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  1. My wife and I have done 30 cruises on all different lines, including 3 on MSC, our favorite is Oceania. I did this Christmas cruise. Had a balcony on deck 10. Room and attendant were great. But no wow factor regarding the food. Buffet did have some good entree selections here and there. Dining room menu average. had to scrutinize the menu to find something of interest. I bought the entertainment pass pre boarding for $80. But did not use all of it because out favorite amusement was the 4D theatre that you shoot zombies. Of the 8 seats inside only 3 worked. And one of the working chairs didn't work properly. We decided that regardless of the inexpensive pricing of MSC cruises, we will not be joining MSC again. I hope to find the wow factor again sometime in the near future.
  2. Hi Vacationdreamer. Transportation is $4 pp and read the comment on Maramo/El Fuerte...our favorite place for a relaxing day and great service. I posted my experience from my Christmas 2022 cruise.
  3. On the Meraviglia 12/23 - 12/30. We decided to go see Lorenzo at El Fuerte. It was a good idea. Lorenzo was a lot of fun. Took great care of my wife and I. Kept us in drinks and served our food at a 4 top under a palm tree, to make it easier to eat. The beach and lounge chairs were just great. I got a 1 hour message from a very professional and trained Massuese. No fees just pay for drinks, food, and massage if you get one. Beach very clean and no weeds in water. Will go again for sure. Make sure your cabbie takes you to the El Fuerte. It's a little further down (3 or 4 blocks) then where they like to drop you. No extra charge.
  4. They show football on the Meraviglia. In the TV Studio & bar area deck 7, and in the Brass Anchor pub deck 7. We watched the Chiefs play on Sat the 24th. The Cowboy game was shown after that. And the Christmas NFL game Dolphins and Packers was broadcast also.
  5. I will only say this. Carryon luggage is checked by U.S. Customs. Not MSC. If items are not a threat to safety it goes thru. I raise my diet coke to you.
  6. Costa Maya 12/27. If the 2 ships are full, 11,042 people.
  7. As you requested..."You're not crazy."
  8. If you are interested in snorkeling and have your own stuff, I recommend you go to the Grand Roatan Resort. There is no fee and you can get drinks and food at the beach bar. The snorkel is amazing. I've cruised and snorkeled for 30 years and this place is very good.
  9. My friend met me for lunch to brief me on his Oct 16 - 23 Meraviglia out of Port Canaveral. He said it was a nightmare. 11am boarding time. He said the port was a total standstill. finally boarded at 3pm. Half his party was separated when they shut down the stairs. They couldn't board together. He said police, sheriffs, ambulance, and firetruck. He heard a rumor that people were not getting off. Does anyone have the facts? I'm scheduled for the Dec 23 to 30 Western Caribbean on the Meraviglia. I already suffered in Feb 2020 boarding the Meraviglia in Miami. That took 4 hours. Regards, Jim
  10. 4D cinema is a laser shoot at a screen with zombies or evil clowns. You compete against about 7 other participants. It is very fun. I most certainly recommend it.
  11. There is a manned desk right near the bowling. They check you in for all the stuff like Formula One, the 4D Cinema, the flight simulator, and bowling. The bowling alley wasn't that busy when I cruised. The cinema is a hoot. Did that many times. You shoot zombies or scary clowns.
  12. Kennedy Space is a 5 star must see. It's close to the port and you will have plenty of time to check it out. You can Uber there quite easily. don't need the cruise ship to set up your visit. I would add the KSC Explore Tour and see the Saturn 5 rocket and many other displays. Just check to hours of operation to be sure you have enough time to see it. https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/info/hours-of-operation
  13. The fun pass is like a debit card. The cost of the amusement is deducted from the card. Anyone can use it. Once you spend $140 it is done.
  14. I understood OBC was a perk for booking a certain. Never though it was refundable. Now, as for travel agents, don't give up on them, just get a good one. We have used the same person for 15 or so cruises, and he was always prompt with answers and remedies. My most recent booking, which departs at Christmas week, he was able to rebook me, same room, ship, and date, increased my OBC and reduced my balcony fare. There is no better/affordable way to travel than a cruise.
  15. Altun Ha is a good ruins site to visit. We did it years ago. They sometimes tie it into a cruise up the river Wallace. Get off boat in a little joint that gives you chicken lunch with a coke. then board a bus to the ruins. I reccomend Altun Ha.
  16. My cruiseship will be in Cozumel on Christmas day 12/25/2022. Will the Money Bar Beach Club be open?
  17. Can I bring a sportbrella to Ocean Cay? It pretty compact when in the bag,
  18. Vaccine info https://www.msccruisesusa.com/health-and-safety-measures/caribbean-cruises I believe the starboard side faces the Island at Ocean Cay. I have 30 cruises under my belt and 3 of them on MSC. The food was good. It seems that people are getting way to critical nowadays. None of the cruise lines are like they used to be. But I still have the best time, usually make some new friends, and have some new experiences. To get 3 rooms together you will probably need a travel agent who can get into the cruise lines computers. I have heard that MSC booking service is troublesome. If I remember correctly they make the pizza right at the station you get the slices. Have them make it your way. Hope you have a fabulous time. Jim
  19. I second the motion on the Wet Lizard. They have lobster fritters that are great. And cups that change color when the put a cold rum drink in it. We had lots of cold rum drinks. Been there 3 times never disappointed. Good eats.
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