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  1. Exactly ten years ago today P & O Pacific Pearl 9 nights Pacific Islands cruise. Apart from the “worst storm in 50 years” and a late night allergic reaction, it was great fun. Went with my cousin as DH “I don’t do boats”. Since then got him on a 15 day river cruise 2018, 14 day Alaska last year, 21 day Mediterranean last month and 25 day Artic expedition booked for next year. Love the unpack once and that your accommodation (and everything else) moves with you.
  2. There is no Salty Dog Pub on Enchanted. Sailed 22 April-13 May. The Salty Dog Grill on the pool deck does not have what I would call an “elevated” menu but also no extra charge. Maybe half a dozen choices of fried food (with fries) as previously reported served on a tray. A quick lunch and always cooked fresh. We ate at Sabatinis one night and found the food and service good. Way too much food though. It was reasonably full and didn’t notice much if any through traffic as previously complained about on this forum. We don’t eat seafood but you’ve been provided some lovely photos from Catch above. We didn’t eat at O’Malleys but it seemed to be very full each evening and people having a great time.
  3. Excuse my ignorance but what is “howdy doody” referring to?
  4. Our first Princess cruise in 9 days. We have booked some ship excursions. Do we have to print off “excursion tickets” and bring them?
  5. I do the packing but my husband gets all his stuff ready. I certainly don’t tell him what to wear or take. We both acknowledge that I’m better at maximising space whilst minimising wrinkles 😁
  6. Serious question- why/when are you giving your cabin number? Shouldn’t your medallion be used as this would avoid mistakes? I thought this was one of the main reasons for its introduction.
  7. @xiphoid76which cruise have you booked? We’ve just booked Seabourn Venture June 30-July 25 2024 and like you a bit nervous about how expensive it is. However, it is a once in a lifetime adventure (another one 😉) and we did Alaska last year with Seabourn and loved it!
  8. Is the same diagram at the stairs? Don’t use the lift. First Princess cruise next month and dreading getting lost on such a large ship
  9. We did dog sledding on the Mendenhall Glacier. They do their summer training up there and over 150 dogs and two litters of puppies which we got to have cuddles with. Yes the helicopter trip, sledding etc were once in a lifetime and memorable on their own BUT cuddling puppies on a glacier with sun on your face - just next level memories!
  10. Thanks @CynBeth6 usually dress for churches as my MIL would 😊 Didn’t want to get caught out somewhere unexpectedly
  11. Just wondering who are “they”? Is this in general or to visit particular places/sites? I’ve only seen restrictions of having shoulders and knees covered for churches… Heading to the Mediterranean in April. Thanks
  12. Has anyone booked either/both of these excursions? Wondering how exactly it works. Not a lot of detail on the excursion on Princess website other than one person books the vehicle for everyone. Do you just meet with Guide on the day and tell them where you want to go? Do they make contact beforehand so you can plan your time? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I don’t think accusing people of cultural ignorance and dirty tricks is appropriate! The fare I purchased included plus package for myself and my husband converted into NZD and wasn’t cheap! This, until recently, included Crew Appreciation. The only dirty trick is being played on us by Princess. I ALWAYS pay gratuities and tips when I travel to countries where this is the custom and even on cruise ships.
  14. This exact same thing has happened to me. Sailing 22 April 2023 from Rome 21 days. My summary/account listed Crew Appreciation $520.80 twice (husband and myself) every time I looked but when I checked before final payment it had disappeared. Despite phoning Princess and live chat got told “oh no this wasn’t included”. Then why was it showing along with drinks and wi-fi for five months??? I’ve emailed the “customer service” address given but obviously no response. Unfortunately I can find no mention in my original invoice and stupidly trusted Princess enough not to take a screenshot before it vanished. Won’t be sailing with them again. Dodgy, dodgy dealings going on!
  15. Check what time the last cable car trip is as this depends on when you are travelling www.scc.gr
  16. This is the NZ Ministry of Health update from 9 Jan 2023. Might give you a bit of insight regarding mask requirements/recommendations. The latest variant nicknamed Kraken was first reported only last week here.
  17. Can anyone who’s walked down instead of taking the cable car advise how long it took them? On the roll call for our cruise next year someone posted it took them 2-3 hours! If that’s accurate a one hour wait for the cable car doesn’t seem so bad…
  18. First Princess and Mediterranean cruise April-May 2023 with my husband, sister and her partner. Wondering if anyone has experience using these private vehicle with guide excursions via Princess? Seems good value for four of us and getting to see the sights we want without the “shopping available” on other ship excursions. Any insights/experience’s would be appreciated.
  19. Try these guys. We use them when we visit Hawkes Bay, especially for winery visits. Very reliable!
  20. I took Metoclopramide (anti-nausea) after I started feeling the effects of MDDS and it helped. I had seasickness tablets (for my husband) but didn’t take any of those. Didn’t totally resolve it but was much milder than my initial bout nine years ago. Others may have further/different advice. Enjoy your trip!
  21. Wellington, New Zealand to Vancouver for a 14 day Alaska cruise but we did three and a half weeks of land travel in Canada as well, as it’s a long way for just a cruise!
  22. We did both on our Alaska cruise 27 May-10 June. Kayak where we were more likely to encounter wildlife (see our close encounter in video) and zodiac for scenery. Loved the kayaking more IMG_5016.MOV
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