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  1. L O V E D anthem. Had been on Oasis twice before and didn’t realize how big she was until we were on Anthem. Getting around is much faster. Still tonnes to do. Fewer dining options - but we were never left wanting somewhere to go or something to eat. 270 is awesome. Kids loved iFly (so did we). Bumper cars were a hit (I was skeptical about them). And the staff. I cannot say enough about how incredibly friendly every crew member was that we encountered. The atmosphere and energy from staff was amazing.
  2. We always have brought our cards (deluxe package) and sometimes they swipe and sometimes they don’t. On Oasis they have us a slip to sign EVERY time. On Anthem we never signed a chit.
  3. We didn’t receive any notices about our itinerary change on eastern either. Neither did my TA. I knew it was probably coming so kept an eye on it. So odd that they weren’t sent - I know they have my email on file.
  4. We had two in our 2BR GS - but I have long thick hair and was thankful to have brought my own. Having said that if my hair were as short as it was a few years ago the in-board ones would have been perfect 🙂. Have fun! That’s a great rom - we absolutely loved it.
  5. Are you saying they’re not going to St Thomas any more? We sail dec 8 on Allure and lost St. Kitts to SJ (totally bites) and now we may lose St. Thomas too?!? Would be okay if we go to Tortola - but Nassau would be a double negative whammy
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about it. If your kids are well behaved and not climbing the walls it shouldn't be an issue. And if someone has a meltdown and you have to leave... then maybe your meal could be packed up. We bring our boys to all the restaurants (ages 11 and 9) and have always done. We plug them into their devices and enjoy our dinner. Alternatively they can always try the kids club while you go for a nice meal. All the specialty restaurants have kids' menus, so they know families will be bringing kids in.
  7. 270 Cafe for food - all kinds of sandwiches and desserts - and nice view aft. Then bumper cars for kids is a perfect call. We did Anthem last week and the first day was the least busy for bumper cars. Get there maybe 20 minutes early? Super fun.
  8. Has anyone done the “Cococay all day snorkeling at your leisure” excursion? I’m wondering if anyone can go snorkel in that area (we have own gear) or are participants taken somewhere off shore? We have an all day cabana at the water slides so I’m not inclined to pay for all day snorkelling - but my son is snorkel-crazy so I’m keen to get him an opportunity to have some time in the water with something to see. thanks in advance
  9. We've done both Disney and Cruised with our boys,(on Royal, Princess and DCL). Our first cruise was with our eldest when he was 9 months old. I was terrified that it was going to be awful, but it was a fantastic week. The ships do a great job with offering activities for the littler ones. The splash pad is good for them at this age. I would suggest booking a room with a balcony if you can swing it. We made GREAT use of it when he went to sleep and one of us had to be in the room with him, both at night and for afternoon naps. We would sit outside and watch a movie together on the tablet in the evening, or during the day the balcony was great to chill our and read a book. The staff are amazing with the little ones and he had "girlfriends" in every dining venue we went to, and they fussed over him and he loved it. We've since cruised with him (and now his younger brother) almost every year. They're now 9 and 11 and cruising is part of their lives and they love it. As far as excursions go - we just take our kids to the beach. We always get an umbrella or clamshell so we have shade for them (made napping easier if they were tired as they could chill right there with us and we could have a bit of a rest too!). Be sure to make use of the complimentary breakfast in your room - a great way to start the day with a little coffee for parents and cereal, milk, and fruit to get the day started. Kids clubs are great when they're young, and if your little one will go - try and have a dinner with just the two of you one night. As the kids have grown we've actually found our cruises less relaxing as we are constantly trying to keep up with the boys - when they're little some things are more work, but there's also more "forced" relaxation time as they nap more and aren't wanting to run all over the ship. It's a different experience each time we go and our family loves it. We first went to DisneyWorld when they were 5 and 7 and I cannot imagine spending that amount of money if they can't do the rides. Even at 5 my son finally caved and rode in a stroller - it's a big venture for little ones. They loved it, but when we took them back at 7 and 9 they loved it even more and in hindsight I might have waited until they were a bit older. Either way, however, family time is family time and you'll have fun!
  10. I use this link for port schedules also. http://crew-center.com/cruise-ships-ports-schedules-2019
  11. We are sailing in December on Allure and paid 69 CAD for a full day pass at the water park.
  12. I can’t understand why anyone would care if you went with them. If you’re all in there terminal it’s not as if the ship is leaving without you. 🤣 a family that cruises together is a happy family
  13. We cruise on anthem July 18 and no shows are available to book yet. So frustrating.
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