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  1. Thanks for sharing! On the Edge 2/23 just a few more days to go!
  2. Have her just go! She will get pampered and have a great time. No cooking, cleaning, just have drink in hand at all times!
  3. lauraapp


    We Hate Tourism Tours are great!
  4. Awesome review! Thanks for sharing! Who was the cruise director! Leave in 4 weeks for the Edge can't wait!
  5. Are there car rentals that will pick you up at the port or do you need to go to airport?
  6. There are just two of us. Will there be shuttles running from the airport to FLL cruiseport? Do you need to make reservation?
  7. Hasvthus been verified by someone on board? I was told it was a rumor and untrue.
  8. Hope to get more accurate detail from Diamonds and plus onboard.
  9. I just got off phone with Crown and Anchor and they said there has not been any change in the nightly Diamond Event. They were also curious of what email someone had received.
  10. No a few months ago...I wouldn't have booked otherwise.
  11. My friend who was recently on the Majesty said there was a section of the Viking Crown Lounge roped off for Diamond and above from 5-8:30.
  12. This is really upsetting. Booked for May 2020 and I would not have booked if this was the case. I was told DL was set up in Viking Crown!
  13. I have 4 cruises booked with RCCL and only one shows up in my cruise planner. I don't see how to add the others...help please!
  14. Hi Nancy Greek Isles cruise sounds really nice I will have to take a look at that one. i will keep watching for TA. Laura
  15. Recently someone posted dailies with shows at 7 and 9
  16. Will there be people at the port that offer tours or transport to Cinque Terre?
  17. Hi Mike Let me know if you see something. Laura
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