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  1. I had just come off of a 6 month deployment over the fall/winter/spring after Sept 11th, and decided I needed a vacation. The base had an office that sold discount travel tickets, and I saw an ad for a 7-night Mexican Riviera cruise for a good rate in Sept 2002.. Decided to book it and the rest was history. 40+ cruises later and I still love it.
  2. My last cruise was a 7-day cruise that left on 7 March 2020. Departing cruises were cancelled when we were on our way back to Port Canaveral. Very strange to get off of a ship and have no one waiting to board.
  3. I've learned something new then - didn't even know you could use AOL to access Cruise Critic! Glad you got it figured out.
  4. My stars still show up - unless the site logs me out. Which it seems to be doing much more frequently and randomly since the update. So just double check that you're still logged in?
  5. Can only answer the transportation part of the question for you - it's a black car service just for you and your guest. The contracted driver will coordinate with you and work on your schedule. It's your choice if you want transportation to/from the airport or to/from your hotel. Since I like to fly in a day prior and stay an extra day post-cruise, I've chosen to and from the hotel. Both times I've used the service, they used black luxury SUVs and provided little touches like bottled water, gum, snacks, etc. Tipped each driver $20 since I'm not sure how much the driver actually gets. Hope that
  6. Maybe we'll see you on board! I added a 3rd leg for a total of 29 days (with a 3 day break between the first two). Haven't sailed on Splendor yet, so I'm looking forward to it! Happy to see someone get an Echo offer - I've heard about them, but haven't received one - yet. Looking forward to seeing if you get any good answers.
  7. 29 days or so on Splendor in Australia in summer 2022. Figured if we're flying all the way to Australia, may as well make a huge trip of it. We'll do a week or so in Sydney, then 11 days on the ship, then 3 days on land in Sydney (figured we'd skip the 3-day party cruise Splendor is doing then), then 18 days on the ship. All in one of the 'bowling alley' balcony cabins, all comped by the casino with plenty of OBC and free play in the casino. Considering adding another on just for funsies.
  8. No worries. I do hope you are back to cruising soon! I'm looking forward to seeing how things go, and reading trip reports from initial cruisers. I'll likely give it a month or so once cruising re-starts, and then hop on a last-minute cruise - that's one of the best perks of living in Florida!
  9. Please don't think I'm worrying myself silly about covid 19 - I've had a great time on all of my cruises, including the last one in March just before every cruiseline started cancelling. I'm retired - I also relax on cruises just fine. I explained my reasons above when msears asked why I was cancelling - not sure how that turned into me being an uptight worrywart who is unable to relax. 😆 I'm itching to get back to cruising; but I am a realist and am just tired of getting my hopes up and then having another cruise cancel. Trust me, as soon as the ships start sailing, I'll be on one shortly th
  10. I do think it will be cancelled, and I don't make a habit of believing random internet people (although I'm sure Deadzone is a perfectly lovely person). He/she specifically said he/she is assuming and speculating, so why would I put faith in that? Florida (where I live) just basically reopened everything recently - so I expect COVID infections to go up even more here, especially with the holidays coming up. Additionally, there have been changes for the worse with some family members' health recently, and it's just better that I don't take that risk just now. I'm just playing it safe and gettin
  11. Thanks for the response! I'm canceling today - no sense in making final payment when it will likely be canceled anyway.
  12. Thank you! I saw that after I posted here. Craziness. Sadly, I'm canceling as I'd rather not make final payment on a cruise that is highly likely to cancel. 😕
  13. Was this the 13 December Riviera sailing? I was also booked on that one, but haven't received any notification it was cancelled!
  14. Thanks for asking the question, OP. I'll be following along as I'm in the same boat. No pun intended. My comped JS on Harmony just got cancelled - it was such a great deal that I'd hate to have to just give it up and take the refund.
  15. Yep. Just got a text canceling my Nov cruise. No surprise there.
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