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  1. We do love the Liberty Tidal wave, but our favorite water slides are on the Navigator. 😀
  2. I suggest posting this in your roll call. I am sure you will find others on there.
  3. We had this happen during a TA last year. The port fees were credited to our onboard account around $90/pp. I just made sure to take the money out at the casino, but it did state that we would receive the money back on our credit card.
  4. The Crown lounge is great! Lots of windows and the layout is nice. The Suite lounge doesn’t have windows,
  5. Make sure to book Air2Sea and then you won’t need to worry about the cruise being cancelled. I always do this when flying International, especially when there are questions on whether it will even happen.
  6. Good choice. We have used Allianz yearly policy for years.
  7. I like the Radiance even better! Good choice and enjoy!
  8. We were on both of the ships last year. They honestly are so much alike. Pick the cheapest and best ports and don’t worry about either ship, they are virtually the same.
  9. I would suggest doing Barcelona. Easy to the port, inexpensive hotel prices and food choices. We also love Rome, but it isn’t as easy to get to the port as Barcelona is and it is more expensive.
  10. Yes, they all had different percentages all on letterhead. We were also given different certificate numbers and totals for each of us.
  11. I had 3 letters and I assure you, it didn’t work.
  12. I received 3 of these last year and ran into the same issue. We were on a B2B2B, but 2 of the certs were from the same cruise from different crew members. They honored 2 of them in the end.
  13. We enjoyed it on the Radiance. It was so much meat and we just ended up sharing each meat choice.
  14. That has never been a thing. No transferring of points.
  15. I was just there 4 days ago. The pool was heated and beach was nice. There were quiet places to be found, but you could also choose a loud place with no problem. The food differences are only that you can also have pizza and empanadas(if that is important to you).
  16. It is 4:30, or has been for the last few weeks.
  17. I have been on the Adventure since January 19th and the dining is 5PM, not 5:30.
  18. We did book a group rate for a OV balcony for $1400/pp. I figure that it will be a one and done for us.
  19. We have never made reservations for breakfast or lunch, but we always have for dinner.
  20. That was a good idea. We were there yesterday and it was in the low 70’s with lots of wind.
  21. I booked this with my TA under a group rate for November 2nd. 😀
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