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  1. Thank you, can't wait to board her on Saturday.
  2. Quick update, response back from 'elsewhere' and the last 6 digits is on your boarding pass. Its the barcode at the top of the page.
  3. It still exists on the P&O website, however this will probably return once there are more than 1 formal night per cruise and cruises longer than 7 nights.
  4. Iona has been marketed throughout its build as only having 1 formal night per week, so would only have been 'Black Tie'.
  5. Yes, you are correct. On Britannia Sindhu, Epicurean and Limelight all had to be booked in advance once onboard. Horizon, MDR's and I believe Glasshouse were all queue/virtual queue. Not sure on Iona as there are more pay to eat venues, but as above for sure I would think. Quite possibly it is anywhere that has set dining times would need booking, where as venues that served food all day and are in a general passenger walk through area, would be walk up/virtual queue like Glasshouse and Keel and Cow. Just my take on this.
  6. I have queried that post elsewhere, as from my personal experience of the 'app', you need to input the last 6 digits from the bottom of your cabin key card. And our cabin cards were waiting for us in the post box outside our cabin. Not sure if they actually booked anything, or could only see it on the 'app'.
  7. From memory, I thought they were having fireworks at the christening, but the bad weather stopped that. They may still have them ready to let loose.(The display company I mean)
  8. I do hope not, still time to cancel our booking!!!🤣
  9. We had priority due to having a suite. We were ushered to the front of the ques for testing at the terminal. After we had our negative results, the priority chick in line is still active, and we used this. Also we were shown into the priority boarding area once checked in at the desk. Although no drinks etc I believe you used to get. After that once security opened, the priority area passengers were ushered through before opening up to the other passengers. And also, the time shown on your e-tickets etc are not boarding times, they are arrival times at the terminal or CPS test
  10. Probably more because she pleaded guilty and he pleaded innocent. The courts tend to take this into account.
  11. As an update to this thread, I have just phoned P&O to book a gift for on board our Iona maiden next week. After reading all the comments was expecting a very long wait. Total call time from dialling to hanging up after a very pleasant chat and payment 16 minutes.
  12. We had B723, 1 deck down and towards the centre. All the same extras as per the video, with a rectangular balcony and you can see the aft of the ship. I believe the primary purpose of the glass canopies was to stop the soot accumulation on these balconies, as I had read previously in the wrong wind conditions you could not use them due to getting covered in soot from the stacks. On one day we did have a slight smell of soot, but nothing on the balcony. Nice wide balcony for B723 & B724. IMG_0666.MOV
  13. Yes, we had a B deck aft suite. I did also look at some other decks out of curiosity, and they were also blocked.
  14. Under guest presenters for the maiden, you can book Stephanie Beacham for Friday 13th at 2pm.
  15. On Britannia last week, the passenger decks were closed between mid and aft lift areas for isolation cabins on both sides of the ship.
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