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  1. Have to jump in here with our experience. We booked our first Seabourn cruise for February, 2022 on the Quest. When it came time to book our flights through FlightEase, I did, but after booking I lost access to everything connected to our booking. Different browsers, devices, the app on my phone--didn't matter, got an error message. This went on for over 3 weeks. Calls to Seabourn gave me garbage about revising the verandas on Quest and no one with bookings on Quest was having access. Hooey. Since the problem started with FlightEase, I asked my TA go in and cancel my flights (since I wasn't able to get in to do it). I immediately had access to my booking. Seabourn did nothing to help except to say they would have their IT department look into it and to expect that to take several weeks. I had to solve the problem myself. This was not an experience that makes me want to give them my business when there are so many other good choices.
  2. If the ship is leaving from Ushuaia, then no difference. If it is leaving from Santiago (San Antonio) then you want port side for the Chilean fjords.
  3. I booked flights using Flight Ease for our February, S America/Antarctica cruise even though I wasn't happy with them. I thought if they were Flexible fares, I could go back in and keep searching until I found something I liked better. Now I seem to be completely locked out of my booking and I can't access any part of it. I can log in, but as soon as I click Manage My Booking, Flight Ease, or Book excursions, I get an error message. Three different devices and 3 different browsers and the phone app all give me the same error. Using my husband's account, same error also. So questions: #1 Anyone else unable to access their booking(s)? #2 Do I need to cancel booked flights before being able to look for new ones using Flight Ease? ps- I hate calling and I also posted similar questions on my roll call in case it might be related to our particular cruise. Thanks for any help.
  4. Ooops. Now I have the same problem on HAL. At least I now know it is not just me.
  5. I have been getting the Forbidden message on Seabourn for about a week. I clear cookies and then get in briefly but as soon as I click on a cruise, I get the Forbidden message. No problems with Holland. I am using Safari on a Mac with Cox wifi.
  6. We took the VO Russia & the Baltic cruise in 2019. It offered 3 days in St Petersburg and we booked a 3 day Grand tour with Alla. Our guide was Angie. Alla did a great job and Angie was the best guide we ever had-- very knowledgeable and a great sense of humor. The. Hermitage was wonderful but really everything we visited was. We saw everything on our "to see" list and more. Much better than anything Viking offered, as their tours were all one and done, so you had a morning tour, returned to the ship and then an afternoon tour. We left each morning at 8 and returned at 5, tired and happy. I would trust your guide to make sure you see all the highlights that time allows.
  7. We originally booked in July of 2019 while on board Viking Sky. They gave us the $200 pp past guest at that time. When we went to reschedule, they dropped it to $100. We had a current brochure that offers a double past guest discount so they honored that, and went back up to $200 pp. I think you have to quote the brochure, as they didn't offer it until we did. It is a new January 2021 brochure that we just received. It also quotes free air fare but that is for very limited sailing dates.
  8. Update. We were able to get the double past discount! The airfare was not free as the "fine" print said that was for one sailing only. We were still able to secure a discounted airfare and I am happy with the results. We will be paying a lower fare than our 2021 price,, though we did drop from a DV3 to a DV6. Glad that it is settled and looking forward to to our future cruises. The first one is in November 2021 and I hope that will be a GO!
  9. There really is no transfer over. It is basically a cancel and rebook so I don't think it is that. The fine print is always a problem. Especially when it is too fine to be found
  10. Do you know where we would find the EBD in the brochure? When we originally booked we got $200 pp for a past guest discount. They now are offering $100 because it now has been more than a year since our last travel. The double discount should make it $200 again. There is no qualifying criteria listed for either the doubled discount or the free airfare.
  11. Has anyone booked or have any information on this promotion? We are booked on a British Isles cruise this August and are looking at our cancellation options. Our TA called Viking yesterday about rescheduling the same cruise for August 2022. The new price would result in us paying more for a DV6 than our currently booked DV3. Not happy with those results. I have a current Viking brochure that lists the same prices I see on line for this cruise, but it clearly states a double past guest discount and free international air from most major airports, including ours as additional perks. This is not stated on their web site and they did not offer my TA that information. Anyone have any information on this? Or ideas? Thanks
  12. We did the HAL (Zaandam) cruise that you describe, from Santiago (San Antonio) to BA this past January. We really loved it and found Antarctica to be a magical place. We did have close up penguin encounters in Puerto Arenas (Magdalena Island) and in Stanley, FI. Both of those were wonderful but I really loved the scenery in Antarctica. We also saw a lot of whale activity. I knew I wanted to go back. We are now booked on a 24 day Seabourn Cruise in February 2022. It also starts in San Antonio and ends in BA but includes South Georgia. The Quest is a bigger ship (450) than a lot of the cruises with daily landings so only one landing per day, but that is fine with us. The gearing up and down takes a lot of time and I would rather be enjoying the environment. That said, there is a lot of discussion on whether the drive by cruises will be allowed to go below 60 degrees, after December 2021 due to the Polar Code.
