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  1. Thats my idea of how to start a great trip! Safe travelsM
  2. Following along. We board on Oct 3, have a great time next week!
  3. How far in advance of a Celebrity ships tours starting time do passengers have to cancel and get a refund of OBC or funds credited back to credit card?
  4. I’m interested in the tips if you are changing cabins on a b2b. Thanks
  5. I would appreciate any input from those who have sailed the Apex and have done a tour in Santorini. 1. Where do tours to Oia end? In Fira (so you can get back to ship by yourself via cable car) or does the bus go to the tender site? 2. can you leave the tour in Fira? 3. Did anyone dyi (off ship) their time in Santorini?We have done this on previous visits, but are unsure about bus connections, etc in these covid times. Thank You!
  6. Yes. You need to file a notice with Celebrity, about a month before sailing so they can put it into your records. Call customer service for the specific email address that you need to use.
  7. Getting into Blu is generally not a problem, if there is a wait, it is generally short, maybe 10 minutes. We usually eat around 7, getting in after the first show can tend to be a longer wait. Service is “relaxed” ( thats a nice term for slow), plan on 2 hours for dinner.
  8. I’m sure this has been addressed, but I’m going to ask anyway. There are no drapes in the IV, how does one darken the room?
  9. Have really enjoyed following along on this thread. We are on the transatlantic (hopefully) in Oct. We are thinking about cancelling our week in Madrid and Barcelona precruise and picking up the last last weeks sailing from Athens on Oct 3. Still have a little time to decide as there are plenty of cabins available.
  10. Celebrity does a great job with onboard lecturers and ports of call talks. They tend to add extra things like kitchen tours, chefs demonstrations, cocktail mixing classes, computer classes, pool parties, bridge viewing, Many times your roll call participants will organize card games, cabin crawls, meet and greets, mah jong and knitters groups, slot tournaments, etc. Yes, cabin fever can be a real possibility, thats where a nice long afternoon nap by the pool comes in handy. Transpacific and transatlantic are wonderful cruises to relax on. Of course, no one knows what really will be available once sailing resumes.
  11. Wonder what this means for the Oct. transatlantic, if it will start in Athens now instead of Barcelona. Most likely it will be cancelled and ship will sail back with just crew. Only time will tell.
  12. We did a great evening tour thru SPB-Tours. A visit to an upscale food shop, a local backstreet wine bar, then an illuminated canal tour with unlimited vodka. Transportation from pier and back provided. This was definitely a highlight of our cruise! St Petersburg after dark is stunning!!l Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Aqua class cabins now have a small table in front of the chair. We moved ours into the space between the chair and nightstand, gave us more floor space. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. We did the overnight in Kyoto last year. Arrived in Kobe at noon, shuttled to downtown and took a taxi to the station, took the train to Kyoto, stayed at the Hotel Granvia right at the main train station and had a TripleLights guide the whole next day, our cruise departed at 8pm so we got to see alot. We decided on the hotel at the train station so we could leave our overnight bag there during the day, and then picked it up on our way to the train. It was a fantastic experience!
  15. We are doing Siem Reap post Millenium cruise next month, We have our air, hotel arranged etc. Can you recommend a tour guide or itinerary for Angkor Wat?
  16. When a ship is overnighting in a port at the end of a cruise, can passengers disembark with their luggage early on the final day- like at 5:30 AM? Need to know to make flight reservations.
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