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  1. Josh Leibowitz: "These voyages are open to all guests that have been vaccinated and our intent is for our team to be vaccinated as well." Sorry, but that's not exactly an ironclad promise that all SB personnel will be vaccinated. https://youtu.be/K5DCVVF7rD4
  2. A: "Opening the boarders" Q: How does Seabourn check pax to confirm they've received their Bill Gates microchip implant vaccine?
  3. Carnival corporate hedging, bobbing and weaving: Carnival Corp., which oversees Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America, Princess Cruises, Cunard and other lines, would make the call for whether or not it would require vaccines in the U.S. “We are not taking a position on mandating vaccines at this time,” reads a statement from Carnival Corp. “We continue to closely monitor the evolving situation with vaccines globally and the issue has many complexities – including issues such as who has access to vaccines; children and vaccines; varying degrees of vaccine protection;
  4. This was published March 15th and may only reflect the view of the author (a Carnival shareholder) at this time, but it appears Motley Fool has changed their view. Will Carnival Survive the COVID-19 Crash? Mar 27, 2020 at 9:57AM Conclusion: Based on the obligations Carnival has ahead, it has a challenging future, and investors buying now may simply be buying a sinking ship. They should be on the lookout for better-positioned companies in the market. More from the article: Here are Carnival's debt maturities by year as of Nov. 30,
  5. Those of us fortunate enough to still have enough occasionally unruly hair, particularly in combination with bald spots needing sun protection, find caps/hats extremely useful and frankly preferable in appearance to the alternative (sweaty hat hair? yuck!) when returning indoors on a hot and/or windy day. That something so trifling causes offense sufficient for complaint is really quite sad. Relatedly, I've never understood why resort quality shorts in the evening, outside of the dining rooms, when traveling in the tropics is inappropriate. If it's appropriate for say a Four Season
  6. Seabourn comedy stylings, July 2019... "While every bartender on board is well-versed in the art of classic and contemporary cocktail-making, the line’s mixology program created through a partnership with world-renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern keeps recipes fluid and intriguing, with local spirits – limoncello from Sorrento, for instance, or single malt Scotch from micro-distillers in Scotland – often fashioned into drinks that are reflective of the regions guests are traveling through. Whatever the beverage, Seabourn’s service staff are kept at the top of their
  7. If they're putting people who can't properly make a top shelf margarita (not a complicated drink) behind the bar, perhaps the Beverage Manager is part of the problem, rather than a solution.
  8. I suspect that RC, where bar service is a revenue generator instead of a cost center, has more competent, attentive bar staffing. Evidently, basic competence (let alone attentiveness) is now an unreasonable ask on SB.
  9. Concur. Lately we've been avoiding LAX even if it means taking one-stop flights. If the layover time is reasonable it's much less stressful than getting to and dealing with LAX. Another option is John Wayne Airport about 25 miles south of the LA/LB cruise terminals. American, Delta and United all have service there and adjacent Newport Beach / Costa Mesa is a much nicer area to stay for a day or two if you're flying in early.
  10. We have occasionally used GoSedan for executive sedan transfers to/from LAX. Competitively priced and reliable. By all appearances TPTB at LAX aggressively and gleefully seek to make the entire airport ever more user unfriendly. https://gosedan.com/
  11. In fairness, there's not a lot of tech talent in the Seattle area.
  12. Fyi I just received a Chase Offers email and it says credits should on your statement in 7-14 business days.
  13. Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm happy to provide generous gratuities for good and/or extraordinary service whenever it's customary, usual and appropriate. Indeed, my chief concern here is at least the appearance of blurring the lines of what's expected and appropriate on Crystal such that guests must concern themselves with not being inappropriate when making special requests. I do think, however, that on a luxury all-inclusive line, management should be concerned that staff accepting gratuities in advance of and as impetus for extraordinary service is a slippery slope.
  14. This is a disappointing anecdote made a bit more disturbing by the fact that there's been no comment or concern expressed about it here. Is this now "consistently" a customary, usual and expected practice aboard Crystal?
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