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  1. You can also find a lot of TAs by searching on TikTok or YouTube. Watch their content and if you like them, you can try them out.
  2. Usually, the one category upgrade is factored into the pricing, so likely what your TA sent you is the correct upgraded price. That being said, it doesn't hurt to ask your TA just to confirm.
  3. Then you're lucky because earlier this month on Valiant, I only got a comforter.
  4. You do not have to bring towels from home. If there are no beach towels in your stateroom (I've had it both ways), then just do as suggested and grab one from the pool. Unlike some other lines, you are not required to check out towels.
  5. What they put on the bed is not an actual mattress topper. I asked for this also and I lifted up the bottom sheet to see what had been done. It was just another comforter placed between the mattress and the bottom sheet. It did help a tad, but they are still very uncomfortable IMHO.
  6. Do a google search for "Princess bar menus" and you will be able to see the offerings. I know there are several non-alcoholic cocktails as I have tried many of them, but I can't remember which one was my favorite.
  7. Carlos was on Valiant for Thanksgiving and at that time, her show was still in the Manor, I would love to see this new version!
  8. MSC is the only line I can think of that does this.
  9. I guess the lighting in the YC bathrooms is better than for the rest of us. It's plenty bright, but due to where the mirror is located, there are some odd shadows that get cast making the lighting less than ideal for doing anything that requires precision.
  10. I'm also on this cruise, no propulsion issues, just weather that will make navigating into the channel in Port Canaveral difficult (at least that is what we've been told and we don't seem too be having any speed issues).
  11. Be sure to let your server know that you have a show to get to and they will do everything possible to make sure your dinner ends in time.
  12. It is accurate. We have sailed a B2B on Princess that was sold as one cruise and we did have to disembark when we returned to the embarkation point mid-way through the cruise. I don't recall it being noted that this was going to happen, but I did know about it from research prior to going on the cruise. This will be true of every cruise from the US (I understand the rules are different in Europe). Now as to MSC being disorganized in their process, that may well be true. On Princess, it was a fairly quick and painless procedure.
  13. And aside from there being no light in the mirror, the lighting in the bathroom is not the greatest, so I would suggest that if you rely on a lighted magnifying mirror (as I do) bring your own.
  14. Actually, since he is paid in full, he can no longer transfer to a TA.
  15. We'll be joining you on the 10th. Looking forward to your take on the beginning part of your trip.
  16. The bathroom in the Cheeky Corner suite is much larger than the standard cruise ship bathroom (which do not have the outlets on Virgin). Not that I actually measured, but I wouldn't be surprised if that covered standard outlet was 3 feet from the sink.
  17. That depends on which restaurant you are looking at. Each is prepared slightly differently. Plus, I am not certain how far from Thanksgiving they will be using those special menus.
  18. 60 days is only for Rockstars and Mega Rockstars. Everyone else is 45 days for dining reservations.
  19. The only reason I remember is that for the first time ever, I was able to plug in the charger for my electric toothbrush in the bathroom instead of somewhere in the room itself. Otherwise, I might not have noticed either.
  20. That is not true. We had outlets in our Cheeky Corner Suite bathroom. There was a plate on the wall above the counter that lifted up to expose standard American outlets.
  21. I tried that. I changed it online and still got the same error on the app.
  22. I know I need to get a new phone and I'm hoping that is the only issue here. It's an S8 and it is running Android 9, but can no longer be updated any further. I don't have an NCL cruise until 2025, so I guess that will be my goal for next year to get a new(er) phone.
  23. I don't have any problems logging into the website. It's the app that is giving me problems.
  24. And if you want to book the Sanctuary, that is the first place you must go upon embarkation. You cannot book until you are onboard and it does book up fast. Send the fastest person to go immediately there ASAP.
  25. I have sailed both (Princess 5 times/MSC once but about to be twice). Mini suites don't come with a lot of extras other than a larger room and usually a tub/shower combo. The reserve collection comes with priority embarkation/debarkation, a one time wine set up, evening canapes upon request and a special section of the dining room with added menu items. I think the M + a number is the reserve collection and the M + letter are the regular mini suites. Only differences in the various types are cabin location. All dining on Princess is anytime. You can make reservations in the app or just show up whenever you want. How busy it is will depend on when you go, although if you have the reserve collection there is rarely much of a wait. At a later hour you should have no problems just showing up and requesting a table for two. Personally, I have no problems travelling on any of the Princess fleet, new or old. I think they do a good job of keeping up their ships, but that is a personal preference. The Sanctuary has a cost. $20 for half day, $40 for full day and $30 per day if you book for the whole voyage. I would say on a longer repositioning cruise, the ages of your fellow passengers will skew older with very few if any children. That tends to make most of the ship fairly peaceful.
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