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  1. I have bought them for friends and family as Christmas gifts. They are not linked to anyone in particular.
  2. Definitely call again. I got it all back, since Carnival cancelled, not me. $1000 is a hefty sum, so it would be worth the call, I would think.
  3. Firefly 333, it must depend on your PVP or whatever agent you talk to. We were required to pay a new deposit (and then received a refund of our OLD deposit, on my credit card). Looks like it would've been easier to just transfer it...
  4. I asked the same question of my PVP, after receiving a similar email. He said to ignore it. No cancellation penalties would be charged.
  5. I will definitely do this! Unfortunately, with the latest round of cancellations, it is SWAMPED. My new cruise isn't until 2021, so I guess I'll try to be a little more patient...😣!
  6. JaxsMama, thanks for the suggestion. My obc is showing up, but still no FCC. At least I know part of it has been done. I guess I need to call Carnival. Maybe I need a new PVP.😧
  7. Right! That's what I'm trying to do. FCC with $600 obc on my new cruise, scheduled for next year. However, after speaking with my PVP twice, it's still not transferred. It's been several weeks.
  8. You understood perfectly. My cruise manager indicates that I owe the full amount, so nothing has been transferred as FCC. That's the problem. I don't need a refund, just apply the FCC.
  9. I like to plan something at a "new" port. We are close to Diamond cruisers, so for most ports we already know what we want to do. Next year we are planning a cruise to Hawaii, so we'll most likely plan an excursion at each port of call. All of them are new to us, and we want to see and do as much as possible!
  10. Our Med cruise was cancelled, and I elected to have the FCC and OBC option. I paid for the entire (cancelled) cruise and Fly2Fun with Carnival gift cards (discounted AARP). When booking a new cruise (Hawaii 2021), I asked my PVP if the gift cards would just transfer to FCC for the new cruise. He said he THOUGHT they would, but would check with the department that deals with gift card issues, to be sure. Long story short, two weeks later my reservation still shows me with the complete balance due. I called him to find out if and when that would update and he still had no answer. Has anyon
  11. October 16, 2021...Hawaii (fingers crossed!)
  12. We've cruised at Thanksgiving and Easter. I recall the traditional turkey dinner as an option in the dining room. During Easter, there was a non-denominational service offered, with scripture readings by passengers and crew, along with some spiritual music. This past year, we cruised a little over a week before Christmas. There were many festivities, including tree lighting, singing, many appearances by the Grinch, gingerbread house displays, and holiday decor.
  13. We did the same thing. Our cruise and Fly2Fun (Europe!) was paid with gift cards. I, too, think cruising will continue, but with major modifications. I believe there will be less "self-serve", better air filtration, and enhanced screening of passengers.
  14. I'm still getting emails about my cruise Carnival cancelled. It's still showing final payment due on my Carnival login page, too. I guess the system is still overwhelmed and hasn't updated, yet.
  15. According to the fine print at the bottom of the offer, the FCC can only be used for ONE booking. We, too, have a significantly higher balance than any other cruise we are considering. Cancelling a European cruise with air (Fly2Fun) gives us FCC of close to $5000! I guess we'll look at expensive rooms and Journey cruises...but it would've been nice to book a second room for family OR take two cruises.
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