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  1. This is not something that is particular to VV. It can and does happen on ALL cruise lines (and yes, it does happen on other lines even for reasons other than weather or safety). The fact that someone points out the contract does not make them a blind loyalist of any particular line, it just means that they have actually read the contract.
  2. I don't think it is necessarily that commenters are defending this action, they are merely stating the fact that on pretty much any cruise line, the contract that you agree to when you purchase your cruise says that the cruise line can change the itinerary at any time for any reason. This is just the way it is. You may not have read the small print in the cruise contract where this policy is written (and who does read all the small print), but you agreed to it by purchasing the cruise. Whether it is right or wrong is a whole other discussion.
  3. None of the various Carnival brands status match with each other.
  4. Yeah, that is why I tried to differentiate between two concepts. 🙂
  5. The bar tab as a concept is not going away. However, the bar tab as an added "free" promotional part of a cruise is said to be going away. There was another thread on this.
  6. Yes the only benefit of a bar tab is the extra money. If you do not have a bar tab or your tab runs out, it is just charged to your cabin. The loot can be used to pay for excursions, but only once on the ship.
  7. Most travel agents these days work from home. No storefront needed. However, we are not allowed to recommend any on here. I would suggest, when you get on the ship, ask others. Someone may be able to point you in the right direction.
  8. You might want to try calling Sailor Services (or your TA) to try to get them to book your dining for you.
  9. You are absolutely correct, it was the Arena in the Adam Savage video.
  10. Is it possible that the rules regarding taking home the alcohol from your Rockstar/Mega Rockstar cabins are different when sailing out of San Juan vs. Miami? Don't know if this is the case, but that is the only difference I can see.
  11. What are the largest size tables in the MDR? We are on the Sun in October with a large group and are trying to figure how many tables we will need to be divided between.
  12. Even if you don't see the lifts, be sure to inquire as on some ships, they are rolled out of the way until needed.
  13. And they are pretty quick about letting the hold on a cruise go once you hit that 24 hrs.
  14. Make sure you check the price of the standard interior. Upon occasion, it is cheaper or very closely priced to book the standard interior for 1 person vs. the solo interior.
  15. I would pick the choice with 2 days at Denali because generally when you are only there one day it is much harder to upgrade to the Tundra Wilderness tour (which, while it doesn't go as far into the park right now as it used to, still goes farther than the Natural History tour).
  16. Correct me if I'm wrong, but even though the renderings showed the coffee machines in all cabins, from the videos I've seen so far of actual cabins, it seems like they are actually only in the full suites????
  17. As far as I know, Viking is the only line that is completely non-smoking.
  18. I just did this recently, but as we have been moving I cannot guarantee that my memory on the process is entirely correct. 🙃 I think I just went to the dining reservations (even though I am on the Sun in October and can't yet make reservations) and picked a random restaurant. Then I hit the button with the pencil and either used the search function or the little person with a plus sign up in the top right corner and added our friend. It does look like when the time comes to make the dining reservations, I will have to hit the button with the pencil and check her name if she will be joining us for that particular meal. Hopefully, I more or less remembered the correct procedure.
  19. From what we were told, the only time O provides any type of children's activities is for the Alaska sailings. And we were on over Christmas/New Year's and there were 50 children (we were told that was a record even for a holiday sailing) and there were still no specific children's activities. Personally, I would never bring a child on O, unless they were the type of kid that can easily amuse themselves.
  20. Just a little side note, we were on the Sirena (sister to the Nautica) over the holidays and were able to lift the bed up a little and fit our full sized luggage under the bed as it was just the frame that was preventing it from going underneath.
  21. I can't speak specifically on the Emerald Princess, but in general on Princess ships if you avoid the outdoor smoking area and the casino (which as far as I know is the only indoor smoking now that they are getting rid of Churchill's), you should be good. I've never known the whole Piazza (atrium) to be smoky, only the area close to the casino should be avoided.
  22. For those who posted the pricing of the Sanctuary cabanas, do you have any idea how many people can be included in that price?
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