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  1. I've cruised out of Tampa twice and I'd rather sail out of there than Miami or Port Canaveral.
  2. If RCCL wants to continue to have a ship sail out of Baltimore and Tampa, they need a smaller ship. I see most of their older/smaller ships gone in the next 3-5 years.
  3. Agreed about Johnny Rockets. Just remove it from the ship already. Overpriced and not good at all. Did you wait long for your food at Brass & Bock? On my January cruise, the food took over 30 minutes due to only one cook in the kitchen during lunch. Granted its the best burger on the ship, but the wait time is crazy. @VernRDH
  4. FYI, the longer Odyssey cruises in January 2026 have already had several price hikes. Just a heads up.
  5. the longer cruises on the Odyssey for January 2026, are, more or less, the same as 2025.
  6. Wondering about the Odyssey January 2026 longer cruises. Hoping for a slight difference in itinerary.
  7. Any leaks of the Odyssey longer sailings for January 2026?
  8. nope. her itineraries don't show up on cruisemapper.com either. Tampa port schedule has her listed though. Neither Key West or Cozumel lists her.
  9. I cruise to enjoy unique foods that I normally wouldn't have at home. Occasionally I'd have something typical that I could get at home due to the unsatisfying menu. The MDR was mostly fine on my recent Anthem cruise. Only bad meal choices were the prime rib(very fatty and tough) and my Dad's pork chop. Also, the daily chicken breast was very dry according to my brother & mom. Ultimately, the big disappointment was the Windjammer and their lack of variety for both breakfast and lunch. I tend to be easy on the post-cruise survey, but was very honest about the Windjammer.
  10. The Happy hour unlimited free drinks from 5pm-8pm is gone for all ships, correct? I remember on the Jewel in 2019, some people would get trashed during those 3 hours. The liquor also appeared watered down during that time frame.
  11. probably. I've been there when they had 4 ships. it's a zoo. I also remember back in the day they built the second pier to get more ships in. I don't think St. Kitts could handle more than 4 ships.
  12. I see the ship is anchored off the harbor in St Kitts today. Anyone know why she didn't dock? Looks like there's two small boats alongside it.
  13. Royal has ample new ships entering their fleet. Time to retire the Grandeur(28 years old). Shortly to follow would be the Rhapsody, Enchantment & Vision. What's sad to think is that the Voyager-class is shortly to follow. All four probably don't get scrapped, but sold elsewhere.
  14. Crown Lounge is good if you want/need a quick breakfast without the crowds(bagel, parfait, muffin). Love the free lattes/cappuccinos. Pre-dinner Horsey Derves are fine some days, otherwise it's just basic, heated finger foods. I've gone in on bad weather days during the day to read because it's quite, but on the Anthem it's right next to the Music Hall. So sometimes it's not that quite.
  15. I don't mind the hot tubs when it's cold outside. But Odyssey will lose two outdoor areas when it's cold and also three bars. The Solarium bar will be jammed during the day when it's cold out. I'll likely hang out up in Playmakers though.
  16. yep, sailed on Explorer in January 2014 with snow on the outside decks. was fun watching it slowly melt on the first sea day.
  17. Agreed about the food in the Windjammer on the Anthem. Was just on her and everything was repeatative. Nothing interesting and their "daily special" was far from special. Zero variety and they had a station at lunch time service breakfast foods. Ate mostly in the Solarium for breakfast and 270 for lunch. Got deals at Chops and Jamie's for lunch as well.
  18. Anthem is coming up on ten years old and heading to dry dock. After just getting off of her, she needs some work done. Johnny Rockets can go away and they can add Playmakers up in the Seaplex. After that, we'll welcome her back out of Bayonne in the Winters.
  19. going on the Odyssey next Jan. Just got off the Anthem but someone that's Diamond+ said the vouchers can be used on pitchers of beer. you just pay the difference. anyone else tried recently?
  20. Currently on the Anthem. The next cruise specialist I talked to said she's fairly certain the Odyssey will return for the Winter sailings of 2025-26.
  21. And it wasn't crowded at all. Anthem is the lone ship at Crown Bay. I believe there's two ships at the other pier.
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