on other cruise lines. Now it is our favorite and I hope I’ll be able to go on the one booked for 2021. Happy Thanksgiving!
  16. Seas_The_Day, thank you for your post explaining some pertinent facts and statistics. It's terrible that so many people have died from Covid-19 everywhere, but as the number of positive cases has risen here, the fatality rate has fallen dramatically. In the US it's now just a bit over 5%. In Canada that rate is approx. 8.3% and in the UK it's about 14%. As I said all deaths are tragic as are the thousands who die each year of influenza.
  17. We have stayed twice at the Villa Spalletti Trivelli in Rome and had a splendid time. It's a small hotel across the street from the Quirinale Palace and minutes away from the Trevi Fountain. There are not many rooms but they have an elevator, a perfectly wonderful garden with covered seating and a great breakfast. In the afternoon there is an open, serve yourself bar.
  18. Yes, we do have a large percentage of people who are obese in the US but if you look at the statistics of fatalities in the US you will see that at least 40% were people in nursing homes or other senior living facilities. I can't speak to other senior living facilities but those in nursing homes already had many co-morbidity issues or they would not have been in nursing homes. There have been reports already that there have been miscounts of deaths due to Covid 19. I believe that at least one state has corrected their count down. I don't intend to minimize those who have perished from this virus, but I believe that most statistics are subject to revision when the dust settles
  19. We enjoy the flexibility and variety of the Colonnade but wouldn't mind having it being served as opposed to self-serve. It gives us an opportunity to try something we might never have thought of tasting. We won't wait until there is a vaccine for Covid 19 before we sail again. Given the fact that after 39 years of research and many $$$ there is no HIV vaccine nor is there one that has been tested in humans for SARS which emerged in 2002-2003, we (my DH & I) may not be around for a real Covid vaccine. When countries decide to open ports and cruise lines decide to sail we'll be ready to look at what's available.
  20. I didn’t read it as meaning only for new bookings. We have an August cruise booked and I understand the policy to say I have until 30 days before departure to cancel. Had our cruise been in July I think it states fairly clearly that I could cancel up to 48 hours before the boarding date. It seems in line with the policies most other lines have adopted.
  21. Thank you for your very rational post. Over the last few weeks the problems you outlined re: docking, resupply, etc. must have been gargantuan. A solution arrived at in the morning may be unworkable by the afternoon. I would not want to be in the shoes of the people having to try to sort all this out. Meanwhile on the ships that are still at sea, the crew is still carrying on with smiling faces and doing all they can to make the guests experience a good one while no doubt worrying about their own families and when they might be able to see them again.
  22. As of this afternoon's FDA update at 15:31 PM, public health labs in all 50 states are able to test for Covid 19. As of last night more than 1.1 million test kits have been shipped to non-public health labs. Two manufacturers are expected to have another 1 million kits which have passed quality control shipped by Monday and an additional 4 million by next Friday. One of the things the US government did this week was to change regulations so that facilities other than the CDC could process the tests. It sounds like a lot of work is being done to try to keep up with a new and unexpected disease.
  23. There is an interesting editorial in the latest New England Journal of Medicine re: Covid-19. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMe2002387 In the third paragraph the authors (director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, deputy director of the same organization, and the director of the Centers for Disease Control respectively) posit that the consequences of Covid-19 may be more like those of a severe influenza season than MERS or SARS. I don't think the three doctors are trying to minimize the impact this virus has had but it does put a little perspective on it. The typical influenza season in the northern hemisphere is in the fall and winter and usually ends by May. The virus circulates year-round but activity peaks in that period. I think that makes it very premature to speculate about what adjustments airlines and cruise lines may have to make in the late spring and summer. I hope this virus will run its course sooner rather than later and with as few additional casualties as possible.
  24. I'm curious as to where you heard that a number of passengers from the Westerdam have come down with the virus. It had been reported that one 83 year old woman was believed to have it after she traveled to Malaysia following her disembarkation in Cambodia. About an hour ago USA Today reported that after multiple tests came back negative it is not believed that she ever had coronavirus. Additionally, the article states that the remaining Westerdam crew members and passengers remaining in Cambodia have also all tested negative. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/02/21/coronavirus-holland-america-ms-westerdam-cruise-passenger-cleared/4834124002/
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