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  1. I just got an email this morning from St Kitts Tourism Board. Did you get an earlier notification?
  2. Effective August 15. Another completely open island.
  3. I check my flights daily for my November and February cruises, the flights changed numbers for my February flight to FLL but not the times! But my original seat assignments were wiped out and I needed to assign new ones on the airline app.
  4. Much anticipated changes come thru. No embarkation test for 9 days or less. Great news.
  5. That exchange rate is not good, my US bank gives me the official exchange rate plus a US$25 flat fee. Not bad if you exchange a $1,000.
  6. I go with Embassy suites. Great pool area , next door is Outback restaurant plus a free breakfast.
  7. These days any flight from fco before 1:00pm is a disaster unless you contract for vip services (around $350).
  8. Is RCI snd Celebrity the only major cruise lines not to drop pre-embarkation testing for vaccinated passengers at this time? I just read that HAL has adopted the same testing relaxation for vaccinated passengers as Carnival, NCL and others.
  9. You may right. I see the excursions have a note on them at the bottom that says they are a third party vendor and are Not a representative of celebrity. A nice exclusion that frees Celebrity from all claims including injury unless you can prove the vendor selected was incompetent to perform the task. Tough to prove that.
  10. Not only are the test requirements in some kind of flux but Healthy At Sea page still has the requirement that Celebrity excursions are required for Barbados. They should note new regulations issued effective September 1 will allow free flow of passengers around the island. No more restrictions in 10 days.
  11. Always book out on board. Reduced deposit from $900 to $200 for my 10 day cruises snd much more OBC. I always a week or so before boarding look at all the cruises I’m interested in (usually 3 and ranked) have it all priced out by Aqua and Suite. Sit down and see what’s available. Very price and OBC and done. Pretty easy.
  12. Thanks to all who discussed this tour. Just booked it for the two of us going on the Millennium November 5 cruise out of San Juan. Without the input here I might have passed!
  13. Celebrity doesn’t know what they are doing. other cruise lines have eliminated the pre cruise testing. I’m stuck with my Nov 5 cruise as paid in full but not my Feb 18 cruise.if by Nov still doing the test I’ll switch to Princess or Regent in Feb. I’m Elite but done with all this back and forth baloney.
  14. They sail out of US. File a lawsuit in Miami.
  15. To have these testing differences on different sites for the same cruises makes the Celebrity Executives look incompetent and idiots.
  16. Screw Bermuda! Everyone is relaxing rules, they are being a pain. Skip the whole place.
  17. Some one needs to tell Celebrity that age discrimination is unlawful. Insurance regulations do not preclude. They simply need you to sign a liability release form. Or maybe they are simply too lazy.
  18. Must be, I don’t see 8 days either. Celebrity must hire people who typing challenged.
  19. Looked at healthy at sea. It’s not there.
  20. I booked on the POA Hawaii cruise several months ago in a balcony cabin with the 2 for 1 airfare. Hearing about the severe staffing problems I booked for July of 2024, yes that’s right: 2024 with a $250 deposit. If these problems persist that long I can easily cancel eon’s before final payment, and go on the Paul Gauguin to Tahiti or Windstar.
  21. I just looked on our cruise for November, ride to resort. Lunch and tour there snd then sail back with beach stop. For two, $500. Sounds like you do think it’s worth the $? When in St Lucia last three years ago a nice tour to Dolittles Bay. I don’t see that anymore. Anyone know what happened?
  22. I’m on the Nov 5 cruise out of San Juan on the Millennium that’s visits St Kitts. They have a very large number of excursions to pick from. The most I have seen for an island in some time. So it seems no test for St Kitts. St Kitts is day 3.
  23. My point is if all these islands do not require a test to enter if vaccinated then what’s the premise of a pre cruise test and one that NCL, Regent, Carnival and now Princess eliminated if vaccinated. The fact you don’t care is irrelevant to me.
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