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  1. PCL is doing this. Not my 1st choice for a cruise line but when room and drink package gratuities were included I jumped on the offer. I couldn't beat the price anywhere. I think NCL is just trying to get cruisers to book the higher cost rooms to show higher value to future cruises booked to gain a better monetary future outlook for them and investors. Just like the balcony for the price of an oceanview and the oceanview prices were just raised to the balcony price (or so it seemed on the cruises I looked at)
  2. Thanks. I will have my friend double check with out TA, but I think they were sold out already.
  3. That would be a dream!!!! We are so used to Disney and the prices they charge we could probably do a mini and still save money. But to be honest - we are fine with the smaller rooms and to me that just means I can cruise more each year (2-3 times) for the same amount I would have spent on 1 Disney. So while a mini would be tempting... more days at sea is more tempting to me. We booked this cruise really early so are hopeful there will price drops like on our first one. And who knows... if it goes down enough maybe we'll bump or bid.
  4. I had tried to see some pictures on this site, but you can't view the pictures unless you are a member and pay a fee. I did find one video that wasn't blocked though so thank you for pointing it out.
  5. We recently sailed on the Breakaway and stayed in an inside cabin. DH and I had been worried by how small the room was going to be because we are long time Disney cruisers and their inside rooms are pretty large (185 SF). We watched videos and looked at pictures on the internet so we were prepared for minimal storage and I packed accordingly (packing cubes, extra bags to hold things since there were no drawers). When we got to the room, yes it was small but were pleasantly surprised how there was plenty of storage and we found we spent much less time in our room than we did on our Disney cruises because there was so much to do. Our next cruise will be on the Sun (God willing) and this time we chose an ocean view. We are trying to convince friends to come with us (also long time Disney cruisers), but money is tight for them and an ocean view is outside of their comfort zone. I am trying to convince them to try an inside room, but they saw how small our room was on the Breakaway when we showed them our pictures. By the pictures I have seen the inside rooms on the Sun, her rooms appear to be larger with better storage. While my GF is convinced, her DH is not and keeps saying they are too small, there is no room and he doesn't want to go because of it. Has anyone stayed in an inside on both the Breakaway and the Sun (or their sister ships)? Can you help me with your opinions on how they compare? Any pictures of the rooms on the Sun would be helpful. The ones here on CC ship information show a family or accessible - not a standard inside. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. My husband got Blanton's a couple times in Grand Cayman including Single Barrel, Straight from the Barrel and Gold. We just got back from a western on the Breakaway and the store in Grand Cayman has been out for months. Last December when we were in St Thomas (Disney cruise) we found a store that had all three types, but his prices were stupid... he wanted $75 for the single barrel and the others were at least $50 a bottle more than we paid in Grand Cayman so we passed. We did find that the ship had good prices on the Johnnie walker line (we did several tastings in the duty free shop on the Breakaway cruise) especially the Johnnie Walker Blue compared to Cozumel and they were well below the duty free prices on the islands. They were a little high on the Don Julio 1942 I wanted, but they price matched the island prices.
  7. Thank you for the reply. We are looking at this room for Alaska. I saw a review of the room and it said it had a solid white balcony, not clear glass so the view is obstructed (not a full view of your surroundings). Can you confirm this?
  8. @newfielover Did you stay in one of those rooms? I was just looking at Room L201 or other room in that area. They are across from the thermal spa (access from the deck above). L201 is under the fitness area, L202 looks like it is under the massage rooms. We actually have an ocean view booked already, but can upgrade for less than $400 and are wondering if it's worth it.
  9. This is going to be our first cruise in 15 years with a casino (we usually sail Disney). I like the penny and nickel slots - can I just bring cash? Can I put a $20 bill into the machine? Or is there another way to limit it to the cash I want to spend? I would really prefer it not be charged to my room.
  10. You are correct - no PM. Sorry. The private groups I have found the most information on Norwegian freestyle Daily under Files (seem to be the most organized of the 2 I belong to) (note the small f) Norwegian (NCL) Freestyle is one too, but a smaller group so not as much info Some are pictures in posts, but I think the most are under Files Good luck
  11. Maybe the one you are going to doesn't do that? The one I went to was specifically for Dailies for NCL. I can PM you the information about where exactly I found it if you like
  12. I finally found something. I joined a couple Freestyle Dailies "groups". Then found out today when not seeing anything they have a "file" option (look to the options on the left) - BINGO I found the one I was needing. Hope that helps
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