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  1. I guess this will effectively ban cruising to Canada until a vaccine is available. I can't blame them. Could an executive order allow cruising to nowhere? I love sea days anyway. Everyone's comfort level is individual but personally I anticipate feeling safer on a cruise ship than in a theater or packed subway train. My employer requiring a 2 week post-cruise quarantine is the big problem though. I really hope for a vaccine by this time next year.
  2. This is what we were always taught as nurses. That the act of touching the mask and contaminating your hands caused more disease spread than not wearing a mask. I know it's anecdotal but at my hospital,the numbers say otherwise. Universal masking of all healthcare workers and visitors, and patients where possible drastically cut transmission. Of course, these are actual medical masks and not fabric ones so I can't say that helps at all. Honestly, it's depressing being masked for 12 hours at a time. You talk to your peers less, you move inward emotionally. You deal with chronic dehydration (UTIs are a problem). Your mask starts to break down over time and little fibers break lose and get in your mouth. Sometimes you feel hungry for air or get headaches. It's still better than getting the virus and perhaps unknowingly transmitting to someone vulnerable. That is a constant fear for healthcare workers.
  3. I'm a hospital RN in a heavily hit part of NJ. Our staff infection rate dropped dramatically when we went to universal masking. I do not go anywhere in public without an N-95 mask and another mask on top of that, and goggles. I have remained negative. NJ has successfully flattened the curve, things are dramatically improved and we are down to less than 50 positive inpatients. Some of my infected and recovered coworkers are starting back to work now. I love cruising, it's my happy place. I look forward to getting back out there. Unfortunately my employer is requiring a 14 day quarantine after cruising so that's going to make it difficult. I would go but definitely in a balcony cabin just in case we get stuck having to stay in. And I will definitely be wearing a mask.
  4. I cruised on Brilliance at the end of February when Covid cases were just being diagnosed in Florida. I purposefully ate at the Windjammer to minimize prolonged exposure to other people in the dining room. I went at less busy times and made a bee line out the back to the spacious and empty outside dining area. I stand by that being safer than the tightly packed dining room. Buffets get a bad rap but there are ways to minimize risk.
  5. It was Illy on Brilliance last week, which is my favorite brand. They were woefully understaffed though. I would have bought a drink each day but only felt like dealing with the line twice.
  6. I'm sure it's a volatile market so good that you got the bargains. I've been watching Bayonne and summer/fall spiked up this week, at least on ID90. I'm hoping to give Oasis a try for the right price. I'm not sure if this will be resolved by May when the best prices are currently.
  7. Short term there are bargains to be had. Long term, as in summer and beyond, prices are super high.
  8. My last one came the night before sailing. My cabin steward was expecting 2 women. I assume they won a Royal Up bid. I was happy, got oceanview instead of inside.
  9. I cruised last week and saw no extra efforts at cleaning or containment. I will follow the guidelines and not cruise, though I agree with many that I'm far more worried about close quarters while flying. I work so I can't risk prolonged quarantine and the knowledge that the government may refuse re-entry now that the warning is out there.
  10. I returned from a cruise on Monday and nothing felt different on board. I've certainly seen more obvious extra cleaning going on on other sailings back when norovirus was the thing. I did keep my distance more than usual though. I only went to one show, spent most of my time in quiet parts of the ship. I actually thought it was smarter to eat in the WJ. I got my food, re-cleaned my hands, and ate in the back which was always empty. I was told the cruise was full but I doubt it. The WJ was never really busy. I would worry about quarantine now that a second ship has infections. Planes are coming in from around the world unchecked but cruise ships have a stigma now. I'm going to take a break for now but I look forward to getting back out there once things have resolved.
  11. We now have Caribbean ports not allowing ships to port, though it seems the crew member is sick with flu-A on the MSC ship.
  12. There is a bit of a learning curve with cruise shopping. What you bought with that early, higher fare was the ability to know you are on that sailing, perhaps with your best choice of cabin, and with that knowledge you can buy flights, arrange your work schedule, arrange child/pet coverage, etc. I almost always buy after final payment because I'm value driven but that means I give up certain times of year and popular ships and itineraries. I bought a cruise Monday that leaves tomorrow, just a short one, but it fit my schedule and the price was very low. That requires a certain level of flexibility most people don't have. They want to fill the ship to increase onboard revenue, thus the price drops. If the ship sells out, you don't see those significant price drops.
  13. I love Anthem. I agree with the poster above who said you may not want the drinks package in Europe. We ate and drank well in port and just kind of crashed back on ship each evening. To each their own though. As for Anthem, do not miss 270, both day and night time. I love the cafe there too, very convenient. My only criticism are the table sales they place in the main promenade area, making it very crowded at dinner time. Anthem has a lot going on but some of the activities are quite restricted in terms of times and availability. The early bird gets the worm.
  14. I went on Norwegian Getaway last month and the casino was quite a bit less smoky than RC ships as they require active gambling in order to smoke in the casino. I love Anthem and one of the nice things is that the smoke is well contained compared to the chimney effect on ships with a Centrum. Of course, that's not great if you want to be gambling.
  15. I'm not there but will be pretty soon. So is it three free drinks around the ship, or unlimited during happy hour in the DL? How is tipping handled? And are those three drinks restricted to the same hours?
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