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  1. There are no other options to "replace" cruising---just other vacation ideas that I already do anyway! I do not expect cruising to disappear in my lifetime unless all the water in the world dries up. We are just on pause...
  2. We may be anxious more than tired because we are expecting normalcy in times that are not normal. The world is in upheaval and we are having difficulty negotiating the virus, quarantine, cancellations, job losses, protests, and so forth. But, as we know, the only constant is change. I try to be grateful for all that I have seen and experienced, and all that I possess. I have been blessed not to have had any great incidents of health problems or major economic loss during this time period. Yes, I am sorry my cruise was cancelled and my refund is slow in coming, b
  3. The Covid quarantine is what has really had the most influence on all of our travel plans. I live in Philly and we have had a few weeks of protests, looting and curfews just like Seattle and New York. The protesters are not interested in tourists! As we move into phase yellow (cautious reopening), more people are out working and shopping in previously empty downtown streets. People are able to see some sun and feel a warm breeze instead of being housebound with cold and gloomy weather outside. People who live in big cities and travel to them respect and appreciate their div
  4. WOW! What a bad experience. Technology makes many things easier but can also really, really mess up one's life. Sometimes booking directly online offers no protection, and having that travel agent buffer or a live reservation agent could have really helped with the process. I am not sure why you wanted to book right away in May, but I know many of us are very eager to plan a future vacation. Okay, how are you for money and time? At this point, since you do not want a credit card dispute, and you have been patient on the phone and spoken with supervisors, I think you cou
  5. Very heartbreaking. NY, NJ and MD are the hotspot ports for East Coasters who like to drive, park and cruise! Because it is so cold in the winter, 2021 will probably mean Spring/Summer.
  6. A semi-permanent new normal of constant change with differences!
  7. My travel agency said to wait 90 days so that is what I am doing, and I have only two weeks to go! A long and frustrating process, but I will not let if affect me... Someday I will cruise again!
  8. All of the mainstream cruise lines will welcome children and provide special activities for them, but there is a difference between those programs and making children the center of the cruise experience, similar to Disney. For the most adult and refined experience, I prefer Cunard, and then for more intricate itineraries, I will select Celebrity, Princess or Holland America. If I just want a fun cruise and getaway I choose RC, NCL and Carnival, whichever best fits my calendar and budget. I think loyalty is good, but because I belong to six different cruise line loyalty programs now, I c
  9. I always do the automatic tipping and I just consider it a regular part of the cruise cost. However, I am never really sure how it is divided among staff. Some Americans seem to complain a lot about the tipping charges, and some people from other cultures do not even tip, and do not want to. I think the tipping prices are quite reasonable. Once on board I ask for envelopes from the purser's office and give a nice extra cash tip on the last day to my head waiter, second waiter, wine person, Maitre' D, and my room steward. The amount depends on the cruise length, and service expert
  10. I used to try to always travel for my anniversary and/or birthday(s), but one cannot always predict when the best itineraries or the best prices are offered, so I have become much more flexible. I had booked a RC cruise for a big birthday early April and because of the virus, it was cancelled and I celebrated quietly at home. It was a fun itinerary, full of beaches and sunshine. I enjoy Celebrity for more upscale adventures, such as last year's Greek isles cruise. I try not to worry about my status and just go with what appeals to me for the year. Puerto R
  11. My brother did the cruise in March and it was extremely cold until they arrived in the Caribbean. He has two little children and they insisted going out to the pool even though their teeth were chattering and their lips were turning blue. The cruise staff got a big kick out of watching the two of them every day. You may need to prepare for both cold and hot weather if you like to stroll the decks--similar to an Alaska cruise in summer.
  12. For all those who inquired, the OP also posted this exact same thread in the RC Blog/Message Board Forums and this Cruise Critic RC forum.
  13. If you can afford to cruise, why can't you afford to pay for your own drinks? I find your proposal slimy and dishonest. I notice you are also proposing this same nonsense in the RC forum, but hardly anybody responded. Are you really asking people to give you some kind of support for basic theft? I hope you get caught and banned for life from the cruise line.
  14. I have not been able to keep up with reading with all of the thousands of posts on dozens of websites of people owed money by some type of travel industry entity. The comments have been expanding since mid-March, and some are extremely angry and bitter, which is really bad for one's health, and mental state, and resolves nothing. Also, who is really reading those comments except other travelers? NOT the travel industry workers, who are hanging on by a thread. Okay, I am still short of the 90 days for my RC refund, and I will just wait it out. I have not yet bothered to
  15. Glad the RC refund finally arrived. Still waiting for mine, but no stress. American Airlines refunded my flights in three days. Not sure what is meant by the "poors"--you never know how others spend their money and on what! (My DH prefers skiing over cruising any day of the week--Europe more than Colorado as the vertical drops are greater.) As for me, I find ALL cruise lines quite similar--the only way to truly achieve luxury is to charter or own your own yacht!
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