  13. Hi All, Would like some advice from the experts here. I had a Hold on a cabin for a 45 day cruise in February 2022 that would expire this Wednesday, Nov 25. On Friday I decide to go ahead and pay the deposit which was huge because it was 25% down. The promotion was $1K OBC and 900 minutes of wifi per person (2). Fast forward to today and now the deposit has dropped to $500 per cabin. The promotion is still $1K OBC but no wifi. My TA says he can't do anything but cancel and rebook resulting in loss of the wifi. Is this typical of the way Seabourn works? I only paid 2 days ago and my Hold had not even expired. I am ticked enough to cancel the whole deal. Any comments or advice? Thanks
  14. I am just about to book my first Seabourn cruise. Why do some people have $400 referral coupons and some $250? Obviously would prefer a $400 but on the Seabourn site it says $250. Does it have to do with sailing dates? Thanks, Cathi
  15. Yes, Ford's Colony. Good guess, but I guess the Williamsburg address helped. We retired here 5 years ago and we love it, but are suffering from social withdrawal right now. Thanks for the info on the cruise length. I want to go to South Georgia and DH wants to see the Amazon so I guess we should be okay. I never heard of Manaus before but it looks interesting.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. Not what I want to hear, but "it is what it is." We have a January 2021 Caribbean cruise that is repeated in Feb, March and April. My TA tried to move everything to the April dates but no go. We booked it under a View & Veranda promotion so we would need to cancel and rebook under the present terms. It means we pay more total, have to increase our deposit by $400 and lose our OBC and wifi. Yes we get a drink package, gratuities, and special dinners but I just wanted to keep what we had. Now we will cancel completely before final payment due date and HAL will lose the booking completely. My TA pointed that out to them, but rules are rules, ya know. These are extraordinary times and it seems that HAL want to use their old play book and refuses to be flexible. It does not make good business sense to me, but hey, I am only a paying customer that will probably take my business elsewhere.
  17. Hi All, Any ideas what the promotion will be in starting in October? I am hoping for a View & Veranda. Thanks
  18. I actually did. It was expensive and long. I was hoping to try to use FlightEase. The airport there handles all flights into the Amazon so it must be busy. Thanks for your feedback on long cruises. I wasn't sure about our 22 day cruise but I loved it so much I think we can handle the 45 days.
  19. Thank you so much for the information @FlyingScotSailors. I have been leaning toward Seabourn for a couple of reasons and I think you have put it over the top. I had looked at true "expedition" ships like with Quark and Hurtigruten, which promise at least two landings per day, but like you, I decided one would be enough and when we get out of quarantine I am going to need to be pampered---a lot. The hot tub and wine sound wonderful. Now I just need to convince DH that the cost/time is worth it. Most of our big trips are about 3 weeks and our longest cruise was the 22 day Antarctica on HAL, so a 45 day cruise is ambitious for us. Hopefully things will be back to "normal" by 2022. We just had United cancel our flight to New Zealand for March 2021. I was surprised that they are looking that far ahead and deciding it wasn't going to happen. I am waiting for HAL to cancel our January Panama Canal cruise. Final payment is due in 3 weeks. Anyone have any comments on spending 45 days on a cruise ship?
  20. Hello All, We were so very lucky to take the 22 day Antarctica cruise from Santiago to BA on the Zaandam this past January. It was a wonderful trip and I immediately knew I wanted to go back. I have been researching expedition cruise lines that go ashore, for Jan/Feb 2022. I want to include South Georgia and the longer the better. The 22 day Zaandam was our first long cruise and even though I was apprehensive about the length, it turned out to be wonderful. So I have narrowed it down to a 29 day (back to back) cruise from Ushuaia to BA on the Silversea Silver Wind or a 45 day Quest trip, Santiago to BA via S Georgia and then a back to back to Rio and the Amazon. Both leave around Feb 20, 2022. That is late in the season and both ships are big for expedition ships, meaning less time ashore, but the prices are actually better then some of the more "rustic" expeditions. They both sound amazing to me. and I am definitely experiencing travel deprivation right now. I need something to look forward to! I would appreciate opinions on these two companies as we haven't used either before. We have cruised Holland a few times and both Viking River and Viking Ocean each once. All of our cruises have been amazing. So correct me if I am wrong. Seabourn should be more like Viking with alcohol and excursions included. Gratuities are not expected? We will have zodiac landings but can one also do kayaks with Seabourn? Are the best excursions extra cost like on Viking? Also does anyone have concerns or information about the Polar Code being enforced in 2022? Venture is being built to meet it, but will Quest be able to go below 60 degrees South? I would like to hear anyone's news on this, as I don't want to book with Seabourn and then find out we will be pass by Antarctica. Thanks for any info or opinions.
  21. Just want to add that Alla is wonderful. We did a Baltic cruise with Viking this summer and spent 3 days in St, Petersburg. Alla was there at 8am and returned us at 5 pm and we saw so much in between. Our guide was wonderful and had a great sense of humor. We traveled in a 16 person van with 13-14 people. Lunch in very nice Russian restaurants daily. It was the best part of the cruise. We stayed in Copenhagen for 5 days before boarding and loved the city. There are free walking tours that meet in the square across from Tivoli that were very well done. Also the Carlsburg Glypototek Museum was wonderful and free on Tuesdays.
  22. Hi All, We will be on a 22 day cruise next month on the Zaandam with quite a lot of sea days and scenic cruising days. Are there any recent cruisers on Zaandam that can comment on if they put bridge and/or mahjong on their schedules? Can anyone confirm if Zaandam has mahjong sets on board? Trying to decide if I should buy a travel mahjong.
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