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  1. HAH! If I were friends with Eddie Van Halen, I'd have thrown the name in there. 😜 Nope, just a normal guy who didn't want to miss attending a concert in the US, and didn't want to miss all of the shows on the charter cruise we were on either. His wife stayed on the ship, since he had some tight connections - she would have been able to pack up his stuff and get it home if he missed any of his flights or if the ship had been unable to make it to GSC. I just shared my friend's story to let the OP know that yes, you can coordinate with NCL to leave the cruise early.
  2. He flew back to the Bahamas, and had pre-arranged a boat to take him to the smaller private dock on the other side of GSC (then obviously took a tender back to the ship). It was expensive, a hassle, and time consuming, but trust me - he did it.
  3. I would call NCL back and keep asking until you get someone who can help you. We have a friend who departed an NCL cruise in Nassau, flew back to the US for a concert, then flew back to the Bahamas and re-boarded the ship at Great Stirrup Cay to complete the cruise. (And yes, I know for a fact that it happened because we were on the same cruise and thought he was crazy. 😜 ) It was a huge hassle with getting it approved, but it was definitely formally approved by NCL pre-cruise. BTW, this was in 2016.
  4. I sailed on Horizon in November, and the food was fantastic. On debarkation morning, I had my typical eggs benedict in the MDR - it was easily the best eggs benedict I've ever had. I was floored! It was that good. Everything about Horizon impressed me - and I haven't been impressed by Carnival in quite a while. Hoping to sail on her again this year at some point.
  5. I generally eat very lightly on the day of the Chef's Table, then eat all of the small apps/amuse-bouches, but only about half of the larger courses. It lets me taste everything and not totally hate myself when I'm done. 😂
  6. Nice to see her still sailing! I sailed on her 3 or 4 times (including her last-ever Carnival sailing) and loved everything about the ship. Her crew was one of the best I've ever sailed with. Thanks for the memories!
  7. I guess it depends on if you're a resident of a state that allows missed port coverage. You absolutely could have made some cash on this cruise if you had that type of policy.
  8. There are some policies that will pay you a set amount for each port missed - regardless of financial loss/out of pocket costs. Unfortunately for me, those policies aren't 'valid' for residents of Florida (and various other states). But I've got a friend in Mississippi who gets one every cruise, and has had some excellent payouts based on each member of his family getting paid for each missed port!
  9. One note for Epic - the Humidor is for cigar smoking only. In December (and February), there are multiple signs on the doors and inside stating that cigarette smoking is not allowed there. Crew also frequently walked through and told folks. Great spreadsheet, by the way!
  10. In the same 'small world' vein: thanks to FB, most of my friends know I love to cruise and frequently message me for advice. A few years ago, a close friend and roommate from my very early Air Force days (who I hadn't seen in 20+ years) messaged me with questions. I gave her what advice I could, and answered her questions - but never mentioned what ship/dates I was sailing next. So imagine my surprise when, as I'm travelling to the port for my next cruise, she messaged me on FB and mentioned she finally was going on a cruise with her mom - and it was the exact same one I was getting ready to board! We had the best time catching up on the ship, and it is still the biggest surprise I've ever had while cruising!
  11. Third recommendation for Pig & Anchor. I ate lunch there on embarkation day in November, and was the only one there! Such a nice break from the crowded lido deck, and GREAT food.
  12. My mom and I (both platinum) signed up for the ship's tour at the Cruise Next desk on Epic in December, and asked if my sister-in-law (silver, and in the same cabin) could join us. We were told no in no uncertain terms. Maybe it's dependant on the ship and person working the desk, but we were told only platinum and up were allowed.
  13. You should be ok even if you book at embarkation. We're just off the Epic 2 days ago, and Oman ran the Haven perfectly. At check in, he has printed sheets of paper with the ports of call and times, specialty restaurants, and show times. You essentially check off or fill in what you'd like to book, and he'll take care of it immediately. We couldn't book Teppanyaki or Moderno pre-cruise, but had no problems getting the dates and times we wanted on board. Enjoy your sailing on Epic - we LOVED our Haven experience on her!
  14. On Epic last week, it was $14.95 - but only at Maltings. They were my go-to cocktail. Which was reflected by the bartender starting to mix them as I walked up to the bar. 😂
  15. BirdTravels is correct. I called in early January to see what my offer was for an Epic sailing last week. I was offered a spa mini-suite, and asked about upgrading to a spa Haven suite. I was quoted $1000 per person, then was placed on hold. The agent came back and asked if I would like a 2 bed/2 bath family villa Haven suite for the same price as they had one left. I booked immediately, and we just returned today from one of the best cruises I've done in a while. (We also added a 3rd person for a whopping $161.) That was definitely not a fixed upgrade cost!
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