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  1. Thanks for the info. Looks like my 1 extra day will not be an issue.
  2. Thanks, please update if you learn anything else. Hope you are having an enjoyable cruise.
  3. It is my understanding that Avalon will pay for and administer the required Covid test prior to returning to the USA. We plan on staying an additional day post cruise, does anyone know if that test will still be valid? Can't get through to Avalon, their CS is overwhelmed for obvious reasons,,,,,thought someone here might know....
  4. I'm booked & Bulgaria just put USA on RED Civid list banning Americans without quarantine. I'm wondering if cruise will be cancelled?? Anyone have any insight?
  5. 2022 and 2023 are indeed available. MSC Poesia sails from Barcelona on 1/7/23
  6. Does anyone know the expected date MSC will announce the itinerary for it's 2024 World Cruise?
  7. Sailing on the Getaway on Baltic Cruise next year, checked reservation and was already assigned a cabin.
  8. I think it is probably too soon to see excursions as they just announced this cruise a few days go.
  9. They will schedule you to arrive in time for the cruise but you are on your own if flight is delayed. Yes, I have cancelled NCL air before final payment & you retain all other perks.
  10. Sometimes it's a good deal & sometimes not. You could book the cruise with airfare and cancel the airfare portion before final payment if you find a better price or routing. You will also likely have to pay for checked bags if the airline charges, so add that into the cost. If you want to fly in early or stay after your cruise, there is a limit to 2 days prior or after the cruise & you will be charged a deviation fee of ($25-$50). Be aware that NCL will buy the cheapest ticket and it might involve a non-direct route where a direct non stop route may be available. Lots to consider.
  11. You can verify the price of the cruise if you do a mock booking on NCL.com, but it does sound like they are adding the gratuities for the drink and dining package. I don't think you will have any problem getting drinks whenever or where ever you want without waiting .
  12. NCL, if your reading this, please give some consideration to sailing a World Cruise. I'm ready to book!
  13. I believe the upgrade fee goes down everyday of the cruise. So by the time you go through your 500 minutes you will likely be well into your cruise...and pay less then what NCL wants upfront.
  14. Cruisefirst are new certificates usually sold by travel agents for $150. at the time of booking. Maybe you bought one?
  15. I booked a cruise yesterday. The 10% was applied at the time of booking. The total fare was $2715. & the 10% discount was $257. representing the cruise price less taxes, fees. I used 2 Cruise Next certs. as well. Doesn't sound right to wait till end of year to apply coupon..... I see you are booking internationally, so maybe there are different terms?
  16. Thanks, I guess that answers my question!
  17. I did not book a handicap cabin. I don't think that these cabins should show as available to book unless the traveler indicates that as accessible cabin is required.
  18. If I book a cruise that costs $1000. and I apply a 10% off coupon to bring the cost down to $900. and the price of the cruise drops $100 to $900., can I get a repricing or do I have to wait till the cruise drops to below the price I actually paid($900)? Anybody know?
  19. I was chatting with an NCL agent to find out the SF of cabins 5140,5138 on the Getaway as they look much larger then the other oceanviews. The agent indicated that these cabins can not be booked unless you need a wheelchair. The NCL site appears to allow me to book these cabins without any warnings about needing to be disabled. So I come here for the truth....
  20. I'm looking at an September 2022 Baltic cruise on the Getaway and the prices look quite reasonable.
  21. Seems reasonable to me for now considering the state of the pandemic
  22. The Baltic 2022 cruise I have been following dropped approx. $100.pp overnight with the latest "sale".
  23. Starting to plan a world cruise, probably for 2024. I would prefer to book on a cruise line like NCL because I enjoy the relaxed, anytime cruising experience. Looks like most of the cruise lines that do world cruises are a bit more formal than NCL. These are the cruise lines doing world cruises: Oceania Viking Holland American P & O Cunard MSC Princess Regent Crystal Costa Seabourn What are your thoughts and recommendations?
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