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  1. The only thing that wouldn't be included are top shelf upcharge liquors. You would then have to pay the difference from $13. I tended to use one for the fresh squeezed OJ in the morning, a drink by the pool in the afternoon, and a cocktail with dinner. Shared the 4th with my travel companions. It's a great perk. The bar menus are available in the app, but you really aren't limited to the menus. Just ask your bartender.
  2. My husband and I booked connecting balcony cabins to take advantage of double points and very nice solo pricing. I'm really looking forward to having our own bathrooms and the location is perfect for us. I really hope we don't get moved. This is for Anthem next year.
  3. Well, I was very polite and only getting a simple cappuccino last month on Ovation but they said two punches for large, which is what I've been told in the past as well. I've never been on Oasis class so maybe that matters?
  4. I always share my card punches, not a problem. In case you don't know, they will do two punches for large drinks.
  5. Best backup plan...marry/date/parent an airline employee for flight benefits. Of course there do have to be open seats available.
  6. I could be wrong but I think it was free. I had prepaid bags but I think the only charge was the normal airline bag charges you would pay at the airport. As I said, I may be wrong but I don't remember there being a charge for the service itself.
  7. Things will probably change by May but on my restart sailings there have been very few, if any, teens. That could mean more of less opportunity for trouble depending on the teen. Good luck!
  8. Just checked in on the webcam to see you floating by so smoothly. Have a great cruise!
  9. Yes, we did this on Ovation last month. Put our bags out the night before and the next time we saw them was on the baggage carousel at Newark. Very convenient.
  10. I've done two cruises since the restart. I would say both experiences were more for introverts than for people looking for a party scene. Things are just quieter. There are activities for those that want them, but they may not feel the same with less people. Personally, it was cruise heaven for me. My only complaint is no Windjammer in the evening. My cruises had very few children. There were just a handful on my Alaska cruise, very well behaved and stayed with their family. Again, just makes it quieter. I cruise to relax, not sure how I'm going to feel when things return to full occupancy.
  11. Everything is relative. I remember being in the Bahamas in January a couple of years ago and people saying it was too cold to swim. It was bathwater compared to what we swim in back home in the summer. I'm also on a January Navigator sailing, bringing my swimsuit.
  12. Thanks for this great thread. I will be on next month, as a shipload of love winner. I've gone the last few months thinking this would never happen but it looks like it will afterall. The food looks amazing. Are these all included or are any of these an upcharge? Are there discounted drink of the day specials? It really looks so interesting design wise, can't wait to explore. As others have said, I find the "sailor" thing pretty cringe, and not something that would actually appeal to younger people. It will be interesting to see where VV ends up demographics wise.
  13. We did this at dinner every night we didn't bring our own wine. You just hand your server your card and tell them to use your vouchers. Could not be easier. It's a really great change in my opinion. I'm not saying I won't sail other cruise lines ever again but Royal has definitely done a good thing for bringing people back. Sitting in a an overcrowded diamond lounge during happy hour is not everyone's cup of tea. This lets you enjoy your drinks with companions who can't access the DL.
  14. I realize I read your post wrong, but the same applies.
  15. It's nothing you have to hide. I "bought" drinks for a travel companion with my vouchers every day. They are use as you please. In this case your wife is gifting you drinks. Enjoy!
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