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  1. Feels like as long as the ships are kept at a reduced capacity, the cases should remain very low and not much of a risk. Can't foresee any cruise upping their capacity limits anytime soon.
  2. I hope so. Too many islands are requiring vaccinated guests only. Why cruise if you can't get off the ship. Another barrier for the cruise lines to deal with.
  3. are you still scheduled to sail at 7pm?
  4. Luckily it's easing up, but the town next to mine in NJ is flooded. Hope everyone arrives safely.
  5. The way the storm is spinning, the worst for NJ and Long Island is expected to be between noon and 6pm. Still think the Oasis sails late out of caution. It's only going to CocoCay, correct?
  6. with now a tropical storm off the NJ coast right now, there's definite concern about sailing tonight.
  7. Anthem's been sailing out of Bayonne since 2015. I think it's time RCL changed ships and had the Spectrum or Odyssey take her place for the 2023-24 Winter season.
  8. surprised there hasn't been a decision made on whether you'll be sailing today? What time is the Oasis scheduled to leave today?
  9. Anthem is still allowing bookings on their Winter cruises out of Bayonne. The itineraries may change, but I still see her coming over in November.
  10. Is there a web cam available to watch her sail in?
  11. With the Delta variant still causing cases to rise and a lot of the Caribbean islands now seeing a rise in cases as well, I wouldn't expect any cruise line to increase their capacity any time soon. It'll be interesting to see itineraries change in October and November again with islands limiting the amount of pax getting off. Don't see Nassau allowing 3 or more ships in at a time until the numbers start to decrease. Same for St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Aruba, etc.
  12. Tsunami of the Seas Rouge Wave of the Seas Carnival of the Seas Princess of the Seas
  13. I'm just thrilled they're still cruising. Everyone wanted cruises back up and running and really didn't expect things like this to be in place? Be thankful cruises are still happening and haven't had to be shutdown again.
  14. I might switch to the Enchantment out of Baltimore with her 8-day cruises. Back in the day, I did a few 8-day cruises out of Bayonne or New York in the winter and the majority of the cruise is in the cold. The only hope is that the Vision is doing it's 10 & 11-day cruises soon.
  15. No word if the Anthem is coming over this October to Cape Liberty either. Her winter cruises seem like they'll be cancelled at this point.
  16. Any info on if the Anthem will be sailing from Cape Liberty this winter?
  17. I've done one HAL cruise and have cruised with HAL "regulars" while on Royal Caribbean and Carnival. They come off very privileged and uptight. I skimmed through that thread of Nieuw Amsterdam's first sailing and it appears the main issue is there being no paper menus in the MDR. Older folks tend to not have smart phones and can't scan a QR code. So there's the issue. I'm sure due to the high amount of complaints, HAL will begin to offer paper menus soon upon request.
  18. really like the decor of the Mardi Gras. I was wondering if there's any nod or tribute to the original Mardi Gras on the ship?
  19. anyone sailing on their cruise today?
  20. any update if she's sailing today?
  21. Wasn't expecting them to sail. Let's see what happens tomorrow.
  22. Actually, they can't go to Canada. Not until November. Odds are it could just be Cozumel & Ocho Rios with the Cozumel stop going until 9pm or so.
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