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  1. Rope dropping for Flight of Passage is the only way to do it but you have to be there far earlier than possible. Pick another day. I was there last week, arrived at 7:15am after going to Hollywood Studios for the boarding pass distribution at 7am. I recommend using ride share to go park to park, time is money. Anyway, they moved us through the turnstiles at 8:17am, and on to the actual line at 8:43am. We got on the first ride, and then went straight to the Navi ride, all done by 9:10am. I don't really care for AK but Flight of Passage is an absolute must for me, it's the best theme park ride ever. Your problem is even if you made it there by the rope drop time, you will be at the back of a very long mass of people, with little ones. There's a lot of pushing and shoving as they bring you to the ride. I would say you need to be on that line no later than 730am for a 9am official opening time.
  2. My report is from the January 5th sailing on Getaway. Has it since closed?
  3. Not one penny to the family, and drop criminal charges unless there is evidence this was planned. Done.
  4. I have done cruises where I have gone in knowing I would sacrifice my own experience to help out elderly relatives. In all cases, they were people I love very much, both blood and non-blood. I have also done cruises that were all about my experience. If this is a very much needed vacation for you and your husband, you must set limits now. I'm an RN too so I completely understand where you are coming from. I hope your cabins are far apart. Don't get the internet/ship texting plan and leave your phones in the safe. Make your own dinner reservations. It's important that everyone knows this is the way it's going to be before the cruise. If you don't feel you can set those limits then I would reschedule.
  5. I was recently on Getaway. Vibe was a ghost town, I never saw more than 4 people in there at one time. It looked really great and I would probably splurge on that if I ever went back. Spice was crowded and the smoke was too much for me to want to stay there for long.
  6. I couldn't find many posts about this so I thought I would share our experience in the Skyy Vodka Icebar. We were a group of 8 and none of us had the drinks package. We decided to do this as our party night. We had no trouble getting in at 8 pm. I think with so many people getting "free" drinks packages there isn't a lot of demand for this experience. We suited up in the provided colorful capes and mittens and entered an ante-room that seemed like a meat locker. From there we entered the enchanted frozen party room which I believe is maintained at 17 degrees. It's cold but not uncomfortable. The only seat is the ice throne. Our bartender was very generous (come prepared with cash for tipping). Technically you get three drinks, but he starts you out with "water" and you go from there. As you can imagine, the place is made for photo ops. Be forewarned the extreme cold may drain your phone battery quickly. We all agreed this was the highlight of our onboard experience on Getaway. Just a great, fun group experience, and a very good thing none of us had to drive the boat afterwards.
  7. I just returned from my first NCL cruise (Getaway) after many cruises with Royal. Hands down, NCL does a much better job with main dining room organization. Royal is far ahead in snacks and free beverages/water stations located around the ship. NCL has a lot of upcharging and restricted areas of the ship. Getaway lacks quiet spaces, not sure if that's the case on other ships. We may have just gotten a dud of a cabin steward but this is the first time I've not tipped extra beyond the daily gratuity charge. I'm used to friendly stewards and this guy was just grim, which was weird. I did appreciate that we were never kicked out of the Garden Cafe, even when they closed the buffet on that side. We could play cards and enjoy one of the few quiet places. I also liked that NCL doesn't have those flea market style table sales as you walk through the shopping area. Royal needs to copy that. Unfortunately, Getaway has an open casino which reeks of stale smoke. Some passengers ignored the no-smoking rules on open deck areas which was annoying. I guess management doesn't want staff to confront anyone so it went uncorrected. The Waterfront deck is a nice quiet zone but would have been better if it was no-smoking. All in all, they are more similar than not.
  8. Jasukkie


    I will be on the Getaway, first timer on NCL. Debating getting the soda package, leaning towards not at this point because I don't think I would need more than 2 a day, actually mostly just want seltzer and lime but the occasional can of diet cola would be nice,
  9. Jasukkie


    Does the soda package provide soda in cans or only fountain soda?
  10. I'll be on next month. You mentioned the smoking areas being one side of the ship, is that one side of the waterfront or up top, or both? I wish they would give people a contained inside smoking lounge.
  11. More overkill than I do, but you do raise a lot of points to consider. I try to only use my own toilet, but sometimes cabin placement makes that more of a challenge. I carry hand sanitizer to use for the hand contamination that occurs between the buffet entrance and sitting down to eat. I turn away from coughers and leave the area when possible. I also almost never take the elevator, both to get exercise and to avoid crowded spaces.
  12. I forgot to ask this in my original question. Does anyone know the price for a glass of seltzer? How about with a shot of cranberry juice? Just trying to figure out if I need the soda package or if I should just buy by the drink. Also, while on the hydration subject...are there water stations around the ship where you can fill water bottles? How about free hot water for tea? On the subject of the RFID soda cups, they are optional, you can still just use your card and get a soda from a bar or waiter like normal. My daughter had the good fortune to have someone hand her theirs since they knew they would never use it. I've also cruised when we did have the full package, never touched the cup, and then brought it on a subsequent cruise when I didn't have the package. I found the seltzers never ran out in the freestyle machine so it wasn't a problem for me but they definitely need to add more machines. Three locations is not enough.
  13. I will be on Getaway in January, first time on Norwegian. Is the soda package required for seltzer from the gun? 'm guessing yes but just wanted to ask in case that's complimentary. I don't drink soda soda. I'm not interested in the full beverage package. Would San Pellegrino water be included in the soda package? Does Norwegian use the cup with chip system like Royal? Or is it a sticker on the card? Thanks!
  14. I should clarify, group booking as in a family requiring 4 cabins, not an actual "group". It was about $400 per person cheaper for our sailing to go without any perks. Some of us drink more than others but it just made more sense to go without the perks. This is my first NCL cruise, all my previous cruises have been with Royal. I have to say I find this "free offers" structure very confusing.
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