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  1. It's one of the nicer obstructed view rooms which fall BETWEEN the lifeboats. We've had this type of room before, which is very nice for the price!
  2. I appreciate the explanations in this post. I'm CLOSE to Diamond (with already booked cruises, 14 more days), and have been wondering how the one time upgrade worked. I'm looking forward to the specialty dining and Diamond event, too. My husband and I use the free laundry service offered in Platinum. I rarely have any laundry to do when we get home! Love it!
  3. We're using my husband's Milestone cruise OBC on a cruise to the Med next summer, since it's a longer and more expensive one. He took his 25th last summer, but we were waiting to apply it when he could get more OBC for it. When I called the Milestone number, the gentleman asked if I also had Milestone credit to apply (and if so, did I want to use it). I told him that I had already blown mine on another cruise, since I reached Milestone before my husband. So, apparently they WILL let both parties use it, if both have earned it.
  4. I burned the rest of my points on Tuesday. Two $500 cards have been shipped, according to my email.
  5. Go into "Manage My Cruise", as if you are going to print your documents. If it has been applied, it will show up there.
  6. This helps SO much! You definitely answered a question for me.
  7. So lovely! Thanks for taking time to compose and post.
  8. Thanks for this beautiful video! We leave on Saturday for our Danube River cruise, stopping at each of the featured locations.
  9. Music to my ears!!! We sail the 21st from Budapest...
  10. If you wish to use it onboard, just go to guest services and have it applied to your sail and sign card. I've never had luck adding it at one of the kiosks, but guest services takes care of it every time. It will be used for whatever you spend onboard, including gratuities (if not paid in advance). As mentioned above, you can also spend it ahead of time by prepaying grats, purchasing anything from the Carnival webpage, and paying off the fare.
  11. Chengkp75, as always, your expertise and informative answers are appreciated!
  12. Great news! Thanks for keeping us informed.
  13. Hey there! I think we'll be on the same cruise! We're flying into Budapest (leaving the 20th) to sail on the 21st of July. After the cruise, we have 3 days in Prague. Looking forward to meeting you!
  14. Very informative! Our first river cruise is less than a month away!
  15. We did Bermuda Byways tour, as well. The owner (and driver), Heidi, is able to customize the tour to your preference. She gave us lots of time to wander and take pictures at Horseshoe Bay. It was an outstanding tour, and I highly recommend contacting her!
  16. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what's happening! We are supposed to be on the same cruise July 20th. Getting nervous, at this point. I know we have a month, but it's still concerning.
  17. Thanks for the heads up! I ordered 2 $500 gift cards to use some of my many points. Planning on using the rest next month! When Verizon discontinued their rewards program (changed it to something worthless!), I regretted not using up all of my points on the Carnival gift cards. We cruise multiple times a year, and always at 10% off, thanks to these discounts.
  18. Half Moon Cay is my idea of a perfect beach. St. Martin also has gorgeous beaches. Snorkeling is wonderful in St. John USVI. We've gone there from a stop in St. Thomas (by shore excursion or ferry).
  19. My thought, exactly SCCruisers! We are booked on the same cruise, 2/3/2020. We JUST DID the Nassau/Princess Cay itinerary this past February, so won't likely want to do it again! If we still qualified for the 100 dollar OBC per person (like the 2019 cruisers are getting), I would consider it, though.
  20. I purchased the week long spa pass on the Magic. There's a limit to how many of these passes they sell, so you may want to book it in advance.
  21. Caripoo, we booked the entire package, including flights, through Gate 1. It's our first river cruise (and only second time to Europe), so we went with the "safe" choice. My husband and I recently retired, so we anticipate more travel in our future. Perhaps next time we will see Budapest in a more leisurely fashion.
  22. Nine is greater than seven! For essentially the same price, you get two extra days. We sailed the Med with Carnival when the Destiny was revamped into the Sunshine. BEST. Cruise. Ever! Regardless of your choice...congrats and happy sailing!
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